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Chapter 225: Dazzling White Light

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“What? Senior Sister, you mean that this is Death Fantasy Ocean? However, these flowers seem to be so pretty? It doesn’t seem as scary as what the rumors said,” Hearing Ning Yan’s words, Ning Zi was startled. Even Ning Wushuang and the others were startled. The fresh flowers that stretched as far as they could see were filled with different colors that were incredibly bright, making one feel extremely attracted to it. It did not seem to be like the rumored Death Fantasy Ocean that killed without leaving behind anything.

“Actually, the more beautiful the flower is, the higher the danger. Later on when we go in, be extra cautious,” Wu Ming also explained.

“That’s right. Later on, everyone must be careful. Don’t casually touch any plant. The dangers hidden are a lot more powerful than what you have imagined,” Ning Yan reminded everyone once again.

“Senior Sister, then why are we not flying past it directly?” Ning Wushuang saw that the plants here were all taller than them. So, she asked confusedly.

“Absolutely not. The skies above the flower ocean are filled with miasma. Once you fly into the skies, you would absorb the miasma, getting poisoned easily, and worse, it would devour your cultivation. Furthermore, it will bring forth intense hallucinations, and possibly make it so you will not be able to walk out of it for your whole life,” Wu Ming said hastily.

“Ah? So powerful!” Ning Zi’s complexion turned frightful as she cried out.

“From now onwards, we will listen to Senior Brother Wu Ming’s command. He has had the experience of successfully crossing through Death Fantasy Ocean. I believe that with him leading us, the chances of us passing through Death Fantasy Ocean is a lot higher,” Ning Yan told all her junior sisters. Although she had been to Death Fantasy Ocean quite a number of times, she had never once crossed through the flower ocean. Since Wu Ming had already crossed once, she believed that the chances of them passing through would be a lot higher.

“Alright then. In order to increase the chance of everyone making it past Death Fantasy Ocean and also your safety, I will take up this position. Later on, everyone must definitely follow the group closely. All situations must be reported to everyone, preventing anyone from being neglected,” Wu Ming also opened his mouth and said solemnly.

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“Hu! Senior Sister, luckily you had prepared well, bringing along so many antidotes. Otherwise, this time I would have to hand over my life here,” Tian Xing sat down on a large rock and laughed.

“Tian Xing, next time, you better be more careful. Otherwise, I won’t dare to guarantee that I will still make a move to save you,” At this moment, a handsome man stood at the side with a cold expression said with extreme impatience.

“Senior Brother Tian Qing, I’m sorry! This time, I’m wrong,” Tian Xing’s complexion turned ugly, but he did not dare to show any disrespect because this person was a well-known figure in the younger generation of Tianshan Sect, and a genuine Golden Core expert. It turned out that Tian Xue, Tian Xing and their group of people were being chased by a Golden Core white bone soldier. Originally, they thought that they would lose their lives, but they never expected that they would meet their senior brother, Tian Qing. Tian Qing was a Golden Core expert. After saving them, both groups joined hands, and Tian Qing led them into Death Fantasy Ocean. Tian Xing was being greedy at that moment, seeing a high-grade treasure long sword was stabbed into a large flower. In order to obtain the tool, Tian Xing secretly left their group, and tried to retrieve the treasure alone. Ultimately, he was surrounding by man-eating plants, and all directions were filled with miasma. If it was not because everyone had promptly found out that Tian Xing had been left behind, Tian Xing would have become food for the man-eating plants.

“Senior Brother Tian Qing, Junior Brother Tian Xing did not do this intentionally. Don’t keep on blaming him,” After all, Tian Xing was a lot closer to Tian Xue. Hearing Tian Qing’s words, she went forward to explain.

“Hmph! Fine. I’ll give Junior Sister Tian Xue face, and I will not mention this incident anymore. Everyone must pay attention to your own safety and the others around you. Once there’s a situation, immediately report it!” Tian Qing looked at Tian Xue, and continued speaking to everyone else. Tian Xue was Great Elder’s favorite disciple. Although, she had yet to reach Golden Core Realm. However, the sect had high expectations of her, so he must give her face.

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“Ah!” Just as they were about to set out for a journey once again, a person from the back shouted out in pain. Everyone quickly turned around, and they saw the big stone that they were sitting at suddenly opened its mouth and swallowed a disciple.

“Fantasy Stone Beast!” Everyone was startled.

“Swish!” Tian Qing was the first to react. A sword flew out, stabbing the Fantasy Stone Beast’s mouth, hoping that it would puke out that disciple.

“Plop!” However, the Fantasy Stone Beast had already closed its mouth, like a large stone unmoving. Tian Qing flew over to grab the long sword that only had its sword hilt visible, hoping to pry open the Fantasy Stone Beast’s mouth. However, the Fantasy Stone Beast’s mouth was like a boulder, making Tian Qing have to palm strike its head.

“Awoh!” The Fantasy Stone Beast’s mouth opened slightly. Tian Qing’s sword flew out immediately. Just as Tian Qing was about to force open its mouth, it had already shut it. No matter how Tian Qing attacked, it didn’t open its mouth.

“Pu!” Perhaps it was because the Fantasy Stone Beast was not able to endure Tian Qing’s attacks any longer, it opened its mouth again. However, this time, it vomited out a pile of bloody flesh and bones. The ladies closed their mouths, feeling disgusted. Just now, the junior brother that was still standing beside them had been turned into a pile of bones in an instant.

“Go!” Tian Qing’s complexion was extremely ugly. Judging from the ending, he was also helpless, only choosing to leave the place first. Tian Xing walked at the back, touching his body. His heart was filled with lingering fear because he was sitting on top of it just now. Luckily he left early, otherwise the one who would have been devoured would have been him.


“Haiz, another day passed, but not even a clue was found,” The sky had turned dark, and Cheng Yu was sitting on his flying sword utterly depressed. For the past few days, other than meeting a few sixth rank demon beasts, Cheng Yu did not obtain anything. As for the Temple of Heaven he was looking for, Cheng Yu did not even have a clue about its direction, so don’t even talk about treasures.

“Ka! Ka! Ka!”

“F*ck! These inauspicious things are out again!” The gloomy Cheng Yu suddenly saw group after group of bones appearing again, and his mood grew even gloomier. He quickly seeked a place for him to take refuge. Their strength might not be high, with only ordinary Foundation Establishment initial stage cultivation, but they were all unafraid of death, without any consciousness. In addition to their endless numbers, Cheng Yu did not have the intention to fight them. However, even after Cheng Yu had flown around, other than the white bone armies on the ground, he found nothing.

“Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!”

“God d*mn it! These godd*mn flying shells are here again!” Cheng Yu scolded. Just as he was about to take out his Jewel Cauldron, the purple water suddenly flew out from his body, flying away directly.

“Oi! Purple water, where are you going?” Since the purple water had already acknowledged Cheng Yu as its master, Cheng Yu believed that it would not leave him. Just that the purple water’s action was very weird, so Cheng Yu could only take out his Jewel Cauldron once again, entering the space in it, and following the purple water as quickly as he could. The purple water’s speed was very fast, but Cheng Yu was able to sense its existence, so he was not afraid of losing it. For the purple water to not have any soul was truly a pity.

The purple water was the Amethyst Palace master’s keepsake. He believed that if the purple water had its own consciousness, he would be able to know a lot of things and wouldn’t end up so aimless. There were still four soul tools on him, but they were all in deep sleep. With no idea of when they would wake up, perhaps, even after he had figured out everything in the Death Forest, they probably wouldn’t have woken up yet.

“Eh? Not moving already?” Flying for about half an hour, he realized the purple water had grown big. After that, it suspended itself in the air and was flickering with purple light constantly.

“Purple water, for what have you brought me here?” Cheng Yu flew out from the Jewel Cauldron, arriving beside the purple water, asking it curiously. The purple water suddenly went up and down, pointing at the ground a few times.

“What do you mean?” Cheng Yu asked in puzzlement. The purple water pointed at the ground a few times again.

“F*ck. What does this mean? Superficial contact?” Cheng Yu was still in confused.

“Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!” Suddenly, a group of white bone flying beasts flew over. Cheng Yu’s hand was holding the Purple Light Sword, preparing to go into battle. But he realized that these bone beasts had actually surrounded Cheng Yu in a big circle, with him as his core. They seemed to not have any intention to advance forward to attack. In contrast, they seemed to be standing there acting as if he was a sacred being.

“Heh, interesting. Could it be that they are scared?” Cheng Yu saw them not moving, so he heaved a sigh of relief. If he does not need to fight, he truly hoped not to.

“Bang! Bang!” This time, the purple water banged onto the ground a few times.

“Purple water, you are making things difficult for me. What are you trying to say? Could it be that you want me to dig at this place?” Cheng Yu stared at the group of bone beasts and bone cultivators coming over to surround him as he asked the purple water.

“Dig? Purple water, could it be that the place we are looking for is below here?” Cheng Yu suddenly thought of something as he questioned after being shocked. This time, the purple water swayed up and down lightly, making a nodding motion.

“This is really the place we are looking for?” Cheng Yu was still unconvinced because this place did not seem to have anything special compared to other places. It was just that this place was a bit more wide, without that many trees. Cheng Yu surveyed his surroundings. All of a sudden, he found out that the human bones seemed to have adopted a half kneeling position and those bone beasts had entirely laid on the ground.

“Could it be that this is truly the location of the Temple of Heaven? Otherwise, why do they not dare to come near this place? Furthermore, their behavior is so weird!” Cheng Yu continued to ponder.

“However, even if I knew that this is the location of the Temple of Heaven, how am I supposed to enter? Could it be that I really have to dig?” Cheng Yu suddenly thought of a serious problem. So what if he knew the location? Wouldn’t it all be a waste of time without the method of opening the main hall’s entrance!

“Purple water, aren’t you guys a group? Can you open up the palace entrance?” Cheng Yu walked to the purple water that was still hovering in the air and asked.

“Jiu!” Suddenly, a purple light shot into Cheng Yu’s mind. Subconsciously, Cheng Yu tried to block it with both his hands.

“Chi!” The purple light shot onto the back of his hand, with a few drops of bloods dripping into the ground.

“Purple water, are you mad? I almost got killed by you!” Cheng Yu saw the wound on his hand as he said discontentedly to the purple water.

“Swish!” It was at this moment, a ray of white light soared to the sky, just like what happened in Death Swamp, similar to the soaring purple light!

After that, the white light started to form a big white whirlpool. Once again, Cheng Yu disappeared into the ground.

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