Chapter 545: Deceased, the new Dark Pope

At the peak of a mountain, in the midst of snowflakes and cold wind, there was a block of huge ice. On it, “The tomb of Master Archmage Shui Linglong” was written in exquisite Blue Waves Script.

Shui Ruoyan knelt in front of this grave for a long time. A large number of white snowflakes had already accumulated on her shoulders but she was staring at the tombstone without moving at all. As for Long Yi, he stood not far away behind her, quietly guarding her. At this moment, all the words were useless. This kind of tragedy would definitely have a huge impact on her life.

After a long time, the sky gradually got dark. The wind and snow became all the more dreary and hazy. At that moment, Shui Ruoyan suddenly spoke in a hoarse voice, “Long Yi, should I hate them?”

“You should.” Long Yi answered without any hesitation.

“Then, should I kill them?” Shui Ruoyan continued to ask as she tightly held on to the Ice Magic Staff which belonged to Shui Linglong.

“You should.” Long Yi faintly replied.

Shui Ruoyan remained silent for a long time before standing up. She staggered back a few steps as her legs were numb from kneeling for an entire day.

Long Yi instantly appeared beside Shui Ruoyan and held her waist. When he saw her miserable appearance, he felt a stabbing pain in his heart.

“Let’s return.” Shui Ruoyan softly said as she leaned on the shoulder of Long Yi, exhausted.

Long Yi carried Shui Ruoyan and flew to a small village at the bottom of this mountain. In the village, the atmosphere was extremely heavy. All of the elites from the Dark Church were quietly staying inside their room. At this moment, all of them knew that something serious had happened. The matter where Pope Lady killed the Dark Pope’s biological mother was extremely bad news.

“Young Master Ximen, Miss, His Majesty the Pope invites the two of you to his cabin.” The moment Long Yi entered the village with Shui Ruoyan, Hell Priest Lafaer welcomed them. It was clear that he had been waiting for the two of them for a long time.

Shui Ruoyan trembled and her little hand tightly grabbed on to Long Yi’s clothing. It seemed as though she was hoping that she would be able to gain some courage by doing so.

“Don’t be afraid… I am here.” Long Yi softly said and grabbed her little hand with his big warm hands. He entered a cabin after following Lafaer.

A pile of wood was still burning inside the house and the Dark Pope stood next to the window. He looked out of the window with a complicated expression and his figure looked lonely and sad.

Lafaer tactfully left the house after Long Yi and Shui Ruoyan entered. There were only three people left in the room.

Dark Pope slowly turned around and face the two of them. He had actually gotten a lot thinner in the span of a single night. His expression looked exactly like the expression on Shui Ruoyan’s face. Long Yi’s hatred for the Dark Pope lessened when he saw the expression on the Dark Pope’s face. However, he would never forgive the vicious Pope Lady. The only reason he did not directly kill the Pope Lady was because he wanted to see how the Dark Pope dealt with her.

“Ruoruo……” Dark Pope looked at Shui Ruoyan with agitation in his eyes. He seemed to have thousands and thousands of words he wished to convey but he found it hard to speak out.

“Shut up! You don’t have the qualifications to call me like this.” Shui Ruoyan nevertheless erupted and roared loudly. Turning around, she ran out of the cabin.

“Ruoruo, come back.” Long Yi’s heart tightened and he was prepared to chase after her.

“Young Master Ximen. Let her rest first… I have something I want to say to you.” The Dark Pope stopped Long Yi. His voice was very bleak and dreary.

“If you have anything to say, you should hurry up and speak.” Long Yi stopped his footsteps and indifferently said.

“Ruoruo…… How has she been doing these past few years?” The Dark Pope took a deep breath and asked softly.

“I have to say, she has been living well. However, she had always thought that you were dead and Shui Linglong was the one who killed you. She had an extremely bad relationship with her grandmother for a long period of time because of this.” Long Yi recalled the expression on Shui Linglong’s face when she talked to him in the past and he couldn’t help but sign.

The Dark Pope fell into silence and he closed his eyes.

“From now on, please take care of her in my place. Can you do that?” After a long time, the Dark Pope slowly said. His eyes instantly turned sharp as he stared at Long Yi.

A smile appeared on Long Yi’s face and he said, “Ruoruo is my woman. Of course, I will take care of her. Even if I have to put my life on the line, I’ll take care of her.”

“Good… I will believe in you. You have to take care of Feng Ling’er as well, don’t scorn any one of them.” The Dark Pope continued.

Long Yi nodded his head and he suddenly had a strange feeling in his hear. However, he was unable to pinpoint the source of the strange feeling.

“As a matter of a fact, the elites of my Dark Church is all here. The entire force is here to cooperate with Long Zhan in order to deal with your Ximen Clan.” The Dark Pope suddenly said.

“I have already guessed it.” Long Yi shrugged his shoulders. He was not a fool. There were so many troops of the Dark Church here. It would be a miracle if they were not here to deal with the Ximen Clan.

The Dark Pope stared at Long Yi for a long time before nodding his head in admiration. This son-in-law was truly not simple. Even he was unable to see through Long Yi. I seemed as though handing over both his daughters to Long Yi wouldn’t bring disgrace to them. If they had met earlier, then perhaps, they would have gotten along very well.

“I have already said whatever I wanted to say. You can leave now. The Dark Pope turned around and said indifferently.

Long Yi raised his brows but he turned around and left. He had a feeling that there was another reason the Dark Pope invited him here. It wasn’t just to tell him to take care of his daughters. However, since the Dark Pope didn’t want to talk about it, Long Yi didn’t pry into the matter. After the Dark Pope handed over his daughters to Long Yi, it was quite obvious that the Dark Church wasn’t going to deal with the Ximen Clan any longer.

Not long after Long Yi had left, Pope Lady Ye’er appeared beside the Dark Pope. Currently, her mental state was very disturbed.

“My husband, I… I am sorry.” Pope Lady gritted her teeth and said timidly. Although she was vicious to other people, she was very obedient in front of the Dark Pope.

The Dark Pope was silent. He still stood before the window watching the fluttering snowflakes outside. No one knew what he was thinking about, however, his usually straight back was somewhat hunched at this moment.

“My husband, I know that I was wrong. If you are unhappy, you can kill me.” Pope Lady took a step forward and grabbed onto the Dark Pope’s big hands after hesitating for a little while.

The Dark Pope turned around and looked at his wife with a lukewarm expression on his face, “Ye’er, if you truly have a heart, then accompany me to repent in front of my mother’s grave.”

The Pope Lady was dumbfounded for a long time. After a while, she gritted her teeth and nodded her head.

In the pitch-black night, two figures climbed up a mountain and knelt in front of the tomb of Shui Linglong.

“Mother, this son is unfilial.” The Dark Pope said and he felt ashamed.

As for Ye’er, she was also kneeling behind the Dark Pope in a daze. No one knew what she was thinking.

After a good while, the Dark Pope stopped crying and he turned around and said in his hoarse voice, “Ye’er, it has been nearly 30 years since you and I got married. I know that you did your utmost all these years for me. You nearly died once in order to save me. I also know that everything you did this time was also for me. However… Committing matricide is intolerable. I have no way to blame you and I can only die to politely offer my apologies for my deceased mother.”

The heart of Pope Lady shook and a bad premonition crept up her heart. She immediately held his hand and shouted, “My husband, everything is my fault! You can blame everything on me! Don’t do anything stupid.”

Dark Pope shook his head and smiled sadly. Reaching out to caress the face of his wife, black blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth.

Pope Lady used her trembling hand to wipe the black blood from the corner of the Dark Pope’s mouth and muttered in a trembling voice, “Heart Piercing Shadow Poison! My husband, why…… Why did you do something so stupid! If you wanted to apologize, you could have just killed me. Why…” She was already choking with sobs.

“30…… 30 years, I have never done anything to her a filial son should do. Mo….. Mother, she will be very… Very lonely in the underworld. I want… I want to accompany her.” Dark Pope vomited a mouthful of black blood and leaned into his wife’s bosom.

“My husband, you are leaving me completely alone in this world… You are truly heartless.” Pope Lady silently shed tears and muttered. All of a sudden, her expression gradually become steadfast. Her hand shone with a black light and a black sword light instantly stabbed through her own heart.

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A muffled groan escaped her lips as the sword light completely stabbed into her body. However, a smile appeared on her face as she looked at her husband. Her tears dripped onto the face of the Dark Pope and fused with the tears on his face. The tears fell to the ground together. The two of them hugged each other as they closed their eyes. At this moment, both of them had a look of relief on their face.

Early in the next morning, Long Yi returned with Shui Ruoyan. However, the first thing he discovered was that all the elites in the Dark Church were gathered together. Lafaer stood in front of the troops. His expression was respectful but the figure of both Dark Pope and his wife was missing.

“Young Master Ximen, please come over.” Lafaer called out respectfully.

The moment Long Yi stepped forward, Lafaer knelt down. He held a magic staff with a strange black colored radiance around it and he loudly proclaimed, “Under the command of His Majesty the Pope, this subordinate is handing over the keepsake of the Dark Church to Young Master Ximen. From now on, the Dark Church belongs to Young Master Ximen. Everyone has to listen to Young Master Ximen’s orders. Those who don’t follow Young Master Ximen will be hacked into pieces.”

Long Yi was stunned, what was going on here, what exactly was that old fellow doing?

“This subordinate pays his respect to His Majesty the Pope.” Lafaer bowed his head and greeted respectfully.

“We subordinates pay respect to His Majesty the Pope.” All the other elites of the Dark Church also respectfully greeted Long Yi.

“What is going on here? What about the Pope?” Long Yi was naturally willing to take over such a huge organization. However, he had to find out what was going on before he did so.

Lafaer shook his head and said, “This subordinate doesn’t know either. After His Majesty the Pope told me everything, he disappeared without a trace. The Lady also disappeared at the same time.”

The expression of Shui Ruoyan changed and she suddenly thought of something. She flew towards the summit of the mountain. Long Yi immediately followed closely behind her.

“Everyone, follow them.” Lafaer commanded everyone began to chase after them. He had yet to place the keepsake of the Dark Church into Long Yi’s hand. What if Long Yi didn’t return?

When Shui Ruoyan reached the summit, she saw her father and mother hugging each other and their bodies were covered in snow. She couldn’t feel any signs of life coming from the two of them. She was stunned and her already pale complexion became even paler. However, she laughed as she retreated two steps back. She shouted, “They died! It’s good that they died, it’s really good…”

“Ruoruo, don’t be like this.” When he saw Shui Ruoyan’s current appearance, Long Yi’s heart ached. Although she hated her biological parents, no one would be able to endure the feeling when they lost three blood relatives at the same time.

“Long Yi, don’t worry, look at me… Do you think that there is anything wrong with me? I am happy! I am really happy now…”

“Ruoruo.” Long Yi roared and pulled her into his bosom.

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“Let me go! You’re being hateful… Let me go!” Shui Ruoyan struggled in the bosom of Long Yi and shouted.

“Ruoruo, don’t be like this. If you want to cry, just cry out loud.” Long Yi endured her scratching and biting and he gently whispered into her ear.

“Cry? Who wants to cry? Why on earth would I want to cry?” Shui Ruoyan used all her strength to push Long Yi away. She stared blankly at her parents who were hugging each other in the snow.

“You… You two, do you think that death can wash away your sin? Coward, you two are cowards! You don’t deserve to be my father and mother.” Shui Ruoyan suddenly collapsed into the snowland and it seemed as though all her strength disappeared. She pointed towards the pair of husband and wife who had been dead a long time ago. Her eyes were filled with tears and anyone could see the sadness in her eyes.

Long Yi sat down beside her and pulled her into his bosom. Patting her back, he softly said, “Silly girl, cry out loud. Suppressing the feeling in your heart will only harm your body. If that happens, I will feel heartache as well.”

Originally, Shui Ruoyan was sobbing quietly. She seemed to become out of breath for a moment and she inhaled a big mouthful of air. Tears suddenly burst out of her eyes and she wailed bitterly like a child in Long Yi’s embrace. This scene was truly heartbreaking. Anyone looking at this scene would feel like crying as well.

“Good girl… Just cry out loud. Cry to your heart’s content. I will always be beside you.” Long Yi patted the back of Shui Ruoyan as he sighed in his heart. The lives of a Water Master Archmage and the Dark Pope husband and wife pair were ended in this way…

At this moment, Lafaer led the elites of the Dark Church as they arrived at this place. When they saw the current scene, everyone knelt down and muttered incantations.

Before long, Shui Ruoyan fainted in Long Yi’s bosom as tears were still flowing out of her eyes. Long Yi felt that she was extremely pitiful… Why was the fate of his Shui Ruoyan so miserable…

After some time, Long Yi received the Dark Church’s keepsake, the Dark Spirit Magic Staff, from the hands of Lafaer. He also took the Dark Spirit Tablet and after a simple ceremony, he officially became the new Pope of the Dark Church. From this short episode of events, it could be seen that the fate of people was ever-changing.

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