Chapter 230: The Play of Fighting over the Soul Tool

“Everyone should disperse! I think this treasure has been taken by someone!” The location that was shining in treasure light in the Death Bone Tomb was already filled with people. But in the past three days and nights, they couldn’t even find a broken piece of copper. There were already people starting to give up.

“Don’t bother using such a method to trick us. After that, you will come back and search. I believe the treasure is still nearby. Without seeing the treasure, we will not leave. Everyone must not get tricked by him,” After searching for so long, everyone’s mood wasn’t any better. When they heard someone saying the treasure might have been taken away by someone else, they immediately became unhappy.

“Right! We are not going. Without seeing the treasure, we will not go.”

“We are not going as well. This treasure belong to us, Godly Blade Sect!” A masculine man holding onto a big blade yelled.

“What is Godly Blade Sect? This treasure belongs to us, Nine Spirits Sect!” Another one immediately walked out while holding onto a spear, speaking with high fighting will.

“The treasure belongs to us, Void Suspension Sect…”

“Is our Spirit Cave Sect…” Momentarily, every sect had their own representative standing out, shouting.

“Hmph, a group of ignorant wastes. Haven’t even see the treasure, so for what are you fighting?!” Immediately, the people who shouted were unhappy.

“Who are you, to actually have the cheek to humiliate us!” Everyone heard his words, and immediately became a team as they were unhappy about him.

“Kunlun Sect’s Yun Xing!” Yun Xing said arrogantly because his group of people journeyed without wearing Kunlun clothes. Therefore, no one knew of their identity.

“Hmph! So what if you are from Kunlun? Don’t think that just because Kunlun is one of the 10 great sects, I would be scared of you!” The masculine guy holding onto the big blade from Godly Blade Sect said unhappily. Both of them were in the Foundation Establishment late stage, so there was no need for him to be scared.

“Hmph! Just you? You aren’t fit to hold me back,” Yun Xing said disdainfully.

“Aiyaya! Ignorant and arrogant kid. Today, regardless of whether you are from Kunlun or not, I will still teach you a good lesson! Otherwise, you will really think that Kunlun is calling all the shots in the Cultivation World,” The masculine man was angered as he shouted a few words before rushing out while brandishing his blade.

“Godly Extinction Blade Art!” Don’t think that the Godly Blade Sect is just some unknown small sect, as the blade art he displayed was extremely imposing. The strength was hard and ferocious, yet also extremely impressive.

“Hmph! Kunlun Sect is only so-so. Today, I will let you accept your loss wholeheartedly!” Both of them exchanged ten moves with the masculine man holding a slight advantage. He immediately got complacent as he pushed his Qi forward once more.

“Clang! Clang! Clang!” Both of their sword Qi and blade reflections dispersed in all directions. The surrounding people all retreated far away as trees kept on tumbling down.

“Hmph! Egotistical. Just with this little ability, you wish to defeat me? Multicolored Sunray Sword Art!” The masculine man had always used strength as his focal point. When Yun Xing’s speed increased, he was unable to hold his ground.

“Bang!” Just as the masculine man blocked Yun Xing’s powerful slash, Yun Xing sent a kick to his chest, causing him to fly back, knocking into a few trees consecutively.

“Senior Brother! Senior Brother!” Godly Blade Sect’s people quickly rushed over to support the man who was vomiting blood.

“Today, I will let you off. Kunlun’s Sect dignity is not something you can provoke!” Yun Xing harrumphed coldly, keeping his sword.

“Yun Xing, don’t be too arrogant. We are not at your Kunlun mountain. Whatever we say or do is not up to your people to criticize or order,” One of the junior brothers of the masculine man said unsatisfied.

“What? You also wish to try our Kunlun’s sword art? However, I dare not guarantee that this time, I will show mercy!” Yun Xing smiled provokingly.


“Senior Brother Jing Ming, don’t act rashly. Senior Brother’s injury is more important,” Just as Jing Ming wanted to battle, a junior brother beside him suddenly pulled him back.

“Hmph! We will definitely get this loss back!” Jing Ming saw his senior brother had fainted, so he could only endure his impulse.

“Haha! Anytime!” Yun Xing laughed

“Ah! Quickly look! The treasure light has appeared again. The treasure is about to be born!” This moment, a person suddenly pointed at a white light that shot up nearby.

“Haha! The treasure is mine!” The person who was able to react quickest immediately cried out in excitement, flying over to the direction of the treasure light.

“Quickly look! Someone flew out!” At this moment, a person flew out from the white light. Everyone was shocked.

“That person must have taken the treasure. Everyone, stop him!”

“Don’t let him escape. Stop him!” A lot of people reacted, rushing out one after another.

“Senior Brother Yun Xing, what should we do? Should we make a move to stop the person?” A few of those people at the side of Yun Xing saw the situation, and they were also moved as they said. After much difficulty had they managed to wait for the birth of the treasure, so how could they let it off like that?

“Of course. These treasures, we must certainly get!” Flashes of excitement flickered in Yun Xing’s eyes. After that, he also rushed out. With Yun Xing leading, those behind him could no longer tolerate it. They flew off as well.

“F*ck. What’s going on?” Cheng Yu had just flown out from the Temple of Heaven when he was suddenly faced with fierce attacks from all directions.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” Cheng Yu was still unable to grasp the situation when he suddenly saw so many people attacking him. How could he possibly care about anything else as he swept out with his Purple Light Sword in hand? Several cultivators who had lower cultivations were immediately chopped in two, and miserable shrieks filled up the skies!

“Soul tool? He is holding a soul tool! The treasure is definitely that! Kill him! The soul tool will be ours!” Some of those people who had better eyesight were able to immediately recognize the Purple Light Sword’s rank in Cheng Yu’s hand. Immediately, they got even more excited.

“D*mn it. Seems like it’s impossible to stay low-key,” Cheng Yu preferred being low-key. Just now, it was because he was anxious that he subconsciously took out the Purple Light Sword. Because both of them were interlinked with each other, using it was a lot more convenient. He never expected that so many people had actually seen it.

“Hand over the soul tool! We can let you live!” Yun Fei beside Yun Xing suddenly shouted out.

“However, there are so many of you. Who should I hand it over to?” Cheng Yu’s hand held onto the Purple Light Sword as he said with a smile.

“Of course us, Kunlun!” Yun Fei thought for a while before shouting out.

“Kunlun? Haha!” Cheng Yu looked at Yun Fei and the others, and seemed to be considering his idea as he laughed twice.

“Rubbish! Of course it’s us, Shushan who have the most qualification to take this soul tool. Kid, as long as you hand over the soul tool to me, I guarantee that I will give you a generous reward. Furthermore, no one would dare to do anything to you!” At this moment, another group of people immediately appeared before everyone. It was led by Shushan Sect disciple, Wu Shang.

“Wu Shang! Golden Core Realm? He broke through?” Yun Xing and the others had also noticed that person’s identity. Their complexions turned ugly. Both of them knew each other long ago, and their cultivations always were equally matched. They were both competing to see who would break through to Golden Core Realm first. Having not met for two years, Wu Shang actually broke through while he was still making no headway. This was a slap in his face. More importantly was that Wu Shang had declared that as long as that person handed over the soul tool to him, no one would dare to offend him. Wasn’t this slapping their Kunlun?

“Junior Brother Yun Xing! Not meeting for two years, I hope you have been well. However, why do you look the same as two years ago, not improving even a little?” Wu Shang saw Yun Xing was still in Foundation Establishment late stage, so he specially added in the address of junior brother. He was feeling extremely satisfied.

According to the Cultivation World customs, the higher their cultivation, the higher their seniority. Just like Wu Shang and Yun Xing. Previously when Yun Xing’s cultivation was higher than Wu Shang, he had been addressing Wu Shang as junior brother. Wu Shang was angered to the point of his teeth cracking. Now that he had advanced to the Golden Core Realm, Yun Xing would naturally become his junior brother.

“Hmph!” Yun Xing harrumphed coldly, casting his head to a side. Although he did not wish to admit it, it was still a fact.

“This little brother, so what’s your answer? Handing over the soul tool to our Shushan Sect, I guarantee you will not be at any disadvantage!” Wu Shang no longer cared about Yun Xing because from the moment he had formed his golden core, Yun Xing had already lost. He looked at Cheng Yu and smiled.

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“Wait! This soul tool should belong to our Canglin Sect!” This moment, a group of people appeared from the masses. It was Canglin Sect’s people. The person leading was also in the Golden Core initial stage, Ling Feng.

“Haha! Today is so lively! Seems like our Tianshan Sect also has to stand out to gain a share,” In the end, the moment Ling Feng spoke, Tianshan Sect’s Tian Xuan also appeared.

“There’s going to be a good show to watch. 10 great sects, and four of them appeared at the same time. Not sure if there’s anymore?” Others looking at the situation knew they no longer stood a chance. They had Golden Core experts leading them, so they no longer possessed advantage. So, they immediately looked for a good spot, changing from treasure hunters to an audience.

“Don’t you think that your 10 great sect people are a bit too much? We came here first, for what reason must the soul tool belong to you?”

“That’s right. We might be from a smaller sect, but it didn’t mean that we don’t have people. For what reason do you think that the treasure belongs to you?” Seeing the four great sects playing out their drama, some of the smaller sects that had their own Golden Core cultivators immediately became unhappy. These people were too annoying to have actually treated them as nonexistent.

At this moment, if it was the one with the ugliest complexion, it would be Kunlun’s Yun Xing. Because all the other sects had a Golden Core expert, but he only had Foundation Establishment cultivators. Once they started fighting, Kunlun would not stand a chance. A lot of them were able to see this point. Just now, he was still extremely arrogant. Now, the superior Kunlun had fallen back to last place. Very likely, they would not even have the qualification to seize the soul tool. This caused Yun Xing and his group’s complexion to be at its ugliest, not sure where to place it.

“Seniors, you are all from influential powers. Even if you weren’t, you are also Golden Core experts. First of all, I don’t have your cultivation. Secondly, I don’t have the background. This soul tool is like my life. If I were to pass this to any of you, my life would be in danger. In order to guarantee my safety and impartialness, I will not be inclined to any side. I can only let all of you decide it,” Cheng Yu didn’t expect that there would suddenly be so many Golden Core Realm cultivators appearing. However, he did not dread any of them and was just waiting to watch a good show. So, he lowered himself, showing a yes-man appearance.

Cheng Yu actually wanted to let them fight among themselves, but not hoping to let others tell that he was purposely sowing dissension among them. So, he tactfully said that he was letting them hold the decision themselves. Those with aspiration would be able to tell, but judging from Cheng Yu’s situation, he saying so was also very fair and reasonable.

“Sure! Since it’s like that, we can only spar. The soul tool belongs to the last one standing! How’s that?” Wu Shang looked at those few Golden Core cultivators and yelled.

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