Chapter 229: Opening the Treasure House

“It’s opened!” When the door that had the same sequence as the mark gradually opened up, Cheng Yu was delighted. Cheng Yu leaped over with a jump, arriving in front of the door. Dense pill fragrance spread out, and his heart was in joy. It’s a hidden treasure house! Cheng Yu surveyed his surroundings. After about a quarter hour, Cheng Yu went into the treasure house cautiously and solemnly.

With such a dense pill fragrance spreading out, Cheng Yu did not even need to take a look and knew it was a pill warehouse. Similar to the Amethyst Palace, those pills that were below high-grade were piled up on stage, looking like a small mountain. As for those high-grade and spiritual-grade pills, they were kept inside precious boxes.

“Haha! It’s Nascent Soul Pill and Spirit Severing Pill again. As expected, it’s spiritual-grade pills,” Cheng Yu randomly opened up two boxes, and realized with astonishment that it was the Nascent Soul Pill and Spirit Severing Pill. Despite making some preparation in his heart, with a sudden influx of pills again, his heart couldn’t help feeling excited.

“I am going to strike rich again today! There’s still another four treasure houses. Not sure other than weapons and spiritual stones, what treasures will be there? Could it be a cultivation method?” Finally seeing these substantial treasures, the gloominess Cheng Yu had was all swept away.

“En. Which door should I open now? It’s you then,” Just now, Cheng Yu wanted to destroy the stone plate inside the sarcophagus. But now, whenever he saw it, he felt extremely amiable to it, just like when a kid was looking at their favorite toy!

“Ka! Ka! Ka!” Cheng Yu finished rotating it, and the second door also gradually opened up.

“Ah! Such a dense spiritual Qi! My spiritual vein!” Feeling the rich spiritual Qi inside, Cheng Yu roared in his heart as he leaped over rapidly.

“Another two spiritual veins!” Witnessing another two spiritual veins suspended in the air, Cheng Yu was about to turn mad. If this continued on, there should be no sect that had such a strong and solid capital like Cheng Yu! Without much hesitation, Cheng Yu kept the spiritual stones and the spiritual veins away. Very quickly, Cheng Yu was about to open up the third door.

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“This time, I shall pick the first door!” Cheng Yu looked at the door at the left end with anticipation.

“En? Could it be a weapon storehouse?” Waiting for the stone door to open fully, Cheng Yu was not able to feel any spiritual Qi or pill fragrance, so his curiosity was piqued.

“Supreme-grade spiritual tool? It’s really weapon storehouse? Why are there so few?” Cheng Yu saw that there wasn’t many weapons inside, with only a small pile there. Furthermore, there were only three spiritual tools hovering in the center of the storehouse. Among them was a supreme-grade spiritual tool.

“It’s unlikely that they have been robbed, right?” Pow! Cheng Yu slapped his mouth. Since when had a robber only looted half of a treasure house?

“Who cares? Those who don’t take cheap stuff are b*st*rds. No matter how small the grasshopper is, it’s still meat. I might not use these spiritual tools, but I can still give it to my future disciples or grandchildren!” Although it was quite little, Cheng Yu was not courteous. It was already in front of him, so if he didn’t take it, he would be a fool.

“Boom!” However, just as Cheng Yu had kept the weapons, the stone door immediately closed.

“F*ck! I am fooled!” Cheng Yu immediately reacted. However, it was already too late, the stone door was shut.

“Ka! Ka! Ka!” At tshis moment, the five stone statue that were on the wall suddenly opened up from the side. Astonishingly, five skeletons appeared inside it.

“Sure enough, the precious ones are always kept hidden. Five skeletons, this time is really a feast!” Cheng Yu looked at the five skeletons that had surrounded him, and there was no sign or hint of fear. In contrast, his eyes shot out dense fighting spirit, as this was a good time to test out his real strength.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!” The five skeletons charged over at the same time. Horizontal slash, vertical slash, stab…, five directions, different attacking moves, all striking at Cheng Yu’s vital points.

“Primeval Chaos Thousand Chaos Stab!” Cheng Yu did not hold back and struck out with all his strength. He must collect these five skeletons. Blitzkrieg strategy had always been the way of the king. Because this place was sealed, Cheng Yu was running out of time.

“Clang! Clang! Clang!” Primeval Chaos Thousand Chaos Stab was a Primeval Chaos Immortal Art move. It uses strength as it’s focal point, and in addition to the high speed revolutions, it was turned into a continual attack, slashing away two of the skeletons. If it was not because Cheng Yu’s strength had rose, he would not be able to put this move to use.

“Boom! Boom!” The remaining three skeletons held onto their bone blades that were shining in radiance. They ruthlessly struck down to stop Cheng Yu’s attack. Cheng Yu balanced himself before leaping high up into the sky.

“Purple Light Thousand Heavy Waves!” This move was the special ability of the Purple Light Sword. A majority of the spiritual rank tools all had their own special abilities and might. Layers of purple light sword reflections were slashed over like rippling waves. It was different from the Primeval Chaos Thousand Chaos Stab, but still led to the same result. Furthermore, judging from Cheng Yu’s current strength, this move was Cheng Yu’s most relaxed move yet contained the most power.

“Jewel Cauldron, out!” Today, Cheng Yu was no longer a poor youngster who had just entered the Cultivation World. There was so many treasures on him. During battles, he would naturally utilize them to his benefit. Besides, he also had four spiritual veins as his support, so there was no need for him to worry about utilizing the soul tools. In the past, the reason why Cheng Yu kept on being on the losing end was because he did not have any equipment. He held onto a broken magic tool while fighting against a group of similar realm cultivators. It’s a wonder if he wasn’t injured.

However, it’s different now. He already refined four soul tools. During battles, he could definitely fight consecutively. When the Jewel Cauldron came out, it brought along Cheng Yu as it shoved and bumped its way through.

“Qi Swallowing Mountain River Diagram! Keep!” Seeing these skeletons kept on tumbling and crawling up to attack as well as cracks started to appear on their bones, Cheng Yu had no choice but to take out the Mountain River Diagram again. Otherwise, if he were to continue attacking them, even if he won, he would be wore out. Besides, Cheng Yu wanted to keep them, to make them become part of his own white bone army. If he were to meet them with force, these skeletons would ultimately be smashed into pieces by his Jewel Cauldron.

With two soul tools making their moves at the same time, one smashing here and there while another one devouring those that had tumbled down, the five skeletons were all kept into Cheng Yu’s Mountain River Diagram not long after. Fortunately, these skeletons’ strength wasn’t that outstanding and they did not have any soul tools. Even if they were to create disorder inside, he wasn’t afraid of them destroying the soul tool.

“D*mn it. Having solved the skeleton problems, it’s time to think of a way to get out,” Keeping his soul tools away, Cheng Yu looked at the empty storehouse and said gloomily.

“Another stone plate?” This Temple of Heaven Palace Master was really scheming to have set up so many traps and complicated mechanisms. Cheng Yu found another stone plate inside the location where the five skeletons were hidden. Although Cheng Yu was gloomy, his mood was not very bad because previously, Cheng Yu had was always worried if this secret room was a death ground. If it was like that, Cheng Yu would truly be dead meat. Now that Cheng Yu had found the stone plate, this meant that there was a way to get out from this secret room.

With a few experiences before, Cheng Yu believed that as long as he was able to understand the relationship between these stone plates, it would be easy for him to decipher this stone door.

“Why are there five?” Cheng Yu did not believe that these five stone plates were just placed there for decoration.

“Five stone plates, five doors. A stone plate for five doors. Five for one, one for five,” Cheng Yu looked at the five stone plates, remembering the scene of where he was opening the mechanism outside.

“One to a lot, a lot to one. Found it!” When Cheng Yu was outside, it had been a single stone plate that corresponded to the other five stone plates. Conversely, when Cheng Yu was opening the sarcophagus, he had aligned the stone plates on the five doors to be similar to the five symbols on the sarcophagus. If Cheng Yu’s guess was correct, if he wanted to open this door, he needed to place the five stone plates according to sequence that corresponded to the stone plate outside this stone door.

“But what’s the sequence again?” Cheng Yu tried his best to remember the sequence of the stone plate outside the door.

“Firstly, I can confirm the middle one is this symbol. Because, the middle symbol was the one protruding,” This was the symbol that he had used to cause a stir on the sarcophagus.

“How should the other four be?” Cheng Yu squatted on the ground and started drawing.

Half an hour… An hour… Two hours!

“Out! It’s this sequence!” Fortunately, Cheng Yu’s memory was good. Previously, he kept on studying these stones. Going through their rotation, Cheng Yu started extrapolating it. Spending two hours, he finally remembered the sequence of the stone plate outside.

“Ka! Ka! Ka!” Cheng Yu followed the sequence, shifting the other four stone plates.

“Haha! It’s opened! This b*st*rd, actually used a fake treasure house to scam me. Luckily, my strength is good and I have a good memory. Otherwise, I might have had to stay here for a few months,” Cheng Yu returned to the side palace hall, finally loosening up. It would be lie if he were not anxious while staying at that sort of place.

“Left with two stone doors. There’s definitely one more fake treasure house!” Cheng Yu looked at the other two doors and thought. However, he was no longer afraid. Having understood the method, even if he was sealed again, he would be able to come out.

“Open the last one first,” Cheng Yu came to the sarcophagus, turning the target point to the last door.

“Ha! Soul tool! I said before, such a big palace, how can there only be supreme-grade spiritual tools!” Cheng Yu arrived before the stone door, seeing there was six soul tools, his heart was in joy. However this time, he was not so impatient. For safety reasons, Cheng Yu decided to memorize the stone plate sequence first. Following that, it was time to subdue the soul tools. Similarly, there was only one mid-grade soul tool, a spear. The other five were low-grade soul tools. An armor, a light gauze cloth, a fan, a sword, and a blade respectively.

What made Cheng Yu surprised was that the light gauze cloth actually had an intact weapon soul. Fortunately, it was only defensive equipment. With Cheng Yu and the other few soul tools’ assistance, Cheng Yu managed to subdue it. Just as Cheng Yu had expected, the last door that was yet to be opened was a fake treasure house. There were only three spiritual tools inside. The strongest was a supreme-grade spiritual tool.

This time, Cheng Yu also memorized the symbol sequence. Originally, Cheng Yu wanted to retrieve the treasures and leave quickly. Although he had experienced it once, he was still afraid that the Palace Master of this Temple of Heaven had other tricks. If by chance, this was really a dead end, he would be finished. So much that Cheng Yu was actually thinking of not to keep these equipment. However, this was not his style. Even if he did not have a need for them, he could still bring it out to sell. In the future, once he established his own influence, he would still need them.

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Furthermore, there was a very important reason. Cheng Yu want to collect the five skeletons inside. These were ready-made helpers. Giving it up like this was too wasteful.

In the end, Cheng Yu was trapped again. Fortunately, this Temple of Heaven Palace Master did not have much consideration, and set a similar puzzle to the previous one. However, Cheng Yu escaped very quickly this time because he had memorized the symbol sequence in advance. Taking possession of all the treasures, Cheng Yu roamed around the Temple of Heaven for another round. Realizing that there was no longer any more treasure, he was preparing to leave the Temple of Heaven!

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