Chapter 228: Intriguing Stone Plate!

Cheng Yu opened his eyes with great determination. After a day of refinement, the skeleton had finally become obedient. Regretfully, Cheng Yu was not able to control it right now. He still needed a long time before he was able to refine it completely to gain control over it. Despite that, Cheng Yu was already very excited. He was excited to see if this skeleton was like what he thought, able to grow and evolve, and potentially reach Nascent Soul Realm. Seeing the skeleton sitting in the Qi Swallowing Mountain River Diagram quietly, Cheng Yu stood up and walked to the white bone key hovering above the throne.

“Whoosh!” Just as Cheng Yu was about six inches from the key, the purple water suddenly flew out from his body and floated in the air, taking the form of the bone key. Both keys confronted each other, glowing in bright radiance. Cheng Yu saw both keys acting as if they were friends that hadn’t met for a long time, and he was very happy. Recalling the scene where the purple water had acknowledged him as its owner, Cheng Yu did not have any hesitation. He opened up a small wound in his hand to drip the blood onto the white bone key.

Cheng Yu’s blood infused into the key very quickly. The white radiance disappeared from the key as the key flew into Cheng Yu’s body, becoming one with Cheng Yu. Cheng Yu checked the information stored inside the white bone key. Ultimately, he was disappointed. This key was called Heavenly Bones. The information stored inside was very little, similar to the purple water. It didn’t even have any information about this palace. Cheng Yu was helpless, and could only search for it himself.

After gaining experience from the Amethyst Palace, Cheng Yu was a little hesitant before choosing the right passage. Different from Amethyst Palace, after getting past the main hall of Temple of Heaven, he entered a side hall. Inside, there were five stone doors. In the middle of the hall, there was a sarcophagus. Cheng Yu surveyed the surroundings cautiously before walking over to the sarcophagus carefully.

The sarcophagus had a stone plate covering it. In the middle of the stone plate was a recess with the shape of the Heavenly Bone. However, what caused Cheng Yu to be confused was that on the outside of the stone plate, there were ten seals that were either characters or symbols that Cheng Yu couldn’t recognize. Cheng Yu did not dare to put the key in, but instead he observed his surroundings carefully.

“There’s five doors here. Could it all of it be treasures? Then doesn’t that mean that I have struck it rich again?” Cheng Yu walked down from the step, arriving in front of one of the door.

“It’s these symbols again?” Cheng Yu saw symbols similar to the ones from the Amethyst Palace beside the stone door. So, Cheng Yu ran over to the other few doors and took a look. It was the same ten symbols, just their sequences were different.

“Could it be that these are the lock to the stone door?” Cheng Yu thought. Looking at the protruding symbol on the stone door, Cheng Yu ran over to the sarcophagus and took out Heavenly Bone before placing it into the lock.

“Eh? How come it cannot be turned?” Cheng Yu thought that as long as the sarcophagus followed the same sequence as the stone plate, it would be unlocked. However, the key on this sarcophagus could not be turned.

“Oh. Since it can’t be turned, then it should be this. Changing the sequence of the symbols on the stone plate on the door,” Cheng Yu suddenly saw the light, and immediately reacted. So, Cheng Yu placed the sarcophagus sequence similar to the stone plate. After that, he intended to open the stone plate on the door.

“Eh? There’s five doors here. Which door should I open then?” Cheng Yu walked to one of the doors, pondering.

“The stone plate on the sarcophagus can’t be moved. Then it would forever be pointed at that word. However, there’s five doors here. Then which door should I open? If I open up the wrong door, will there be any dangers?” Thinking of this question, Cheng Yu hesitated. Once again, he ran over to the sarcophagus and started studying it.

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“Eh? Isn’t the sarcophagus also pointing at that door? D*mn it! F*ck it. I will be opening you!” Cheng Yu laid down on the sarcophagus and studied it for a while. He discovered that not only was the sarcophagus pointing at a symbol, it was also pointing at a door. Cheng Yu felt that that should be that door. Cheng Yu arrived at the front of the door, concentrating. Once something was amiss, he was prepared to retreat.

“Ka! Ka!” Cheng Yu slowly turned the stone, until the protruding stone was pointing at the same symbol as the sarcophagus.

“…” Cheng Yu stood far away from the stone door. However, even after waiting for a while, there was no movement from it.

“What’s going on? How come there’s no reaction?” Cheng Yu looked at the stone plate that was not even showing the slightest reaction while thinking.

“Could it be that it isn’t this door?” Cheng Yu looked at the other four doors and thought.

“Who cares! I shall try it on the other doors!” Cheng Yu was not able to make head or tails about the current situation. Without a choice, he could only try this out.

“Ka! Ka! Ka!” Very quickly, Cheng Yu turned the five doors to point at the same symbol.

“…” The side hall was still very quiet. Quiet to the point of not showing signs of any motion.

“F*ck! This isn’t right as well!” Cheng Yu was very gloomy when he saw the five doors did not have the slightest reaction. Cheng Yu returned to the sarcophagus, looking at the stone plate solemnly.

“This thing is really unmovable,” Once again, Cheng Yu placed his hands on top of it, verifying it couldn’t be moved.

“F*ck*r! This Temple of Heaven is too f*ck*d up. Making the treasure room so complicated, isn’t it inconvenient for them also?!” Cheng Yu thought in extreme gloominess. Previously when he was in the Amethyst Palace, everything was unobstructed. How could he possibly think that the Temple of Heaven would be so complicated?

“How should I turn this exactly?” Cheng Yu laid flat on his back on the ground and looked at the ceiling gloomily.

“D*mn it. The Palace Master of this Temple of Heaven is really perverted, engraving this kind of thing everywhere,” Cheng Yu suddenly saw that on the ceiling, there was also a large stone plate as he thought in disdain.

“Weird, why are all of them different?” Cheng Yu looked at the symbols on the large stone plate, and he realized that the sequence of the symbols were all different.

“What’s the secret hidden in it?” Cheng Yu felt that he had gotten sleepy looking at it, glancing his eyes away.

“Eh?” Cheng Yu was just about to close his eyes when he suddenly opened them. After that, he slanted his head to another side and took a look. Suddenly, he leaped up.

“Should be this!” Once again, Cheng Yu stood at the side of the sarcophagus, lifting his head and verifying it with the large stone plate on top. Sure enough, it was in reverse. Furthermore, the large stone plate and the stone plate on the sarcophagus had five symbols that were pointing at the five doors coincidentally. Cheng Yu memorized the symbol that was similar to the door. After that, he ran over to the first door and started turning it. Finally, he changed the symbols on the door to correspond to the five symbols on the sarcophagus.

“Ka! Ka! Ka!” However, just as Cheng Yu had arranged the five stone door symbols, while waiting for the stone doors to change, the sarcophagus in the middle issued noises.

“F*ck! Wrong again. Why is the sarcophagus moving!” Cheng Yu was scared by the sarcophagus, quickly hiding himself as he watch the sarcophagus.

“Ka! Ka! Ka!” The cover on the sarcophagus slowly started to move.

“Could it be that the treasures are hidden inside the sarcophagus?” Cheng Yu was doubtful, slowly moving to the sarcophagus.

“Whoosh!” Just as Cheng Yu was about six inches away from the sarcophagus, a skeleton suddenly flew out from the sarcophagus!

“Motherf*ck*r!” Cheng Yu shouted and jumped away. Cheng Yu stood upright. He saw the skeleton’s hand was also holding a blade. However, what let Cheng Yu to be at ease was that the blade was not a soul tool, but was similar to the white bone armies in the Death Bone Tomb, holding a white bone blade.

“Boom!” Cheng Yu had yet to move when the skeleton had already moved. In an instant, it appeared before Cheng Yu, raising its blade and chopping down.

“D*mn it. I’m not even afraid of the skeleton holding a soul tool. Would I be afraid of you?” Cheng Yu dodged speedily, taking out his Purple Light Sword and charged up.

“Clang! Clang! Clang!” The skeleton seemed to be an expert in meeting force with force. It did not care if it was hurt. In any case, it was still raining down attacks unceasingly. However, the current Cheng Yu had already battled with skeletons a few times and gained lots of experience. This skeleton’s strength was almost the same as the main hall’s one, but without the help of the soul tool, its might had dropped a lot. Cheng Yu displayed his Purple Light Thousand Heavy Wave move a few times consecutively, sending the skeleton flying over and over again.

“Qi Swallowing Mountain River Diagram, keep!” Seeing that he had more or less kept the skeleton in check, Cheng Yu took out his Qi Swallowing Mountain River Diagram once again.

“Whoosh!” The skeleton raised its blade, intending to strike Cheng Yu, but was shone by the white light of the Mountain River Diagram, sucking it in directly.

“Heh! Seems like I am getting more and more powerful. Opponents that are almost the same strength as me, if they do not have any soul tool on hand, I don’t need a long time before I can sort them out myself. Seems like after I have obtained the treasures here, I should return to look for a few Golden Core white bone soldiers, sucking them into the diagram, forming my own white bone army. Haha! Kunlun, when the time comes, I shall let you suffer!” Cheng Yu imagined himself bring a white bone army with Golden Core cultivation, killing Kunlun people, so he got very excited.

“Time to see what kind of treasure is hidden inside this sarcophagus,” Cheng Yu held onto his Purple Light Sword, arriving before the sarcophagus carefully. He was afraid that another skeleton would emerge out.

“D*mn, empty?” When he saw there was nothing inside, he immediately got angry. D*mn it, after messing with me for half a day, there was nothing?!

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Thump! Thump! Thump!” Cheng Yu used his hand to slap and knock the insides of the sarcophagus to see if there was any mechanisms inside. However, he could see nothing.

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“My luck isn’t this bad, right? How could there be nothing here? Spending so much effort just to hide a skeleton?” Cheng Yu was very confused about the thinking of the Temple of Heaven’s Palace Master. If it was just to hide a skeleton, there was no need to make things so complicated, right?

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” Cheng Yu slapped the insides once again.

“Haha! I knew there was definitely secrets hidden inside!” Cheng Yu stretched his hand onto the head that was covered by the stone cover. After touching it for a while, he finally found a concave section on the summit of it.

“Ka! Ka! Ka!” Cheng Yu pressed the concave section in, and the middle of the sarcophagus opened up.

“…” Cheng Yu’s complexion was extremely ugly, with the impulse of wanting to kill people! Because what appeared before Cheng Yu was another stone plate.

“Luckily, you died early. Otherwise, I would definitely kill you myself!” Cheng Yu was extremely resenting the Temple of Heaven’s Palace Master. With another stone plate appearing, Cheng Yu got gloomy again. After much difficulty had he managed to solve two of them, yet here comes another!

“Fine! It’s you!” Cheng Yu studied the entire stone plate system. He seemed to have understood something, without the slightest hesitation, he started rotating the stone plates in the sarcophagus again!

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