Chapter 232: You Have Enmity With Kunlun?

“Ugh! Let’s go!” Yun Tian saw Cheng Yu had disappeared, so he glanced at Tian Xuan and Ling Feng for a moment before shouting and bringing his group away.

Tian Xuan and Ling Feng looked at each other mutually, smiling slightly, ”Never expected that we had so many people and were still played like fools by a Foundation Establishment kid. What are you gonna do? Chase?”

“Chase! Why should I not chase? That’s a soul tool! It falling into the hands of the kid will definitely ensure that it will be stolen. If so, why not I be the gaining!” Ling Feng was in good mood.

“Haha! Right. That kid Yun Tian will most likely bear grudges after today.”

“Haha! Who asked you to be so ruthless?” Ling Feng smiled.

“Hahahaha!” Both of them observed each other while laughing. Just now, the trio all had vomited blood, seemed to be injured quite badly, but the trio all knew, Tian Xuan and Ling Feng were only suffering minor injuries, and the one with the severe injury was Yun Tian. Among the trio, Yun Tian’s strength was a bit higher, but when facing two Golden Core experts, it was barely enough. With the both of them attacking together, it caused Yun Tian to suffer a defeat. With the four great sects’ people leaving, everyone stared at each other in dismay.

“Today’s incident was too theatrical. The four great sects were actually played by a Foundation Establishment cultivator. Truly satisfying!” A lot of people were feeling regretful of not having the destiny to own the soul tool, but to be able to witness four of the ten great sects being fooled, they felt very satisfied.

Originally, when Cheng Yu appeared, the soul tool belonged to whoever snatched. In the end, it was changed into a competition by the four great sects. At the scene, there might not have been thousands, but there would still be hundreds of people, but only six people had the qualifications to get the soul tool. While everyone was waiting to watch the good show, how could they possibly feeling convinced? They were eagerly hoping for the four great sects’ expert to be killed during the fight.

Now that Cheng Yu had escaped, no one gained any portion of it and the four great sects had performed a long battle royale in vain. Thinking of this, they felt very refreshed. Since the organizers had already pulled down the curtains, voices of mockery and sarcasm filled the grounds. The activity of searching the treasures had finally concluded. Everyone had no choice but to continue advancing to explore the Death Fantasy Ocean. However, the news of Cheng Yu owning a soul tool was divulged out very quickly. Once anyone came across an independent Foundation Establishment cultivator, they would be everyone’s target, causing those people to not even dare advance any further. Those who were more timid had already escaped from Death Forest.

“Senior Brother Yun Tian, how are you feeling?” Kunlun’s group had journeyed hurriedly for an hour, and Yun Tian could no longer hold on, vomiting a mouthful of blood out.

“Help me keep guard. I need to rest a while,” Yun Tian’s complexion was pale as he spoke.

“Ok. Senior Brother Yun Tian, you can be at ease! We will definitely protect you, I believe no one would be so daring to come provoke us, Kunlun!” Yun Xing patted on his chest, looking very confident.

“Hmph!” Yun Tian harrumphed coldly, not speaking. He sat in a meditative position, and started to treat his injuries. When it comes to Yun Xing’s words, he treated it all as nonsense. The Cultivation World had always gone by the law of the jungle. No one would forget about their benefits just because of a word, “Kunlun.”

If it was like this, it would only mean that he didn’t have the strength. Those with strength, would they care if they were from Kunlun? Yun Tian hugely despised Yun Xing because he abused Kunlun’s name to deter and abuse others. However, at this moment, he did not have the mood to care about all this. Tian Xuan and Ling Feng obviously teamed up together. Just now, with so many people around, they would naturally not show any ill-intention for him. But when only the few of them were left, it was hard to guarantee that both of them would not go after him. This was what Yun Tian was most worried about. But he needed to rest now. Otherwise, when he bumped into the duo, he might not even have the ability to flee.

“Eh? So coincidental to actually meet you people here!” Just as Yun Tian had entered into a meditative state, Cheng Yu suddenly flew out from the forest, standing in front of everyone, making it seem very coincidental.

“It’s you! You have been tailing us? Haha! Could it be that you are here to gift us the soul tool?” Seeing the sudden appearance of Cheng Yu, Yun Xing was startled at first, followed by a big smile.

“Haha! Why would I tail you. I obviously followed you guys!” Cheng Yu smiled.

“Hmph! Kid, heaven left a road for you to walk, yet you chose the pathway to hell. Since you sent yourself to our door, then hand over the soul tool! I can let you keep your life,” Yun Xing’s complexion changed, speaking coldly.

“Haha! Kunlun people all like to intimidate people! However, you can only save these words to say it to the King of Hell,” Cheng Yu was too lazy to talk rubbish with him, taking out his soul tool, Purple Light Sword.

“Hmph! I would like to see. What abilities do you have that you can brag to actually attack Kunlun Sect. Yun Fei, you guys go up and eliminate him for me!” Yun Xing ordered the person beside him.

“Yes Senior Brother. Let us teach this arrogant kid a lesson!” Yun Fei spoke with excitement.

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“Ha!” Yun Fei and a few people took out their swords and rushed over.

“Clang! Clang! Clang!” Cheng Yu did not start a massacre immediately, but fought with all of them together. After exchanging 10 moves, the few of their expressions turned grave. No matter how they attacked, the opponent was able to respond effortlessly. He was obviously in Foundation Establishment late stage, but the feeling Cheng Yu gave them was like a mountain that couldn’t be climbed, making them unable to breathe.

“You all need not be anxious. This is merely the power of a soul tool. You guys only need a period of time, and he will no longer be able to do anything to you!” Yun Xing saw so many people were still unable to deal with a Foundation Establishment cultivator and they seemed to have turned chaotic, and started fighting disorderly. Yun Xing hastily voiced out, cheering them on.

“Haha! Your Kunlun only has this much ability? It turns out that your Kunlun’s expertise is not cultivating, but your mouths!” Cheng Yu wandered around, rather than being besieged by everyone, it was him playing with them like a kitten plays with food.

“Kid, you are seeking death! Thousands Fathoms Sunray!” Hearing Cheng Yu’s mockery, everyone’s expressions turned ashen, but they also had no way to counteract him. Ultimately, Yun Fei shouted, utilizing the most powerful move he had. Thousands Fathoms Sunray was Sunray Sword Art’s most powerful move. The sword became like sunray, radiance shooting everywhere with a rapid speed. However, this move needed Golden Core Realm to be able to put it to full use. This was similar to the one Yun Tian shot of earlier, but it was significantly weaker.

“Boom! Ah!” The sunray flashed before an intense explosion sounded. Following that, a miserable shriek was heard. Just as everyone was rejoicing in delight, what appeared before them caused them to be shocked. They say Cheng Yu was standing there without any damage, and in front of him, a headless body was standing there straight.

“What’s going on? Yun Fei…Yun Fei actually died mysteriously?” The voice they heard was obviously issued by Cheng Yu, but the person who died was Yun Fei? This matter was too sudden, and no one was able to grasp the situation.

“Haha! Sorry, the Thousands Fathoms Sunray was too dazzling, startling me. Therefore, I couldn’t help but shriek. Eh? How come his head is missing?” Cheng Yu pretended to be frightened, voicing out his embarrassment. It seemed that he had just saw the headless corpse in front of him.

“Kill him! Kill him for me!” Seeing Yun Fei had died mysteriously, Yun Xing was angered, so he unsheathed his sword and rushed up.

“Purple Light Thousand Heavy Waves!” Cheng Yu’s complexion changed, no longer playing with them. The purple light on Purple Light Sword grew, and with a horizontal slash, he attacked everyone.

“Pu! Pu! Pu!” Everyone saw Cheng Yu was so powerful, so their complexions turned ugly. They quickly retrieved their swords, changing from attack to defense. They used their swords to block in front of their chests, blocking the layers of sword reflections. But with their miserly strength, how could they possibly block Cheng Yu’s ferocious move? Besides, it was produced by a soul tool. Fortunately, Cheng Yu did not utilize his full strength. Even so, they were not able to block it. In an instant, they were struck flying away, and laid on the ground vomiting large amounts of blood.

“Who the hell are you?” At this moment, Yun Tian suddenly stood up. He arrived in front of Yun Xing with a gloomy face, asking Cheng Yu coldly. Although Yun Tian disliked Yun Xing, regardless, they were still Kunlun disciples. Whatever the case, he couldn’t let them die in front of him. Otherwise, how was he going to report it to the sect? Furthermore, he might have been in a meditative state just now, but he still knew what was going on around him. Especially that move Cheng Yu made. Although it did not have the powerful aura of a Golden Core Realm cultivator, it was still definitely not simple.

Previously, all the four great sects were made fools by Cheng Yu. If it was not like this, he wouldn’t have been plotted against by Tian Xuan and Ling Feng. Ultimately, it was all thanks to Cheng Yu. To say he does not hate Cheng Yu would be fake. However, judging from the situation, Yun Tian did not dare to treat Cheng Yu as a simple Foundation Establishment cultivator because the situation before his eyes told him everything. The Foundation Establishment late stage cultivator in front of him was not simple.

“Haha! Why do all your Kunlun cultivators like to ask this question whenever they are facing death? As for my answer, it would always be this: Who I am isn’t important. Most importantly, all of you will be dead men!” Cheng Yu giggled. If others saw a Foundation Establishment cultivator telling a Golden Core expert that he would become a dead man, they would definitely laugh to death.

However, Yun Tian did not think of it this way. Cheng Yu didn’t seem to be the kind that would brag without a reason. Besides, what got him curious was Yun Tian actually felt a sense of danger from this Foundation Establishment cultivator. He simply couldn’t believe it. Although he was injured, he believed that a Foundation Establishment cultivator would not be able to threaten him. But Cheng Yu gave him this sort of feeling. Yun Tian tried his best to adjust his state of mind, not daring to look down on Cheng Yu.

“You have enmity with Kunlun?” Hearing the meaning behind Cheng Yu’s words, he could tell that Cheng Yu killed quite an amount of Kunlun people. Furthermore, it seems that he intentionally targeted Kunlun.

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