Chapter 226: Temple of Heaven!

“Everyone quickly take a look! There’s a treasure light soaring into the sky! Let’s move there quickly. Otherwise, the treasure will be taken away by someone else!” The human cultivators that were not far away from Cheng Yu were battling with the white bone armies. Suddenly, one of them called out the strange phenomenon.

“It’s treasure light! Everyone quickly get out from the siege, and obtain the treasure!” A lot of people took notice of this bizarre scene, and immediately, their fighting spirit rose.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” Some people stared blankly at the treasure light and were drowned in excitement, forgetting that they were surrounding by a large group of white bones. In an instant, they were beheaded.

“Should be here. Everyone, charge!” The people that were nearest to the treasure light quickly rushed to the location. However, at that moment, nothing was left, leaving behind a large white bone army.

“Everyone look around! Otherwise, more people will be here soon!” Someone shouted, bringing along a group of people killing the white bones while searching for treasure.


And at this moment, Cheng Yu was already inside the Temple of Heaven.

“I came in just like that?” Cheng Yu scanned his surroundings with his mind still caught in bewilderment. Around the main hall, it was lit up with the white bone spiritual lights. The interior was pure white. The walls, obelisk, and ceiling were all spotlessly white. Although it was very obvious, it still gave off an eerie and terrorizing aura, making one’s hair stand.

“Key?!” Suddenly, Cheng Yu was delighted. It turned out that on top of the throne, there was also a large key that was suspended. It’s just that the key was snow white. At the top of the key was a skull head, hovering in the air with constant flickering of white light. However most importantly, there was a human skeleton seated on top of the throne with its left hand placed on top of its left thighs and the right hand was actually holding a low-grade soul tool that was a blazing big blade with the blade pointing towards the ground. The skeleton looked very awe-inspiring and lofty, like a king.

With the battle experience gained from the Death Bone Tomb, Cheng Yu did not dare to treat it as a dead object, not in the least looking down on this skeleton. Furthermore, with it still holding a weapon, he only hoped that this soul tool did not have any spiritual consciousness or that it was in deep sleep. Otherwise, its might would be even greater. Cheng Yu took out his Purple Light Sword, circulating his Qi in his body, slowly get closer to the skeleton.

Looking at the white bone key hovering in the air, Cheng Yu really wished to take it down directly. However, he knew that it was most likely impossible. If he couldn’t take down this skeleton, he wouldn’t be able to take the key down.

“Hu!” Just as Cheng Yu was about 20 cm away from it, the blazing big blade in the skeleton’s hand suddenly ignited with fiery energy. The aura on it suddenly burst forth, causing Cheng Yu to retreat a few steps.

“Ha!” Cheng Yu saw the situation, so he no longer remained silent as the Purple Light Sword in his hand lit up. A ray of purple sword Qi shot over at the skeleton.

“Bang!” The Blazing Blade’s energy burst out once again, blocking the sword Qi.

“Shiu!” All of a sudden, the skeleton moved. It quickly stood up and rushed over at Cheng Yu, raising up its Blazing Blade, sending forth intense attacks.

“Clang! Clang! Clang!” Cheng Yu retreated while blocking, feeling his Purple Light Sword bearing a powerful might. When the first round of attacks stopped, Cheng Yu had already felt his hand turning numb. However, the skeleton attacks didn’t stop there. It leapt up into the sky with the Blazing Blade energy rising before sending a blazing blade imagine down.

“Bang!” Cheng Yu placed his Purple Light Sword in front of his chest to block the attack. However, he was sent flying, banging into the large obelisk behind him.

“Pu!” Cheng Yu could not endure the injuries, vomiting a mouthful of blood.

“Ka! Ka!” Cheng Yu turned around, witnessing cracks appearing on the root of the large stone obelisk. Cheng Yu was startled. This thing was too ferocious. They had only started fighting, but it was already so violent.

“Pei! Are you done? I am not someone to be trifled with!” Cheng Yu vomited a mouthful of blood, noticing the skeleton had actually started walking towards him, Cheng Yu took the initiative, with him using some strength on his hand, the Purple Light Sword immediately exploded with intense purple radiance.

“Clang! Clang! Clang!” Cheng Yu had actually learned from the skeleton, sending rains of attacks on it. The skeleton was only able to resist it, but it was being forced to retreat.

“Purple Light Thousand Heavy Waves!” Cheng Yu leaped up, shouting. His sword sliced down, and layers of purple light sword images like waves rained down on the skeleton.

“Boom!” This time, it was the skeleton’s turn. Layer after layer of sword reflections had sent it flying, banging into the large stone obelisk.

“This is having a taste of your own medicine. I am going to send another move at you now! Primeval Chaos Thousand Chop!” Cheng Yu leaped to the sky once again. However this time, he was spinning down with his sword pointing down.

“Ha!” The whole of Cheng Yu was being enshrouded by purple light. Under the revolutions, he was like a purple light ball, shooting at the skeleton.

“Clang! Clang! Clang!” If it was looked carefully, they would be able to see that every spin Cheng Yu did was equivalent to a chop. Furthermore, the sword was enshrouded by powerful Qi. Under the revolutions, it became an unceasing chopping attack. The skeleton raised up its Blazing Blade while being forced to retreat under the unceasing attacks, ultimately reaching a corner. The skeleton was forced to the point where it was unable to endure it any longer, as it used its legs to push itself forward off from the wall, parallel to the ground. The skeleton finally initiated its attack once again. The blazing energy revolved around the blade, ruthlessly chopping down, causing Cheng Yu to stop.

Cheng Yu lifted up his head, looking at the skeleton. All of the sudden, the Blazing Blade suddenly exploded out an area of fire, rushing towards him. Cheng Yu was stunned. Although he had his Qi armor protecting him, he was still sent flying by the attack.

“Pooh! D*mn it. Dare to use fire to burn me!” Cheng Yu crawled up from the ground, feeling his body being burnt, and smelling charred. He spitted out a mouthful of saliva in fury.

“Today, your father, I, am going to keep you! Qi Swallowing Mountain River Diagram!” Cheng Yu was also able to tell that this thing’s strength was almost comparable to him. To continue fighting like this, only he would be at a disadvantage because he wouldn’t be able to kill it and it would not be able to kill him. But this thing didn’t know of pain and he had flesh and blood. The longer he fought, the more fatigued he would be. However, this thing seemed to not be tired at all.

Without a choice, Cheng Yu could only bring forth his strong point. This thing might be very strong, but it was also a thing without any consciousness. Even if it was smart, it wouldn’t be smarter than humans, let alone there were still a pile of treasures on him! The Qi Swallowing Mountain River Diagram flew out from Cheng Yu’s body, instantly unfolding itself, around a few meters wide. The diagram ejected a white ray, shooting in front of the skeleton.

“Squeak! Squeak!” Under the shine, the skeleton was slowly being dragged into the Mountain River Diagram. Both its white bone legs were rubbing the floor, causing an ear-piercing sound.

“Keep!” Cheng Yu shouted once again, pushing forth the best devouring power he could bring to the Mountain River Diagram.

“Squeak! Squeak!” The speed at which the skeleton was being sucked had increased distinctively. At this moment, the Blazing Blade in the skeleton’s hand ignited in intense energy once again. It actually blocked the white light the Mountain River Diagram had shone on it. Its body also stopped moving forward.

“D*mn it! I shall see if you can still block it like that! Jewel Cauldron!” Cheng Yu shouted in anger, bringing out the Jewel Cauldron as well. Two soul tools versus one soul tool. The Jewel Cauldron continuously banged onto it while the Mountain River Diagram exerted all its strength in sucking. Ultimately, the skeleton was no longer able to hold on.

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“Shiu!” The skeleton’s energy was being suppressed. After that, it was kept into the Mountain River Diagram directly.

“God d*mn it. Finally done. Luckily your father is powerful!” The battle had finally ended, and Cheng Yu also eased up.

“Clang! Clang!” Cheng Yu observed the skeleton in the Mountain River Diagram, only seeing it chopping down with its Blazing Blade chaotically.

“M*th*rf*ck*r. It is also a low-grade soul tool. It wouldn’t chop open my Mountain River Diagram, right?!” Looking at the soul tool in the skeleton’s hand, Cheng Yu thought of some potentially disastrous futures.

“Seems like it’s better to refine this thing first. Otherwise, if it really wrecks my Mountain River Diagram, it will be troublesome,” Cheng Yu thought and felt that it was better to settle this thing first. So, he sat in a meditative position and started refining it.


“Senior Brother Wu Ming, we seem to have come here before!” Ning Yan walked behind, observing the vegetation around her as she spoke with doubt.

“That’s right. Senior Brother, we seem to have been here before. Look, there is the vegetation we had chopped down,” Wu Xiu checked his surroundings and also voiced his doubts.

“How can it be like this? I obviously moved according to the previous route,” Wu Ming surveyed his surroundings and also realized something was amiss.

“Senior Brother Wu Ming, could it be that you remembered the route wrongly?” Ning Yan walked up and asked.

“This is not possible. I have walked according to the map. Check it yourself,” Wu Ming took out the map and handed it over to Ning Yan.

“If it’s like this, it’s correct. Then, let’s try walking again. Along the way, let’s leave behind some marks,” Ning Yan took the map and looked at the route. Sure enough, they were in the right direction.

“Sure!” Wu Ming nodded his head. Once again, he returned to the front to lead and Ning Yan returned to the back to protect everyone’s safety.

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“Senior Sister, will we not get out?” This time, Ning Zi walked to Ning Yan’s side and asked worriedly.

“Junior Sister, be at ease! With me around, you will definitely be able to return in peace,” Ning Yan saw Ning Zi’s pitiful appearance, she comforted. Actually, she also didn’t know if they would be able to get out. Even though she had been here a few times, she still didn’t have any confidence.

“Junior Sister, be assured! Senior Sister and I have been here a few times, yet didn’t we still returned safely? You don’t need to be too worried,” Ning Xue also went up and held onto Ning Zi’s hand as she comforted.

“En, I believe Senior Sister!” Ning Zi was still worried, but with everyone’s encouragement, she eventually felt relieved.

“Senior Sister, Teacher really wants us to obtain the treasure, that’s why he sent us over?” This time, Ning Wushuang also walked over and asked. Ever since entering Death Forest, everywhere was filled with dangers. Most importantly, for the whole journey, other than killing demonic beasts, collecting beast skins and also medical ingredients that could be sold, they basically did not obtain any harvest. However, the dangers here had never once stopped. The efforts and harvest ratio was totally not proportionate. This truly caused her to be unable to understand why they must still enter! It’s not worth it!

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