Chapter 227: Forming an Alliance Again

“That’s right. Actually, we are not the only disciples who came to Death Forest. Even Big Senior Sister and Second Senior Sister also brought some juniors in,” Ning Yan looked at the Shushan disciples in front of her before speaking.

“What? Big Senior Sister and Second Senior Sister also came? Then why didn’t we come in together?” Ning Wushuang was astonished.

“Actually, this time not only us, Huaxian Valley, if I have not guessed wrongly, lots of disciples from other sects also came. Especially those outstanding Golden Core disciples. The reason why we are not together is because we did not wish for our group to be too big, attracting the other sects’ attention. Our teacher’s astrology skill is very powerful, but it doesn’t mean that others won’t be able to manipulate it. Therefore, separate movement was to prevent other sects from interfering, particularly the other remaining nine great sects!” Ning Yan explained.

“Why is this so? Could it be because of that treasure? What kind of treasure is so alluring?” Ning Wushuang was very curious about what kind of treasure made her teacher place so much importance on it.

“I am not sure about the specifics. In short, Teacher said that the treasure trove appearing this time might be the biggest all these years. If we are able to get it, it’s very beneficial for the sect,” Ning Yan explained.

“Big treasure trove? But we only have this few people. Don’t even talk about the treasure, we might not be able to get past this Death Fantasy Ocean,” Ning Wushuang said with waning confidence.

“Actually, a lot people might not necessary be useful. With me around, as long as everyone is a lot more careful, safety is not a concern. Whether we will be able to obtain the treasure, it will depend on our destiny. If other senior sisters or junior sisters have the destiny, they will be able to locate the treasure trove. The chances of finding the treasure trove with everyone split up is a lot higher as well.”

“True. But I feel that this is still too dangerous. Our cultivation is so low and we are not able to assist senior sister in any way, and we have even become a big burden,” Ning Wushuang vexingly said.

“You mustn’t think of it this way. Actually, the other groups are also the same. They basically have a Golden Core disciple leading the group. This time, everyone came out to look for treasures, but most importantly was to let you gain experience. For the sect to look for treasures, isn’t it so that the sect can foster experts? As long as you are to gain some insights during this training, and your cultivation takes a huge leap, this is already helping the sect win over the best treasure. Therefore, all junior sisters must not undervalue themselves, and must have the fighting spirit and confidence in themselves. I hope that once the training ends, all of your cultivation will improve by a huge leap,” Ning Yan encouraged every junior sister.

“Thank you, Senior Sister. We will definitely work hard!” All the ladies heard Ning Yan’s words, and immediately became a lot confident.

“Senior Brother Wu Ming, look. This is the sign we marked!” It was at this moment, a Shushan disciple in front pointed at a vegetation and voiced out. That vegetation had a piece of blue cloth hanging on it. This was the sign they left behind.

“Junior Sister Ning Yan, what do you think we should do now?” Ning Yan walked over, so Wu Ming took down the blue cloth and asked.

“We can only look for a new path,” Ning Yan thought for a moment and said.

“We can only can do this then,” Wu Ming was quite disappointed. At first, he still hoped to show a dazzling performance in front of Ning Yan. For this kind of situation to appear, it was truly god’s plan supersedes human’s plan, a difficult to anticipate affair of life!

They both held onto the map. After that, they chose an optimal path, starting their journey once again. Two hours later, Wu Ming was in front leading the way while Ning Yan was still at the back, protecting the group’s safety.

“Be careful! Everyone don’t move!” Suddenly, Wu Ming felt that there was some movement in front, so he quickly warned everyone.

“Who?” Whoosh! Suddenly, a sword Qi flew over!

“Clang!” Wu Ming raised his sword, blocking the sword Qi! Knowing that the other party was a human cultivator, he immediately loosened up. After that, he shouted, ”Shushan Sect’s Wu Ming! May I know who sire is?”

“Haha! So it’s Junior Brother Wu Ming, hope you have been well!” Suddenly, a group of ten appeared in front of Wu Ming. The man leading appeared to be around 30-years old, looking a bit older than Wu Ming as he walked over with a smile and greeted.

“Eh? Isn’t this Huaxian Valley’s Fairy Ning Yan? How come you guys are together? Truly unexpected!” The man saw Ning Yan behind Wu Ming. At first it was surprise, but subsequently his face turned strange as he looked at the duo. It was known that Huaxian Valley was more estranged from all the sects in the Cultivation World. All the other sects wished to get close to Huaxian Valley; who asked them to have so many pretty ladies? However, he never expected that Ning Yan would actually be together with Shushan disciples, it was a truly difficult to anticipate affair of life!

“So it’s Canglin Sect’s Senior Brother Ling Hai. We just happened to run into each other,” Wu Ming wanted to speak, but Ning Yan had already explained. She did not wish for any misunderstandings to be spread out. When the time comes, it could turn into some weird rumors.

“Haha. That’s right. I have only run into Junior Sister Ning Yan coincidentally,” Wu Ming was very disappointed. Originally, he thought that he had made some progress with Ning Yan. He never expected that he failed. In order to not cause any dissatisfaction to Ning Yan, he also smiled and explained.

“Haha! Understood, understood!” Ling Hai saw Wu Ming’s manner, so he immediately understood Wu Ming’s intention. Actually, Ning Yan was so pretty, so there were lots of people who had ideas on her. However on the surface, the 10 great sects may seem harmonious, but they were not actually happy with each other. Especially the other nine great sects, excluding Huaxian Valley. Because Huaxian Valley was a pure female sect while the other sects were filled with both genders, with the men being greater in number.

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Therefore, when any sect came across each other, they would obviously be unhappy with each other. But on the surface, they were calling each other senior brother, junior brother so intimately. For those who didn’t know, they might have really thought they were very close to each other.

“Oh right. Junior Brother Wu Ming, I heard that your Shushan’s Leng Wufeng had been exterminated. I’m not sure if this news is real?” Seeing Wu Ming had the desire for Ning Yan, Ling Hai intentionally egged him on, hoping to anger him.

“What! Who did you hear it from?” Wu Ming asked astonished.

Shushan was one of the 10 great sects. Although Leng Wufeng was not an excellent person in Shushan, his cultivation had already reached Foundation Establishment Late stage. In the sect, he could be counted as an outstanding disciple that the sect had placed an importance on. Who dared to exterminate him? He couldn’t believe this. Wasn’t this trying to cause a dispute with the sect?

“Haha! So Junior Brother Wu Ming still doesn’t know about it! But a lot of people knew about this. Furthermore, the group that was exterminated was not only Leng Wufeng’s, there was also Kunlun Yun Feng’s! Yun Feng got lucky as he was saved by his senior,” Ling Hai smiled and said, looking in extremely good mood.

“Senior Brother Ling Hai, is this matter absolutely true?” Wu Ming asked in shock.

“Absolutely true!” Ling Hai nodded.

“Then does Senior Brother Ling Hai know which sect did it?” It was fine if Wu Ming didn’t know, but since he heard of it, he must definitely understand the specifics. Even if he didn’t undertake the task himself, he still had to report to the sect.

“I heard that it’s a person called Cheng Yu. As for whether it was real or fake, I’m not sure,” Ling Hai said. Actually, when Ling Hai heard this, he was also shocked. However, very quickly it turned to delight. He truly admired this Cheng Yu’s ability and courage. To dare to kill people from two of the 10 great sects. Truly daring. It’s a pity he died.

“What? Isn’t Cheng Yu dead?” Standing at the side, Ning Yan suddenly cried out. As for Ning Wushuang and Ning Xue, they were also astonished. They actually heard Cheng Yu’s name again.

“Junior Sister Ning Yan, you also know of this person?” Ling Hai said somewhat surprised. Even Wu Ming was looking at Ning Yan with some surprise.

“We also heard of him being brought up by some people when we were in Death Forest. At that time, wasn’t he killed? How could he kill Shushan Sect and Kunlun Sect people again?” Seeing Ling Hai and Wu Ming’s expression, Ning Yan explained. She did not wish to let others know that Ning Wushuang knew Cheng Yu. When the time comes, if Shushan and Kunlun were to think that Huaxian Valley and Cheng Yu were together, it would be troublesome.

“So it’s like that. Actually, the reason why he was being hunted down was because he killed these people! Truly a pity for a genius!” Ling Hai displayed a regretful appearance. Wu Ming’s complexion was extremely ugly. Ling Hai’s words were simply slapping his face! Shushan’s people got killed, but he actually felt sorry for the killer. However, it wasn’t good for him to flare up, so he could only clench his fists tightly in silence.

“Ah! Junior Brother Wu Ming, I’m truly sorry, I didn’t mean it that way,” Ling Hai seemed to have suddenly seen Wu Ming’s complexion as he hastily apologized. His heart was actually extremely joyful.

“Hmph! Fortunately he died early! Otherwise, I would let him die a worse death!” Wu Ming harrumphed coldly.

“Haha! Right, right! Just a Foundation Establishment late stage cultivator. In front of Junior Brother Wu Ming, he’s just a puny ant that could be crashed anytime,” Ling Hai said in response, explaining Cheng Yu’s cultivation in passing, trying to suffocate Wu Ming. Just a Foundation Establishment late stage, but your people had still been killed completely. Haha! Thinking about it made him happy.

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“What? You said he’s in Foundation Establishment Realm!” Wu Ming was shocked once again. Originally, he thought that to be able to completely exterminate Shushan and Kunlun at the same time, Cheng Yu would definitely be a Golden Core expert. He never expected it to be a Foundation Establishment Realm.

“That’s right! Otherwise, he wouldn’t have died,” Ling Hai said naturally. Ning Yan and the others had also seemed to realize. At that time when they heard Cheng Yu was being hunted by Golden Core expert, they were still utterly regret, and didn’t think of why he would provoke a Golden Core expert. It turned out that it was because he had killed the other’s people completely. This person was truly ruthless.

Ning Yan and Ning Xue looked at Ning Wushuang at the same time, with no idea why she would take a fancy upon this one who killed people like a scythe. Ning Wushuang’s cheek turned red. Recalling when she met Cheng Yu, she saw him counting his spoils of war. She never expected that not long later, he killed so many people again, and this time, it was even the famous great sects’ people. Served him right for being killed!

Seeing both her senior sister’s gazes, she really wished to tell everyone that she was really not familiar with him. But Cheng Yu had already died, so what was there to be explained?

“Since everyone has run into each other coincidentally, how about we journey together?” Seeing that everyone had reached an impasse, furthermore Wu Ming’s current complexion wasn’t very good, Ling Hai spoke, changing the main topic. And he intentionally mentioned the word ‘coincidentally’ with special importance.

“That’s naturally great!” Ning Yan was also able to tell the meaning behind Ling Hai’s words. Her face couldn’t help but turned a little red as she smiled and said.

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