Chapter 231: Fight Between Golden Core Experts

“I agree!” Canglin Sect’s Ling Feng agreed.

“Good! Since it’s like that, I also agree!” Tian Xuan glanced pensively at Cheng Yu and took a look at the other Golden Core experts before smiling.

“I agree!”

“I also agree!” The other two small sects glanced at each other mutually, raising their hands agreeing.

“…” Yun Xing stood at a side with an ugly complexion. It didn’t seem right to agree, yet wrong to not agree as well. If Kunlun didn’t have anyone to represent them, then no matter what, they would not be able to gain the soul tool. However, even if they agreed, the opponents were all Golden Core experts. Even if he were killed, he still wouldn’t be able to take it away. Furthermore, if no one was sent out to represent Kunlun, this would be a slap in the face for them.

“Alright then. Since it’s like that, the five of us will fight over this soul tool,” Wu Shang glanced at Yun Xing intentionally. His mouth curled up into a smile as he declared loudly.

“Slow down. We, Kunlun, also agree!” It was at this moment, a voice suddenly echoed out from a distant place in the forest. Then, a Golden Core expert appeared in front of everyone.

“Senior Brother Yun Tian, you came at the right time,” With Yun Tian appearing, Yun Xing was delighted, as if he had been relieved from a burden. The responsibility he was shouldering just now was too heavy. Not only did it include his own face, but also Kunlun’s. If this incident were to be spread out, the sect would definitely blame him. Now that Yun Tian had appeared, win or loss, it was no longer his problem.

“Hmph!” With a gloomy face, Yun Tian stared at Yun Xing with a cold harrumph. After that, he spoke to everyone. ”We, Kunlun, also agree to the battle. The winner gets the soul tool.”

“Haha! It turns out to be Senior Brother Yun Tian. Since your Kunlun also wants to come out and battle, I will naturally not have an objection,” Wu Shang smiled.

“How are we going to compete?” The Golden Core cultivator from Nine Black Sect questioned.

“If it was 1 vs 1, not only does it waste time, it will not going to be fair to those who compete first. No one would dare to guarantee than none of us will not aim at a certain person. Therefore, for fairness, I feel that we should have a battle royale,” Tian Xuan stated.

“Then if any one of you were to form an alliance, then wouldn’t one of us be dead?” Another small sect Golden Core cultivator lamented. He was most worried about the four great sects joining hands to deal with their two small sects first. Because everyone knew that the ten great sects were all xenophobic. They may seem to be contradicting each other, with lots of conflicts between them, but when facing foreign enemies, they would be united. If the four of them formed an alliance, his side only had two people. When the time came, they would certainly lose.

“Haha. This depends on you. If you are scared, you can choose to give up!” Wu Shang laughed.

“This…” This person hesitated. Taking a look at the soul tool in Cheng Yu’s hand, he saw the Nine Black Sect cultivator glancing at him. He hardened his heart, ”Fine! I agree!”

“Alright then. If anyone wishes to back out, you can step back. Otherwise, when we fight later, you can only admit defeat,” Wu Shang smiled. They signalled their own people. All of them understood, walking close to Cheng Yu. It might seem by accident, but everyone at the scene knew that this was to keep guard on Cheng Yu’s actions. Although Cheng Yu seemed to always agree with them, no one fully trusted him. There was still a need to do some preparation.

On the contrary, Cheng Yu was very calm, seemingly unconcerned about it, causing everyone to feel that Cheng Yu seemed to be so cooperative to the point of being a bit too cooperative. This was a soul tool, was he really willing to give it away so easily? Everyone was puzzled. However, the most important people were the central six fighters. The fight was about to happen, and everyone retreated around several hundred meters. Six Golden Core experts were going to battle, and this kind of fight made them filled with anticipation.

“Since it’s like that, we shall commence now!” Six of them took out their own weapon, forming a circle. Their expressions were heavy, guarding against the other five.

“Ha!” Wu Shang shouted, lifting his sword up, he slashed down the middle. Immediately, the spot he struck exploded, commencing the battle royale. Fighting against five others, this kind of battle royale was hardly seen. None of them helped each other, and none yielded to each other, killing the easiest one first.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Two Golden Core cultivators fighting against each other were already very fierce, but with six individuals turning berserk, the whole battlefield was filled with sword Qi splattering around, explosions, and trees tumbling down.

“What a good Yun Tian, to actually strike me so ruthlessly. Take my move, Mad Dragon Slash!” When Wu Shang was fighting against Ling Hai, Yun Tian suddenly sent a horizontal slash over, forcing Wu Shang away. Wu Shang was angered, and immediately, he retaliated with fierce attacks on Yun Tian. The six of them were all in Golden Core initial stage. However, Wu Shang and a few others were from the ten great sects. Usually in the great sects, once one advanced into Golden Core Realm, it would symbolize a genuine expert being born in the sect. Therefore, they would provide a low-grade spiritual tool to them as a reward.

However, the other two of were not so fortunate. Although they were already Golden Core experts, they were still using supreme-grade treasured tools. The difference between a supreme-grade treasured tool and spiritual tool was only a grade technically, but the difference was like a Foundation Establishment late stage to a Golden Core initial stage expert. Similarly, the difference was just a rank, but it was like heaven and earth. Regardless of how strong a Foundation Establishment cultivator was, he still wouldn’t be able to kill a Golden Core cultivator.

Just like Cheng Yu previously. He was similarly at Foundation Establishment late stage, but he was able to kill a few similar realm cultivators. This was impressive. But when he met a Golden Core expert, his only choice was to escape. Therefore, supreme-grade treasured tools and low-grade spiritual tools may have only a rank difference, but the might it was able to bring forth was totally different.

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Canglin Sect’s Cang Ling Sword Art was agile and strong. Every move was very fast. Under Ling Feng’s continual attacks, Nine Black Sect’s Golden Core expert, Xuan Feng, was forced to reach his limits.

“Heavenly Azure Dragon!” Ling Feng shouted. The Heaven Dragon Sword’s radiance grew denser, issuing dragon howls imposingly. Just as Xuan Feng thought that he was about to be defeated by Ling Feng, Ling Feng’s sword suddenly turned another direction, going in the direction of the not so faraway Wu Shang, stabbing over.

“Bang!” Wu Shang was fighting greedily against Yun Tian, and never expected Ling Feng would attack him without warning.

“Pu!” Ramming into a few trees consecutively before falling onto the ground, vomiting out a few mouthfuls of blood. His injuries were grave, and he seemed to not be unable to continue fighting.

“Senior Brother Wu Shang!” Shushan Sect’s disciples rushed over hastily.

“Ling Feng! Yun Tian! You are good! I will definitely settle this score with you sooner or later! Let’s go!” Wu Shang grasped his chest, wiping away the bloodstain at the corner of his mouth, and looked at the few of them who were still battling in the sky before speaking coldly, bringing his men away. When Wu Shang was leaving, he took a quick glance at Cheng Yu holding onto his soul tool while sitting on top of a tree watching the show. Cheng Yu gave him a clean smile. Wu Shang harrumphed coldly and left irately.

Seeing such situation, all the audiences widened their eyes. They never imagined that the first one to be defeated would be the most confident Wu Shang. Yun Xing who was standing far away was the happiest. For the past few years, both of them had been equally matched. Ultimately, it came to a stop after Wu Shang advanced to Golden Core Realm. In addition, Wu Shang’s impactful appearance had oppressed him completely, making him not even have the qualification to enter the competition. All of this caused Yun Xing to feel unhappy. Unfortunately, his strength was limited. Golden Core Realm was not something Foundation Establishment Realm could be compared to.

Now that he saw Wu Shang was the first to get defeated, Yun Xing was extremely joyful. “Didn’t you show off in front of me, weren’t you very arrogant? In the end, you ran away crestfallen in front of me.”

Cheng Yu sat on top of the tree excitedly. Honestly, with his current strength, even if he were to fight against the six of them alone, it wouldn’t pose a problem. But Cheng Yu must not do that. Among the six of them, four were from the ten great sects. Cheng Yu had already utterly offended Kunlun. Furthermore, he had also killed a group of people from Shushan Sect. If it was not because of Kunlun’s Golden Core expert, he was not afraid of the news being leaked . However, Kunlun had two people survive. This time, Cheng Yu had also become one of the must-kill targets in Shushan kill list.

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It was also because of this that until he had no choice, it would be best that he not offend the other two sects. The amount of resources he got from the two palaces was definitely not any lesser than any of great sect. But it didn’t meant that Cheng Yu possessed the ability and capital to go against the great sects. Ultimately, Cheng Yu was still alone. Kunlun alone was already the limit of Cheng Yu. Let alone there was still Shushan. If he were to offend Tianshan and Canglin Sects as well, he would really not be able to mingle in the Cultivation World anymore. Furthermore, he would certainly die a painful death.

Although he had gotten himself an influential teacher, Cheng Yu did not feel that Limitless Palace would stand with him because of this. Therefore, Cheng Yu could only rely on himself to deal with them.

“Bang!” Very quickly, another small sect Golden Core expert had also gotten injured and defeated. Nine Black Sect’s Xuan Feng had also suffered pressuring attacks from the other great sects not long later and also fallen in defeat. Lastly, there was only Kunlun’s Yun Tian, Tianshan’s Tian Xuan and Canglin’s Ling Feng left. Three of them each took a spot, but neither made a move.

“Now that it is only us three, how should we decide who gets eliminated first?” Tian Xuan smiled.

“Haha! This question is really a headache. I suggest both of us working together first?” Ling Feng smiled to Tian Xuan.

“Good suggestion. Yun Tian, what do you think?” Tian Xuan laughed.

“Both of you can try!” Yun Tian roared gloomily.

“Then let’s try!” Tian Xuan’s expression changed, and he took the initiative to make a move. Actually, the reason why Tian Xuan and Ling Feng acted this way was because Kunlun was not favorable in the Cultivation World. Not only were they very scheming, Kunlun was also more powerful than the other sects. If the Limitless Palace, this kind of secluded sect didn’t appear, Kunlun would have proclaimed themselves as the hegemon. The other great sects would naturally not wish for such a thing to happen.

Therefore, compared to others, attacking Kunlun was something a lot of people were willing to witness. Besides, among the three of them, Yun Tian had advanced to the Golden Core Realm the longest. His strength was certainly the greatest. The other two naturally did not wish for Kunlun to snatch away the soul tool.

“Heavenly Azure Dragon!” Ling Feng saw the opportunity, erupting forth.

“Thousands Fathoms Sunray!” Yun Tian also yelled out.

“Destruction Wind Candle Tears!” Tian Xuan was also not willing to fall behind.

“Boom!” The three of them attacked together, causing an intense explosion. Even the audience sitting outside were all scared and had to retreat by their power.

“Not good! That person disappeared!” Just when the explosion ended, Kunlun’s disciple suddenly called out. The three of them grasped their chests, feeling their Qi and blood churning. Hearing the shout, the three of them were startled. They looked towards the tree Cheng Yu was sitting in, and sure enough, there was no one there.

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