Chapter 180: Lao Zi’s skills are matchless throughout the world

Rank 4 berserk, 32 times increase in attributes.

Third layer of the Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture, the force that suppresses heaven and earth, just what kind of concept was that?

Even Qin Tian himself was shocked, in a daze. A force that can make one’s spirit tremble, shake the heaven and earth, how could he stay calm?

Qin Tian laughed in delight.

“Just what was that strength?”

“What ability did he train in?”

“This isn’t a dream right? Brother Hei, give yourself a slap. Tell me if it hurts.”


“Fine!” Hei Yan nodded, only to land a heavy punch onto Meng Fanyi’s back. As Meng Fanyi was not on guard, he almost fell. “Since it hurts, this can’t be a dream.”

“Ke, ke, ke……” Meng Fanyi coughed and stared at Qin Tian joyfully, “Eldest Brother is indeed eldest brother. With just two months of training, his ability had already defied the heavens.”

[TLN: Qin Tian is the eldest Brother, followed by Hei Yan and then Meng Fanyi]

Gu Cang felt timid.

His eyes widened, horrified by the strength of Qin Tian.

He could not believe.

“Laofu is in the peak ascension realm, how can I fear you?” Gu Cang roared in mid-air, “Unrivalled Divine Fist.”

Ascension force gathered at his left hand and it enlarged. His right hand formed an eagle claw. The wind around rampaged when it moves.

Then, like a bullet, he darted towards Qin Tian.

He did not believe Qin Tian could block him. No matter how strong a rank three ascension realm cultivator was, the fact that he was a rank three did not change. He cannot be Gu Cang’s match.

He was in the peak ascension realm and had cultivated his ascension force for hundreds of years. He was an invincible existence beneath the Rebirth realm, how could he let  Qin Tian scare him again?

“Die!” Gu Cang snorted and attacked.

Facing Gu Cang’s roar, Qin Tian did not panic. He retreated a few steps and the azure dragon which coiled around him flew out. At the same time, the colossal elephant trampled out.


“Want to touch me with only such strength? Laughable.”

A punch landed on the ascension force formed azure dragon. It cried out in pain before shattering.

The colossal elephant was worst off; being ripped into pieces by the eagle claw.

“Peak ascension realm, invincible beneath the Rebirth realm?”

Qin Tian exhaled a long breath and Qigong surged out from his Dantian……

“Qin Tian, to die under my hands is your honor.” Gu Cang smiled sinisterly.

Qin Tian stood firmly, unmoving like a mountain.

Although his face was cut by the wind, he still did not move, as if waiting for the right moment.

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Gu Cang was startled, unsure what Qin Tian was devising.

Still, he struck, wanting to turn Qin Tian into mincemeat.

Suddenly, black mists appeared, “Heaven Domain Enclosure.”

Heaven and earth sank into darkness in an instant. Qin Tian had vanished.

“Spatial treasure?!”

Gu Cang’s heart sank. Just as he wanted to rush out, Qin Tian had landed a blow that was filled with the dragon elephant force on his chest.

After landing a hit, Qin Tian did not stop. Under the effect of 32 times increase in attributes, his speed was so fast that it was hard for one’s eyes to catch up.

In the Heaven Domain Enclosure, Qin Tian was the king. With Gu Cang’s strength, wanting to break it would not be too difficult. It was just that it came without notice and he did not have time to ponder. Never did he expect Qin Tian to actually have a spatial treasure.


Unable to hold it in, he coughed blood.

Gu Cang was thoroughly enraged. This was the first time he was forced to such an extent, moreover done by someone he did not put into his eyes.

“Fall into hell!.”

Suddenly, on his eagle claw-like right hand appeared a huge net which seemed to be able to cover the sky. It emitted Poison Qi, anyone who touched it would probably end up dead.

The Vicious Dragon claw was soaked within the Thousand Poison Abyss for hundreds of years before being refined by Gu Cang. From the claw, a huge poison net was created. After being in contact with it, even if a Rebirth realm expert did not die, he would lose a layer of skin.

Qin Tian did not expect Gu Cang to actually be hiding such a vicious tool.

However, this was within the Heaven Domain Enclosure.

In this space, Qin Tian was the king, the everything.

Just as the poison net was released, the space controlled by Qin Tian’s spiritual sense signaled danger. Without hesitating, he stopped his attacks and vanished.

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Gu Cang snickered. The veins on his arms bulged and he punched out. Then, the space brightened.


The space of nothingness formed from the Heaven Domain Enclosure had been shattered.

The attack of the poison net was a feign. His main motive was to escape.

Gu Cang jumped into the huge hole and escaped the space. Immediately after, the ascension force within him erupted as he ran after the horizons. Soon, he was nowhere to be seen.

“Cao, escaped?

“F**k, Laozi haven’t played enough yet.”

Qin Tian did not imagine that Gu Cang would escape, and so decisively too.

“What kind of situation is this?”

Qin Tian scratched his head as he stared at the direction Gu Cang ran towards in a daze. A while later, he turned his head towards Feng Yun Lei Dian, “You aren’t planning to escape too right?”

“Gudeng!” Feng swallowed his saliva and darted away.

“Want to run? Too late.”

Qin Tian appeared in front of Feng. Before Feng could react, Qin Tian had already landed a punch.


Feng could not withstand the attack which was under the influence of 32 times increase in attributes. His body flew.

“One down, three more to go.”

The other three immediately woke up from being in a daze and ran, not caring about Feng’s life or death. They could not even take care of themselves, how can they do so for others?

However, Qin Tian was not planning to let them off.

The four of them must be taken down.

He brought his speed towards the limits. In a blink of an eye, he was in front of another person.

“Two remaining.”

Again, Qin Tian disappeared.

“One left.”

Qin Tian laughed. Seeing the last person whose figure seemed to be very small, a three feet spear appeared in his hand. He threw it and ran after the last man at the same time.

The spear flew and blocked the man’s route.

Just as he wanted to change directions, he sensed someone behind with a death-like smile, staring at him coldly.

His legs went weak and cold sweat emerged. At this moment, his mind was blank. He could not even think about defending.

(Before Qin Tian started killing the four)

The only thing within their mind was that even the peak ascension realm Gu Cang escaped. Gu Cang was not Qin Tian’s match, would they not be waiting for their deaths if they remain?

Only Gu Cang knows what happened within the Heaven Domain Enclosure.

Feng Yun Lei Dian did not know. However, seeing Gu Cang escaping immediately after breaking out, all they could will themselves to do was to run.

If the four of them worked together and fight to the death, it would be hard to say who the final victor would be. Since the four had separated, only death awaits them.

Qin Tian did not turn soft-hearted. With one strike, he destroyed Lei’s meridians.

“Congratulations to player ‘Qin Tian’ for killing Lei. Gained 600 000 experience points, 12000 Qigong value, 10000 survival value……”

“Congratulations for gaining Lei divine art……”

……Qin Tian laughed. “That’s what I needed.”

Why did he bother chasing and killing Feng Yun Lei Dian?

His main motive was for their combine attack. Although he did not know how powerful it was, to be able to kill a Rebirth realm expert, it cannot be weak.

After killing Lei, Qin Tian eliminated the other three. In total, he had received four immortal grade abilities – Feng divine art, Yun divine art, Lei divine art and Dian divine art.

It was obvious that the four abilities were a suit and needed 4 people to cultivate together to bring out the most of its power.

Although useless for him, no matter what, having a few more abilities would not lead to a loss.

After dealing with the four, Qin Tian walked towards Meng Fanyi, “Get ready to return.

“Eldest Brother, are you still a human?”

“Gu Cang was scared away by you! Are you still the Qin Tian from Qinghe city?” Hei Yan also questioned.


Qin Tian narrowed his eyes and giggled, “I’m a human, just that my skills are matchless throughout the world, haha……”

As for why Gu Cang escaped, Qin Tian could not understand. It can’t be that he was afraid right? Impossible. He had not revealed his strength completely, and it was still too hard for Qin Tian to kill him.

Thousands of kilometres away, Gu Cang finally stopped. A while ago, a voice sounded within his mind to let him go.

After hearing, although Gu Cang did not understand why Violent Sky young master ordered that, he followed. Still, Qin Tian may have become stronger, but killing him is not impossible.

“Young master, your servant does not understand.”

Gu Cang bowed as he looked at the incarnation in front of him.

An incarnation formed from the Void Piercing force.

“You do not need to understand, just follow my commands.” The incarnation spoke sternly like a king looking down at his subjects, not forgiving towards any bit of disobedience.

Gu Cang lowered his head as he thought, “Qin Tian, what secrets do you have hidden within your body for it to be so valuable enough to let young master spare your life?”

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