Chapter 162: The Target Appeared

There was no one who wasn’t afraid of him. The three male students were even more terrified of their teacher who could kill them easily anytime.

They left the room terrified and uncertain, and they quickly scampered off into their room that was just opposite, while keeping their heads lowered.

“No way! They are staying next door!” Yang Ye’s eyes widened as she witnessed the three students pass by in front of her. Feeling a little uncomfortable, she quickly suggested to Ye Jian, “Dear, can we ask for a room change?”

There must be a mistake! They were staying next door, with only a wall separating themselves from those students!

Ye Jian wasn’t surprised, and she felt relieved instead. This setup would make it easier for her.

Xia Jinyuan seemed to have provided this specific arrangement to allow her to accomplish the mission. These painstaking efforts implied that… Red Scorpion was a difficult person to approach, or else there wouldn’t be a need to arrange for her to stay this close to him.

Ye Jian calmly laughed while she stated, “So what if they are? We aren’t the only students staying here, right? Dear, we should head into the room and sleep first. I suggest you apply ice on your eyes, or else it’ll be swollen the next morning.”

“AH! What to do! Where’s the ice! What if I become ugly!” Yang Ye was considered to be an intelligent beauty. Her skin was as white and smooth as a duck eggshell, and her eyebrows were similar to the shape of willow leaves, and although her facial features were not as refined as Ye Jian’s, she was still considered a beauty. Just now, she had been crying, but after having calmed down, she started to flaunt her good looks shamelessly.

Ye Jian swiped the room key to open the door, placed her hands on Yang Ye’s shoulder, and gently pushed her into the room.  “Let’s enter the room, pretty lady. I will look for the room attendant to bring ice over. ”

Xia Jinyuan was supposed to rendezvous with her after landing in Australia. However, there hadn’t been any signs of him. Just where is he? If I go out and walk around, maybe there will be someone who will proactively approach me.

Just as she was about to push the button for the elevator, the elevator door rang with a ding and opened. A tall room service attendant pushed a clean meal trolley out. Noticing Ye Jian, he flashed a smile and proceeded to exit the elevator with the trolley.  

Ye Jian responded with a smile and stepped aside to allow the hotel staff to pass. After letting the room attendant pass, she calmly pressed the button to go down.

The hotel staff stood in front of the door that the three terrified Vietnamese students came out from. After knocking on the door, he said, “Excuse me…” .

From the moment Ye Jian entered the elevator up until the elevator door closed, Ye Jian’s eyes were filled with determination. That room attendant was one of the foreigners from the photos!  And he also stopped in front of Red Scorpion’s room.


They have started to meet up!

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The lobby receptionist Bell was still present, and Ye Jian smiled while stating her purpose. Bell enthusiastically replied, “OK, follow me.” Then he told his coworkers, “I’m going to be away for five minutes.”

He had noticed that while Ye Jian was talking, her fingers on the marble surface were gesturing the secret signal.

“You saw him? Holy sh*t! I need to contact my teammates! When did he come in?” Bell exclaimed after hearing Ye Jian. His calm demeanor became frantic, and he was reaching for his on his waist. “Sh*t, how could he be the room attendant?!”

While listening to Bell, Ye Jian’s hand reached over and switched off the walkie-talkie with lightning speed, and she fluently stated in English, “Bell, I suggest you should find out if the real hotel staff is harmed. I didn’t smell anything related to the mission from that man, including blood.”


The speed of her reaction… was so fast. Having yet to respond from Ye Jian’s lightning fast hand movement, his light grey eyes were staring at Ye Jian with surprise. Is this a middle school student from China? Her movements don’t resemble a student’s.

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