Chapter 539: Cross the sea by a trick [1]

[1]Practice deception

The frequency of this sound was different from normal sounds. The human ear could only hear sounds within a certain range of frequencies. If the frequency was too high or too low, humans wouldn’t be able to hear it. However, animals and certain races were able to hear these kinds of sound which couldn’t be heard by humankind as they had a different structure in their hearing organs.

Naturally, everything wasn’t absolute. For instance, Long Yi was able to hear that sound. Perhaps, when the spirit power of humankind reached a certain level, their hearing capability would reach a higher level when compared to ordinary humans.

“I have something to do now. All of you, wait for me here.” Long Yi said to everyone before jumping out of the window. In the next instant, he disappeared into the boundless snowland.

Sharman and Crystal looked at each other and they seemed to have reached a tacit understanding. They quickly jumped out of the window at the same time as they flew towards the direction where Long Yi disappeared.

Outside, the snowfall had already stopped. Only a fierce cold wind was blowing. However, the sky was filled with a layer of mist.

A figure who was gently flapping a pair of spotlessly white wings was standing high in the sky. She had short green hair and emerald like shiny eyes.

“Little Shaman, the sexy leopard patterned cloth suits you better.” Long Yi appeared out of thin air in front of Ou Yala and commented on her appearance after looking at her cyan colored robe. He had a very deep impression of her when he had seen her for the first time. In the past, he was wearing a wild and flamboyant dress which made her look exceptionally sexy and wild.

“Young Master……” She finally got to see Long Yi after such a long time… Ou Yala was extremely happy in her heart. As for what Long Yi said… She was already accustomed to his flowery mouth.

“What matter do you have? Why do you need to look for me in person?” Long Yi no longer talked nonsense. He knew that Ou Yala definitely had an important matter if she came to look for him personally.

Ou Yala became serious. The serious expression on her face caused Long Yi’s heart to tighten. Could it be that something major which was out of his expectations occurred?

“Young Master, the beastmen army avoided the Proud Moon Empire and Nalan Empire as they directly crossed the Blue Waves River. Via the Sand Wave Kingdom and Enlightened Hero Principality, they are pressing towards the western border of the Violent Dragon Empire.” Ou Yala solemnly said.

“What?” Long Yi was startled. Wasn’t there no movement in the beastmen army? Why were they already almost at the border? How could no one realize anything? Were all the people in the Skynet Intelligence Organization dead?

“These past two years, our Winged Clan has always sent someone to monitor the movement of the beastmen clan. However, we noticed that none of the soldiers in the beastmen army left their military camp to train. However, when it was time to eat, a large amount of smoke would rise up from the midst of the military camp. In addition to that, there had been a snowstorm raging for several days. As such, we didn’t pay much attention to the beastmen army.”

“However, ten days ago, when I arrived at the Dark Magic Forest in the Enlightened Hero Principality to gather seeds of a specific kind of plant, I discovered traces of huge camps. After following the trail, I discovered a beastmen army of approximately 300,000. They were advancing rapidly towards the Violent Dragon Empire. I estimate that they will enter the border of the Violent Dragon Empire after two days.” Ou Yala said as she felt guilty. If her branch had found the whereabouts of the beastmen army in advance, Long Yi wouldn’t be in such a passive position.

Long Yi patted the shoulder of Ou Yala and said, “No need to feel guilty, this is not your fault. It seems as though the Bimeng Clan and the Military Advisor are working together.”

This army of 300,000 beastmen, since they were dispatched in such a critical juncture, were definitely the elites. This 300,000 strong army was enough to cause complete confusion in the entire Violent Dragon Empire. There was absolutely no chance for the local army in those places to contend against them. This was a serious problem. It seemed as though Long Yi found out the reason the Military Advisor canceled his move the day before. As it turned out, it was to wait for his reinforcements.

It would take several days for the allied army of two empires to return from the Proud Moon Empire. They would definitely be late if they wanted to rescue the Violent Dragon Empire. Could it be that he had to let the beastmen army rob and massacre wantonly within the border of the Violent Dragon Empire? Was there no way to deal with this problem?

Long Yi thought about it as he flew high in the sky. As for Ou Yala, she stood there quietly as she watched him. For her, the expression Long Yi had when he was thinking was even more attractive to her than his usual cheeky appearance. For women, serious men were always especially attractive.

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Of course, Long Yi was completely oblivious to Ou Yala’s thoughts. He was thinking hard about the countermeasures. That Military Adviser was truly cunning… His move of crossing the sea by a trick really caught him unprepared. Now, there was a difficult problem in front of the Ximen Clan. Should they dispatch troops in order to fend off the beastmen army or not? However, the Ximen Clan only had those 100,000 elite soldiers who were stationed at the outskirt mountain. They were the private troops which the Ximen Clan had secretly cultivated for these past few years. According to Ximen Nu, the fighting power of these 100,000 soldiers was higher than any other troop except the Unparalleled Battalion which was trained by Long Yi.

However, this secret army was the Ximen Clan’s trump card. If they were dispatched to contend against this big army, there would be a huge disparity between the Ximen Clan and the Military Advisor. The moment the Military Advisor dispatched his 150,000 elites and his unknown number of dark warriors, the Ximen Clan would be ruined.

However, if the Ximen Clan didn’t dispatch the troops, the 300,000 strong beastmen army would rush over and attack the Ximen Clan. At that point, the Ximen Clan would be attacked from both sides. This was a very complicated knot.

At this time, Ou Yala who was quietly looking at Long Yi from one side suddenly lifted up her head and stared at the place behind Long Yi. A trace of killing intent leaked out of her.

Two figures appeared beside Long Yi. They were Sharman and Crystal who had secretly followed Long Yi. Both of them turned a blind eye to the Ou Yala’s hostility. They simply looked at Ou Yala with a curious expression.

“Eh… This is really someone from the legendary Winged Clan, the apostle of the Wind God. Her wings are so beautiful.” Crystal exclaimed in surprise and reached out her little hand to feel Ou Yala’s spotlessly white wings.

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Ou Yala instantly moved sideways and waved her little hand. Several strands of cyan qi bound Crystal.

“It’s wind magic… Unfortunately, it’s too weak.” Crystal said and with a shake of her body, she broke free of the binding.

The expression of Ou Yala changed and she began to chant an incantation. All of a sudden, light cyan colored magic elements began to condense.

“Ah, I thought of a way!” Long Yi exclaimed suddenly, scaring all three women. Ou Yala’s spell was also interrupted.

“What way?” Ou Yala also knew that these two women had to be Long Yi’s acquaintance. As such, she stopped trying to fight them. When she heard that Long Yi had thought of a way, she flew to his side and asked.

Long Yi smirked and looked at Sharman and Crystal with shifty eyes. The moment they saw his sneaky gaze, goosebumps formed all over their body. Although they had known Long Yi for just a short time, they knew that he was a perverted and bad fellow.

“What do you want to do?” Sharman asked with an alert expression on her face. She secretly rose her guard against Long Yi.

“Why on earth are you being so tense? I am not a bad person, just…… that…… I have a request I have to make. I hope that the two of you can help me out a little.” Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and said with a brilliant smile.

“Not helping.” Sharman rejected without thinking.

“Ai, don’t be so cold. Did you forget how you injuries healed so quickly? Whose contribution was that?” Long Yi sorrowfully said.

Sharman hesitated a bit. Sharman’s moral character wasn’t bad. When she heard Long Yi’s words, she knew that she really owed Long Yi a favor. If it was not for him finding Liuxu to cure her. She might still be lying on the bed as she suffered the effects of the Divine Dragon aura which was corroding her body.

“Besides, I am not asking you to help me for free.” When he saw Sharman’s attitude, Long Yi changed his tone and he struck while the iron was still hot.

“Then, what are the benefits for us?” Crystal excitedly asked Long Yi before Sharman could say anything.

Sharman glared at Crystal and said carefully, “First of all, tell us about the thing you need help with.”

“Didn’t you just hear about the matter we discussed? I need you two to stop that 300,000 beastmen army. It doesn’t need to be for too long… Just five or six days will be enough.” Long Yi said casually.

Sharman frowned and anger appeared on her beautiful face. She said in a cold voice, “Are you intentionally making things difficult for us? You clearly know that if we transform into our true form, Elder Pierre will definitely notice.”

Long Yi ignored her and said with a smile, “Why are you so impatient? Let me tell you the benefits first. If you are willing to help, I can guarantee that Elder Pierre will not only not pursue the matter of you two secretly escaping Dragon Island. He will also allow the two of you to play around in the Blue Waves Continent until you are satisfied. What do you think?”

“Awesome! Big sister Sharman, let’s agree to his terms.” When she heard his terms, Crystal immediately agreed. How could she miss this good chance? If whatever Long Yi said was true, they wouldn’t need to hide here and there when they were on the Blue Waves Continent.

“Even if you are telling the truth, do you think that Crystal and I have the ability to stop the 300,000 strong beastmen army?” Sharman said. Although Sharman and Crystal couldn’t be considered weak and they were basically invincible in the human world unless they met freaks like Long Yi, there was the matter of ants biting an elephant to death. Fighting against 300,000 soldiers… She didn’t think that the two of them were enough to accomplish the task.

“If this task is so easy to accomplish, will I need to look for you two?” Long Yi said with a smile.

Sharman took a deep breath and said, “We can try, but I cannot guarantee that we will absolutely succeed.”

“I believe that the two of you can do it.” Long Yi looked at these two women with a gaze full of confidence.

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