Chapter 546: The game begins

In the night, the entire Soaring Dragon City was experiencing a blizzard. A fierce cold wind blew which rattled the windows and doors. A critical matter was that the crystals which supplied energy to the magic lamps seemed to be experiencing some problems. Other than some small street lights which were swaying in the wind, the entire Soaring Dragon City was covered in darkness.

A majority of the citizens had already retired to bed as they wrapped themselves up with a thick quilt. When they heard the whistling sound of the cold wind outside, they felt an inexplicable fear. Uneasiness filled their heart and they felt as though even the heavens were about to collapse.

At this moment, the imperial palace was also unusually quiet. Other than several imperial guards who were shivering as they hastily patrolled the area, almost no one else could be seen. At this moment, the fake Long Zhan in his sleeping quarter was feeling uneasy. He couldn’t find a comfortable position sitting or standing. In the end, he stood up and he ignored the bitter expression on the imperial concubine’s face. For an unknown reason, his heart was disturbed tonight. Although this sleeping quarter was as warm as spring, he felt a kind of chill which pierced into his bone marrows. He could smell something unusual in the air.

Taking a deep breath, Long Zhan wore his robe. He directly left this sleeping quarter and he shouted, “Guards!”

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A shadow quietly appeared in front of him and respectfully said, “Your Majesty, what is your command?”

“Is there any movement in the Ximen Clan?” Long Zhan asked.

“Replying to Your Majesty, this subordinate has dispatched a group of the most elite spies to watch over the Ximen Clan day and night. There is no report of any abnormal movement.” The shadow answered.

“What about those spies planted in the imperial palace by the Ximen Clan? Are they making any unusual movements??” Long Zhan’s heart was still restless and he continued to ask.

“No, they haven’t made any abnormal movements. Your Majesty can rest assured.” The shadow replied.

Long Zhan sighed in relief but the restlessness in his heart became even more intense. It would have been fine if there was any movement. However, since there was no movement at all, he became even more anxious. For people like him who had walked on the line between life and death many times, they believed in their intuition.

“Your Majesty, even if the Ximen Clan wants to make a move, it will be unlikely that they will do it tonight. Tonight, not only are the lights malfunctioning, the snowstorm outside is also very big. In addition, we have set up many checkpoints outside the palace and the entrance of the imperial palace is also guarded with a large number of troops. Ximen Nu will not be stupid enough to attack tonight.” The shadow clearly saw the restlessness in Long Zhan’s eyes. As such, he calmly analyzed the situation for Long Zhan.

“Ai, I have no idea why I’m feeling so restless. Perhaps… I am just overthinking.” Long Zhan sighed. Even after thinking about it over and over again, he couldn’t find any flaws on his side. If the Ximen Clan attacked tonight, they were simply courting death.


In the Ximen Residence, Long Yi sat on the edge of a bed as he looked at the sleeping Shui Ruoyan with a tender gaze. In just two days, she turned emaciated and her complexion was sickly pale.

At that moment, the door swung open with a slight creak and Nangong Xiangyun entered the room as she held a bowl of ginseng soup in her hand.

“My husband, the weather is cold. Finish this bowl of Blue Bird Stew in order to warm your body.” Nangong Xiangyun softly said and placed the tray on the table.

Long Yi smiled at Nangong Xiangyun and he felt grateful in his heart. Getting up, he sat in front of the table and opened the lid. He took a whiff of the fragrance coming from the stew and he said, “It smells really good… You stewed it for a long time…”

“Mmm, I took six hours to make this. My husband, taste it.” Nangong Xiangyun said happily.

Long Yi lightly blew on the stew and he slowly placed a spoonful of it into his mouth. He clicked his tongue and praised, “Xiangyun is truly a great cook. Why didn’t you make stew before this?”

“You keep saying that… My husband, the number of time you stayed at home can be counted on two hands. However, if you really like it, why don’t I make stew for you daily?” Nangong Xiangyun rolled her eyes and grumbled softly.

Long Yi rubbed his cheek against the beautiful face of Nangong Xiangyun as he felt guilty. He gently kissed her lips and he softly said, “Your husband is at fault. Your husband will apologize for his wrongdoings, come, obediently open your mouth, your husband will feed you.”

Long Yi scoop up a spoonful and blew at the surface of the stew to cool it down. He placed the spoon in front of Nangong Xiangyun’s mouth and he looked at her with a warm gaze.

The heart of Nangong Xiangyun jumped with joy and she couldn’t help but smile with happiness. She opened her mouth and she enjoyed Long Yi’s service.

“One more time.” Long Yi smiled and scooped up another spoonful. He placed it in front of her mouth again. However, when she opened her mouth, the spoon didn’t enter her mouth. Instead, Long Yi placed the spoonful of stew into his mouth.

“Bad fellow……” Nangong Xiangyun pouted.

Long Yi simply raised his brows and he hugged Nangong Xiangyun’s neck. He kissed her. A fragrant and sweet smell covered the entire room, charming the two of them.

“Wu……” The entire body of Nangong Xiangyun became soft and she closed her eyes, allowing Long Yi to do whatever he wanted.

The tip of Long Yi’s tongue entered her mouth and taking advantage of this occasion, he fed her the soup mouth to mouth. As for Nangong Xiangyun, she began to breathe heavily while swallowing the soup. She directly got up and sat on Long Yi’s thighs. She felt as though she was no longer able to endure it.

Before long, Long Yi moved his lips away and he stared at the attractive Nangong Xiangyun. She said with a smile, “How was it? Was the soup delicious?”

Nangong Xiangyun shyly pounded against Long Yi’s chest. She snuggled up into Long Yi’s bosom and bit his ear. She said, “My husband, let’s go to the room next door.”

The heart of Long Yi swayed and his little brother stood erect. It poked against Nangong Xiangyun’s leg which made her pant.

“Darling, not tonight.” The gaze of Long Yi flickered as he patted the back of Nangong Xiangyun.

Nangong Xiangyun was somewhat disappointed in her heart. However, she didn’t complain. She was a sensible woman after all. Instead, she said with a smile, “Then, my husband owes me one. Next time, you have to pay me back double the amount.”

“I can even pay you back ten times. However, I’m afraid that my darling will beg for mercy and surrender at that time.” Long Yi also smiled and said.

“The one begging for mercy will be my husband.” Nangong Xiangyun remained unconvinced. Although she knew about Long Yi’s ability in that aspect, she felt useless as she wasn’t able to satisfy her husband.

At that time, rhythmic squeaking sounds suddenly resounded in this courtyard. Long Yi placed down Nangong Xiangyun and softly said, looking at her beautiful eyes, “Xiangyun, help your husband take care of Ruoruo. Your husband has to go now. Even if there are any abnormalities, don’t panic. At that time, mother will make all the arrangement, do you understand?”

Nangong Xiangyun realized what was going on and her complexion changed. There were some matters in the Ximen Clan which she could not participate in. However, from Long Yi’s serious words, she could already guess what was about to happen.

“My husband, you have to be careful, I will be waiting for your return.” Nangong Xiangyun nodded her head without the slightest bit of agitation.

Long Yi smiled and left after kissing her.

As a matter of a fact, other than Long Yi, Ximen Nu, and a few trusted subordinates, no one else knew about the operation that night. As this was a top-secret operation, Long Yi was going to make a move alone tonight. Everyone else would only know about it the next morning. This kind of caution was only to take precaution against all types of contingencies as this was the matter of life or death for the Ximen Clan as well as its affiliated powers.

In the dim light of night, Long Yi flew towards the secret entrance of the Heaven Forbidden Prison like a ghost.


In the ruined hall of the imperial palace, more than ten green colored flames lit up the hall. The entire imperial hall was filled with ghostly qi, which made the imperial hall appear frightening.

Long Zhan stood in the middle of a magic array as other dark magicians sat around the array.

Suddenly, Long Zhan raised a green magic staff in his hand and the green magic core on top of the staff started to shine brightly. As for the rest of the dark magicians, they began to chant an obscure incantation rapidly and the magic array began to sway. It was as though the magic array came to live and it emitted a thin black mist which covered everyone.

Originally, Long Zhan was pacing back and forth in his sleeping quarters with a restless heart. However, he became more and more uneasy as time passed. As such, he no longer hesitated as he made a prompt decision to summon all his dark magicians. Gathering in the ruined hall, they were awakening the blood spirits hidden in Qing Wu and Piao Xue’s body. He wanted to control them and make a surprise attack to kill Ximen Nu and Ximen Yu. In his heart, he believed that his plan would be flawlessly executed as Ximen Nu and Ximen Yu would not be guarding against Qing Wu and Piao Xue. His initial plan was to use the blood spirits when the Ximen Clan was openly fighting against him as that would yield him the greatest benefits. However, because of the nagging feeling in his heart, he decided to use these two pawns today.

At this time, Qing Wu and Piao Xue were lying on the bed, chatting with each other. Outside the room, Long Yi personally laid out a strong barrier. They were actually in charge of taking care of Shui Ruoyan. However, Long Yi made them enter this room and instructed them not to leave.

All of a sudden, the bodies of those two girls shook and a layer of faint blood-red light appeared around their body. A sharp pain pierced through their sea of consciousness and they couldn’t help but scream in agony.

If anyone could look inside their body, then they could see small red dots appearing everywhere inside their body. Those red dots were rapidly flying towards their sea of consciousness. The red dots gathered in their sea of consciousness and they took the shape of a ghastly blood-red spirit. It appeared as if it wanted to break through their sea of consciousness.

Just before the blood-red spirit was able to do anything, the defensive and offensive dual array which had been planted in their sea of consciousness by Long Yi took action. Those blood spirits were unable to push their way through into their sea of consciousness and they were instead trapped firmly inside the array. Merely, this process caused the two women to feel excruciating pain. The sea of consciousness was an extremely fragile place. Even a bit of damage could possibly cause irreparable consequences. Although the blood spirits were unable to enter their sea of consciousness, the fierce charges by the blood spirits caused their sea of consciousness to vibrate and they felt unbearable pain. Long Yi had forgotten about this point when he laid out the array.

The blood spirits appeared as if they wanted to quickly destroy this array as their attacks became more and more ferocious. As for Qing Wu and Piao Xue, they were hugging their head as they rolled about the bed.

“It’s so painful, Young Master, save us!” The two women screamed and called out. At this most critical juncture, the first person these two women thought of was Long Yi. One could well imagine the position of Long Yi in their heart.

However, the barrier Long Yi laid out was soundproof as well. No one was able to hear their screams. As for Long Zhan and the other dark magicians in the ruined hall, they were alarmed. Even after a long time, they were unable to control the blood spirits. They instantly knew that something had happened… However, they were unable to stop the chanting. The moment the ritual failed, they would suffer a backlash if they stopped chanting the incantation halfway through. The backlash was extremely terrifying and their spirit would suffer great damage.

“Damn it, how can this be? Could it be that the blood spirits implanted within their body were already discovered by the Ximen Clan? How did they even deal with the blood spirits? Were there any other method other than killing the two girls?” Long Zhan was anxious in his heart and a bad premonition hit him. He knew that he had to change his plans.

The complexion of Qing Wu and Piao Xue had turned pale as they gritted their teeth. At this moment, they were bumping their heads against the wall in pain. Their forehead was already bloody, but with that layer of energy covering their entire body, this injury was merely superficial. They weren’t even allowed to commit suicide.

The attack of the blood spirits became even more frenzied. However, Long Yi’s magic array in their sea of consciousness started to tighten up against the two blood spirits. It seemed as though it wanted to completely bind it up.

“Piao Xue, I can’t bear it any longer, kill me!” Qing Wu screamed. At this point, everything in the room was in shambles. Even the huge bed had already collapsed.

Piao Xue was not any better compared to Qing Wu. With nowhere to go, she knocked down the table and her body began to twitch, however, even losing consciousness was a kind of extravagant hope for them. Even if they fainted, the pain would immediately wake them up.

At this moment, one of the dark magicians who was chanting incantation suddenly let out a muffled groan. Vomiting a mouthful of blood, he collapsed. After that, as if a chain reaction, all the remaining dark magicians vomited a mouthful of blood and collapsed one after another. Even Long Zhan vomited a mouthful of blood. However, since he was only playing a supporting role in the ritual, the actual backlash on him wasn’t too big.

The blood spirits in the sea of consciousness of Qing Wu and Piao Xue screamed and dissipated instantly. Immediately after that, Qing Wu and Piao Xue as though their head became lighter. The pain which felt like tens of thousands of needles stabbing at their brain disappeared all of a sudden. A feeling of weakness overcame them and they lost their consciousness in happiness.


Long Yi quietly entered the Heaven Forbidden Prison and saw Murong Shuyu and Mu Hanyan wearing black skintight cloth as they talked about something while pointing at a blueprint.

“Yu, this is the blueprint of the Heaven Forbidden Prison and also the record of the prisoners inside.” Seeing Long Yi, Murong Shuyu handed over a valuable blueprint.

Long Yi take a look and his eyes lit up, He happily kissed Murong Shuyu’s beautiful face and he said with excitement, “Good Yu’er, this is a good thing.” The Forbidden Heaven Prison was extremely big and the strength of prisoners imprisoned inside it was different. However, in Murong Shuyu’s prisoner record, the prisoners were marked with different symbols according to their ranks. Like this, Long Yi could decide who to release first. After all, the path to the imperial study was too small. He had to allow the people who were stronger to lead the charge in order to occupy the palace. That way, the rest of the people would be able to continuously flood in. If these people entered the imperial palace in a disorderly manner, they would obviously be killed off quickly. They would only be able to display a greater fighting strength if they were united.

“As a matter of a fact, everything was planned by big sister Hanyan. You have to thank her.” Murong Shuyu said.

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Long Yi looked at Mu Hanyan he saw the bewitching smile on her face. He pulled her into a hug and he kissed her. When he looked up again, his eyes were shining and he said with a smirk, “The game begins now.”

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