Chapter 224: Late Night Fierce Battle!

Feeling the huge increase in his strength with the addition of a soul tool in his hand, Cheng Yu was in high spirits. Once again, he slashed down at the Golden Core bone soldier that had fallen on the ground.

“Bam!” An intense explosion immediately broke up the bone army. The Golden Core bone soldier that had fallen to the group rolled a few times.

“Never expected that you are quite tough!” Cheng Yu rested the purple light sword on his shoulder as he mocked the Golden Core bone soldier.

“Creak! Creak!” The bone soldier used its hollow eyes and looked at Cheng Yu. Suddenly, the hollow eyes emitted a dark green radiance. With a boom, the whole body, including the bone blade released a dark green radiance with its aura rising.

“Swish!” The bone soldier’s legs moved, rapidly arriving at the side of Cheng Yu, and it slashed its blade down.

“Clang!” Cheng Yu lifted up his sword to block. To his surprise, he was actually being sent a few meters back!

“What a strong energy!” Cheng Yu was startled. This white bone seemed to have its own consciousness. The energy it released was not any worse than human Golden Core Realm cultivators, so much that it was even stronger than those ordinary Golden Core cultivators.

What piqued Cheng Yu’s curiosity was that this bone soldier’s situation was similar to Cheng Yu. Because Cheng Yu could distinctively see this bone frame was an empty shell, yet it was able to produce the strength of a Golden Core expert. This was simply too miraculous! A weird idea suddenly popped in Cheng Yu’s mind, should he capture it and test out if this thing would be able to increase its cultivation? Testing if it could break through Golden Core, achieving the Nascent Soul Realm would be astronomical!

Cheng Yu was at wits end because he did not have a golden core. If he was able to find out a method to form his nascent soul without the golden core from this bone soldier, it was the same as opening up a new heaven to Cheng Yu. With this idea, Cheng Yu immediately took out his Qi Swallowing Mountain River diagram, and decided to keep it inside.

The Qi Swallowing Mountain Riger diagram flew out from Cheng Yu’s body. After that, it expanded out rapidly, emerging a Qi Swallowing Mountain River image. The diagram shot out a golden ray, shining on the bone soldier.

The white bone blocked using its bone blade in front of its chest, and the dark green radiance on him burst forth once again, blocking the incoming golden ray, resisting the Qi Swallowing Mountain River diagram’s devouring power!

“Swish! Swish!” The bone soldier slowly got sucked into the Qi Swallowing Mountain River diagram. Suddenly, the bone soldier looked up to the sky and produced a few ear-piercing howls!

Cheng Yu had no idea what it was trying to do. However, he did not bother about it as he continued to infuse spiritual Qi into the Qi Swallowing Mountain River diagram, hoping to absorb the bone as soon as possible.

“Squeak! Squeak!” This time, at a faraway spot, innumerate squeaking sounds was produce! Cheng Yu looked towards the noise. His complexion changed, as he saw a large group of white bones flying towards him under the radiance of the moonlight.

“F*ck! It’s trying to call for assistance!” Cheng Yu finally understood what the white bone was trying to do.

“Clang! Clang!” The white bones flew towards Cheng Yu without any signs of hesitation, colliding with Cheng Yu’s Qi armor, producing clanging sounds.

The white bone flying beast was not only large in appearance, but its strength was also very powerful. With a few knocks, it shattered Cheng Yu’s Qi armor. Under such circumstances, Cheng Yu had to give up the idea on sucking the white bone soldier into the Qi Swallowing Mountain River diagram. The Qi Swallowing Mountain River diagram returned to his body. Cheng Yu brandished his purple light sword, slashing frantically at those white bone flying beasts around him.

“Purple light thousand strong waves!” Cheng Yu chopped, layers of purple sword wave images striked over, wrecking the white bone flying beast group by group.

“Bam! Bam! Bam!” Without the Qi Swallowing Mountain River diagram devouring power, the Golden Core white bone soldier charged and slashed crazily at Cheng Yu once again. However, Cheng Yu wasn’t easily bullied. Once again, he struck the white bone down, but how could the white bone possibly understand pain? As long as it didn’t break, it would brandish it’s blade and charge forth once again.

“God d*mn it! Force me to use my ultimate move. Primeval Chaos Chop!” This kind of insane fighting method, Cheng Yu was not able to endure it. The white bone soldier had some consciousness, but it no longer had any life in it. It also felt no pain. Most importantly, these flying beasts were innumerable! Under the lead of the Golden Core bone soldier, they attacked unceasingly, so how could Cheng Yu possibly endure it?

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Cheng Yu also no longer wanted to keep this white bone. Being broken by Cheng Yu, with a Primeval Chaos Chop, the Golden Core bone shattered. Without the obstruction from the Golden Core bone, Cheng Yu killed the flying beasts even more effortlessly.

However, Cheng Yu was already very tired. Without knowing when these white bone armies would fall back, Cheng Yu had some intention to withdraw. Cheng Yu stepped on his flying sword, and looked for a direction that had the least amount of flying beasts and charged out. However, these flying beasts continued to follow him.

“D*mn it! Been following me for so long yet still haven’t given up!” Cheng Yu flew for a long time yet still didn’t manage to escape from the group of white bones behind him. He was extremely furious!

The flying beasts behind suddenly squeaked out. Not long later, another group of flying beasts appeared out of nowhere.

“Your Sister! Still finding helpers!” Seeing the flying beasts coming over to surround him, Cheng Yu was at a loss of what to do. They were trying to force him to death.

“Jewels Cauldron!” Cheng Yu suddenly thought of the cauldron he had refined. That was a soul-grade defensive treasure. Cheng Yu needed to rest now, he could only rely on it for help. A copper cauldron flew out from his body, bringing Cheng Yu into it in an instant. Cheng Yu refined four soul items. Other than purple light sword which was not a storage treasure, the other three had their own storage space, able to store any objects. However, when it came to defense, without a doubt, this Jewel Cauldron was the best option.

Facing the siege of the flying beasts, Cheng Yu controlled the Jewel Cauldron and charged over. Above the skies, a cauldron was flying around rapidly, knocking and colliding into anything in its way as it flew off. However, this was only achievable because Cheng Yu had taken out a spiritual vein, directly providing spiritual Qi to the cauldron. Otherwise, relying on his own spiritual Qi to control this flying meant he would only be able to go a few kilometers before hitting his limit.

Soul items possessed strength, but the consumption of spiritual Qi was also very high. If it was not because of the two spiritual veins on him, it wouldn’t be able to last long before the soul tool turned back into a piece of scrap metal.

This was the reason why those at the lower realms were not able to unleash the full might of a soul tool. Cultivators below the Nascent Soul Realm have no way to directly use their spiritual Qi. They need to convert it to Qi before being able to use it. But what soul tools consumed was spiritual Qi. The spiritual Qi on Golden Core Realm cultivators wasn’t a lot. Naturally, there was a limit to how much power they were able to unleash when using a soul tool.

Cheng Yu had hidden himself inside the Jewel Cauldron, but he still had a clear view of what was happening outside. Cheng Yu was also very clear that these two spiritual veins were his energy existence. Although the spiritual Qi provided to the soul tool was from the spiritual vein, Cheng Yu knew that this mustn’t continue on.

Spiritual veins don’t come easy. Consuming it and not being replenished was not the approach. So, Cheng Yu could only try to salvage the situation as much as possible, preparing to look for a location to rest. With the Jewel Cauldron, Cheng Yu was at ease. Although he was constantly ramming with the bone beasts, the inside was actually tranquil, without a single sound.

Spending two hours, Cheng Yu finally found a cavern. There were a few white bone soldiers inside and a dead sixth rank berserk metal bear. Cheng Yu smashed all the white bone soldiers before jumping out from the cauldron. Placing a few restrictions at the cavern entrance, Cheng Yu arrived at the berserk metal bear’s corpse delightfully.

“Heh heh! It’s been a long time since I have eaten fresh meat. What a timely manner!” For the past few days, Cheng Yu had been in the Amethyst Palace, and what he ate was all the rations he had prepared beforehand. Storing it in the storage ring wouldn’t cause it to spoil, and it would look as if it was still fresh. But compared to fresh meat, it was worse. Cheng Yu ran out quickly to look for a few dry leaves before starting to roast the meat.

“If only the old man was here, he would definitely be salivating,” Smelling the fragrance of the roasted meat in front of him, Cheng Yu remembered the days he was with the old man. This time, if it was not because of the cyan wood armor he had gifted him, how could he possibly have his current fortuitous encounter? He would have long died under the sword of the Kunlun Golden Core old man.

“Wait until I have found the other shrines, I will definitely head over to Limitless Palace to give him my thanks,” Cheng Yu recalled the scene of him fighting Kunlun Golden Core old man, and up until now, he still had some lingering fears towards the battle.

“This loss I will definitely get it back from Kunlun! With I, Cheng Yu, around, you, Kunlun, can dream of having peaceful days!” Cheng Yu recalled when he had almost died under Kunlun’s sword, and his eyes were filled with intense chilliness. However, if it was not because of the Kunlun old man, how could he possibly have his current fortuitous encounters? Thinking about this, shouldn’t he thank him instead? Cheng Yu tore down a bear paw and started chomping down.

The second day, Cheng Yu woke up from his meditation early in the morning. However, he did not cultivate in the cavern, but instead, in the cauldron. Otherwise, his mind would never be at peace. Now, regardless of it being attack or defense, Cheng Yu’s armaments were definitely outstanding.

Cheng Yu had no idea of the glorious times of the Amethyst Palace and the Heavenly God Palace. But what Cheng Yu knew was that the resources in any of these shrines were not in the least worse than a mid-grade sect. Especially the Heavenly God Palace. With four other shrines protecting it, it could show its status. The fortune contained inside would definitely be overwhelming. If he was able to find all the five shrines, Cheng Yu believed that the amount of wealth he could hold would be greater than any of those big sects in the Cultivation World.

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If Cheng Yu had so much wealth, he believed that half of his dream would be accomplished.

“Eh? The white bone armies disappeared? Just nice, the treasure seeking journey should continue,” Cheng Yu arrived at the cave’s entrance, realizing that there was not even a single white bone soldier to be seen, and he felt relief. Otherwise, it would be a lot more troublesome for him to look for the Temple of Heaven. Cheng Yu took out his flying sword and started roaming around to search.


“Senior Sister! Quickly look! Such a big flower sea! The flowers here are so pretty!” Ning Yan, Wu Ming and their group arrived at the front of the flower sea. The few Huaxian Valley ladies who had not come here before immediately became happy. The fears they had from the Death Bone Tomb were immediately thrown to the back of their brains. Especially so for Ning Zi, after shouting, she ran over to the flower sea.

“Ning Zi, come back!” Ning Yan shouted hastily.

“Senior Sister, what’s wrong. Those flowers are so pretty. Let’s go and pluck a few of them back!” Ning Zi stopped her track as she said in confusement.

“Over here is Death Fantasy Ocean. Don’t touch those flowers randomly. A lot of flowers contain acute poison,” Ning Yan explained to Ning Zi and the other junior sisters solemnly.

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