Chapter 674 – Legs To Go Soft

At that moment, the Fish King was casually swimming amongst the coral reefs; it slowly joined the school of large fishes before they swam away.

Huan Qing Yan’s hands was trembling from nervousness, this Fish King was hers.

At that moment, a voice suddenly came from behind, “Young Mistress, is that a Fish King?”

Hou Ning Xue!

Huan Qing Yan was rather frustrated, why must this person always follow her around like a ghost.

“It’s a Fish King.” Huan Qing Yan was not the least worried about her trying to snatch the prey from her as Hou Ning Xue do not possess the ability to catch this Fish King.

Even Huan Qing Yan herself, was not hundred percent confident in catching this.

Hou Ning Xue said, “Young Mistress, let me help you catch that Fish King. Rest assured, my fish pouch is already full and am confident and satisfied about entering the top fifty ranks of the rankings. I will not vie for the Fish King.”

Huan Qing Yan did not even need to ponder, “No need, I can catch it alone.”

Hou Ning Xue said disappointedly, “Ok, then Young Mistress catch it alone, I will head to another place to catch the small ones…”

The Fish King was originally casually swimming about when it suddenly discovered a few Grey Spirit Worms. The Fish King was slightly more intelligent, while the other large fishes were immersed in feasting the Grey Spirit Worms, the Fish King was beginning to feel alert.”

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With a swoosh, its body turned transparent like water, this was its way of adopting a higher level of camouflage and it was trying to run away.

Hou Ning Xue quickly explained, “Young Mistress, this has nothing to do with me, I did not see the Fish King when I spread those Grey Spirit Worms… They must have flowed in due to the water currents.”

Huan Qing Yan had no time to blame her as the Fish King seems to be blending into the water current and was beginning to slip away.

With a blink of an eye, Huan Qing Yan commanded Leafy to transform into a vine to bind the Fish King…

The net in her hand would not be able to reach it in time, so she could only send out Leafy to hold it down first.

However, the Fish King was too agile and well prepared; Leafy was only able to grab one of its fins in the end, but it was enough to prevent it from completely blending into the water.

The form of the small fishes could be seen with detailed observation, but when a large fish transforms, they would blend completely with the water.

Houu Ning Xue said in surprise, “Eh? Young Mistress, what is this leaf equipment that you are using?”

Huan Qing Yan ignored her because the Fish King was starting to go crazy, it was dragging Leafy as it moved forward like an arrow in water. Huan Qing Yan quickly chased after it as the vine that extended from leafy pulled her along, therefore the three of them sped off in great speed.

Hou Ning Xue was following behind with the help of a Swift Water Talisman, “Young Mistress, wait for me, it is all my fault for alarming the Fish King, let me help you…”

The Fish King swam forward while dragging along Huan Qing Yan, it was unknown where it was headed to as well.

The Third Palace was surprisingly even bigger than the Second Palace, along with the large amount of Waterdrop Fishes there were also nests after nests of Flood Dragon Snakes which were prowling within those waters. Their ferocious heads and sharp pointed teeth were so menacing that it would cause anyone’s legs to go soft.

However, the Flood Dragon Snakes have a short field of view; if the chase went on for too long, they would eventually lose their target and turn back.

Huan Qing Yan was moving at a great speed due to the Fish King and has encountered several groups of snakes along the way, which she all managed to barely avoid. Hou Ning Xue was crying out fearfully and she reenacted her performance, she used the Swift Water Talisman to catch up and hugged onto Huan Qing Yan’s thighs.

She cried, complaining, “Young Mistress, this place is terrifying! Let us return.”

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Huan Qing Yan looked at her in displeasure, “If you want to go back then go back alone, no one asked you to follow.”

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