Chapter 675 – Eerie

Again, Hou Ning Xue wailed.

Huan Qing Yan really wanted to kick her aside but when she thought of her kind intentions, she was unable to viciously dump her in this place that was filled with Flood Dragon Snakes.

Therefore, the both of them were dragged by the Fish King, heading towards an unknown location.

At the end, there were no longer any roaming snakes in the area.

The place they ended up in only possessed clear water, shining corals and some old clams that possessed beautiful pearls; occasionally the clams would release some bubbles that floated up within this beautiful and serene environment.

However, the only strange thing was that there were no snakes and no swimming fishes.

When the Fish King reached this place, for some unknown reasons it seemed to receive a great shock and wanted to turn around, causing it to head towards Huan Qing Yan.

This was a good opportunity for Huan Qing Yan.

She had no place to keep a huge fish like this even if she caught it, so she planned to simply send it into her dimension.

However, the large fish possessed quite a powerful strength; when Huan Qing Yan got close to the Fish King, she was immediately pushed back several meters with a sweep of its tail.

“Leafy, tie it up!”

Huan Qing Yan was enraged.

Leafy followed her command and transformed, sending out even more vines to tie up the Fish King securely.

The Fish King continued to struggle with all it had, then Hou Ning Xue went up and threw several Grey Spirit Worms into the Fish King’s mouth. After a while, the Fish King slowly stopped moving.

It looked like it fainted.

Huan Qing Yan released a sigh of relief, it looked like Hou Ning Xue was not a total baggage, she was still able to pull out a few decent tricks at crucial moments.

At that moment, the coral reefs slowly moved away.

Revealing a deep bottomless hole, a wave of chilling air was coming out of it, making people feel an unknown chill shivering down their bodies.

Not only that, an inhuman song was also coming out from the hole.

“Have you returned? Have you returned? Have you returned?”

It was gloomy and fuzzy, as though it was whispering to Huan Qing Yan and Hou Ning Xue just beside their ears.

They both felt an extreme sense of danger.

The existence within this hole was something that they were unable to handle.

Hou Ning Xue shuddered, “Young Mistress, rumor has it that there is a Snake Demon within the Third Palace, those who went into the Third Palace would all be eaten by it. Could this be that Snake Demon?”

A Snake Demon that could speak also meant that it possessed quite a high level of cultivation…

Huan Qing Yan had not stayed within the academia for long and did not know as much of the academia’s myths as Hou Ning Xue and the rest.

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“What snake demon? Stop scaring yourself.” Huan Qing Yan was trying to boost her courage.

“Legend has it that this Snake Demon was forsaken by its lover, and its grievance reached the heavens. Whenever a mortal enters this place, it would eat them. Young Mistress, look at the hole within the corals, aren’t those the eyes of the Snake Demon?” Hou Ning Xue exclaimed in surprise.

Huan Qing Yan turned and looked closely, except for its slippery and eerie look, there was nothing else…

When suddenly, Huan Qing Yan felt a cold intent behind her…

Not right!

Huan Qing Yan felt danger welling up in her heart, but before she could react, a fish net descended onto her and caught her.

Controlling the fish net was one Hou Ning Xue…

It was a sneak attack by Hou Ning Xue when she had turned her head away!

Huan Qing Yan was completely caught off guard; she struggled while shouting, “Hou Ning Xue, what are you doing?”

Hou Ning Xue revealed a gentle smile, “Young Mistress, this fish net is not an ordinary one but an equipment. I used my entire fortune to purchase this equipment just to be able to use it for this moment today.”

Hou Ning Xue’s gaze was no longer carried the gentle, pitiful, curry favoring intent of the past; instead it was replaced by a cold and venomous intent.

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