Chapter 142: Sibling Relationship

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Along the way; Su Ke2Su KeMain Character, faced with Luo Fei Yan’s various seduction techniques, used all of his strength to resist. His face was flushed red and his body was full of sweat, making Luo Fei Yan give a satisfied smile. The driver kept glancing through the rearview mirror, nearly causing a traffic accident.

“Aiya! Little brother Su, how do you feel about sibling relationships?”

It wasn’t easy for Su Ke to relax. When he heard that, he quivered and slowly inching his butt away from Luo Fei Yan. He didn’t know what this woman was going to do, but honestly speaking, Luo Fei Yan was quite a bit older than him and was a creature that everyone wanted to embrace.

“Eh! Sibling relationship… actually, actually it’s nothing much!”

As he said this, Su Ke’s eyes unconsciously fell on Luo Fei Yan’s face, only to see her mirthful eyes and pink lips slightly curve up into an attractive smile.

“Do you still remember what I said yesterday? You introduce me to Liu Fei Hong and I’ll give you a big surprise?” Luo Fei Yan blinked and gave him a flirtatious gaze.

“F*ck! She’s not going to confess, right!? What do I do? What do I do?”

Su Ke’s brain buzzed and became a paste.

He then thought about the spring dream he had, the female lead was this vixen in front of him!

They were even touching right now!
He gulped unconsciously and felt his face heat up, even his breathing was erratic.

There were people who loved beauty everywhere, but men particularly liked to chase after graceful, virtuous women of noble character. If he really had such a girlfriend…

Thinking until here, Su Ke’s face became a little stiff.

He squeezed out a smile and said softly, “I remember!”

“Actually, don’t look at how much older I am, my body is very mature. You want a chest, I got a chest! If you want a butt, I have a butt! The front protrudes while the back is perky, and I’m even concerned about you!” While Luo Fei Yan spoke, Su Ke couldn’t help but look at her double peaks. Indeed, as she said, they were full and elastic.

“Du Wan already has her eye on you. If you’re not against it, you can go directly to the bridal chamber!”

“Sister Du Wan?” Su Ke was stunned as Luo Fei Yan’s big chest appeared in front of him.

However, the four words “Steadiness, accuracy, fierceness, and firmness” were stuck in his head. The devil’s training wasn’t completed yet; he couldn’t help but shiver, feeling a chill traveling from the bottom of his feet to the rest of his body.

Su Ke finally reacted as he said, “Ah? Sister Yan!?” The ‘sibling relationship’ that Luo Fei Yan was referring to was about the vixen Du Wan. Although he said that they’re both vixens, Luo Fei Yan was sexy while Du Wan would take advantage of it.

“That’s right! Du Wan has been going crazy these past few days. Her mother came by Tian Jin to force her to marry! This is your chance to be a prince on a white horse and save the princess!” Luo Fei Yan looked at Su Ke’s dazed expression and laughed.

“Eh, this, this!” Su Ke stuttered for half a day, but couldn’t get one word out.

Fortunately, when he was at a loss, the taxi stopped outside Bi Hai Yun Tian.

Before they got out, Su Ke could see people continuously walking in and out of Bi Hai Yun Tian. These people were all different from one another, the only similarity being their valiant aura.

The majority of them were wearing black and you could tell with one glance that they weren’t nice. Speaking more directly, this was it.
They walked outside talking and laughing, acting very arrogant.

The cars in front of the store slowly left as people hopped in.

Su Ke obviously knew that these were all Liu Fei Hong’s men, but he still took in a cold breath. If he bumped into these people on the streets, no matter who it was, he would surely go around them. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed Luo Fei Yan watching them with a composed expression on her face.

Only after Su Ke and Luo Fei Yan had alighted did they see Ma Meng walk out. He looked as cool as ever, his face very angular and his body rather burly.

He was dressed in military fatigues, looking more like a soldier than a leader.

“Brother Meng!”

He nodded his head slightly to her greeting.

Ma Meng’s voice was very simple and honest, “So, this is general manager Luo!?”

Only when Ma Meng mentioned her did she walk forward and reach out her hand to greet him, “I’m Luo Fei Yan!”

Ma Meng shook Luo Fei Yan’s hand, his gaze not even lingering on her beauty.

“You guys came at the right time; Sister Fei Hong has just finished work!”

Ma Meng led the way this time with Luo Fei Yan in the middle and Su Ke trailing behind.

The two hostesses at the entrance were wearing qipaos that hugged their exquisite bodies.

They cupped their hands together and bowed lightly.

Su Ke unconsciously looked and stole a glance. As one of the girls bent forward, her hem swayed and an expanse of white could be seen.

In a short moment, he felt refreshed and quickly took two steps forward.

Even though Bi Hai Yun Tian only had five levels, but for the convenience of their customers, they still installed a lift. The three of them took the lift directly to the top floor.

Unexpectedly, when they got out, there was a conference room.

Ma Meng knocked on the door and Liu Fei Hong’s voice floated out.

After Su Ke walked in, he saw Liu Fei Hong sitting at the head of the table. She was dressed entirely in black; a pure-black long-sleeved shirt with the cuffs rolled up to expose her snow-white arms. In her right hand was a cigarette that had grey smoke rising from the end. “Sister Fei Hong!”

When she saw Su Ke and Luo Fei Yan walk in, Liu Fei Hong snuffed out the cigarette on the ashtray before standing up and responding to him, “Su Ke, you’re here! This must be general manager Luo!”

Liu Fei Hong’s face was ice cold, but her mouth was slightly curved into a smile, making her expression rather warm. She then swiftly walked over and reached out her hand to introduce herself, “Nice to meet you, Sister Fei Hong! I’m Luo Fei Yan!”

Even though Luo Fei Yan felt that she wasn’t any older than her, her tone was still very respectful. On one hand, she had come here to ask for help; on the other, this woman had a forceful aura. Maybe it’s because she’s been exposed to fighting for so long, which made people feel like they would be knocked down.

“Come, come! Don’t stand on ceremony!”

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Liu Fei Hong didn’t go back to her original seat, but rather sat at one side.

The three of them sat together and went straight to the main topic.

Su Ke didn’t interrupt and quietly sat in place. Unknowingly, he started to drift.

The two women in front of him were very beautiful. One had a cold expression on her face, short hair, and exuding a heroic aura. For the other, even though she deliberately put makeup on, she was still as hot as fire.

“One is Liu Fei Hong, while the other is Luo Fei Yan. Both of their names have “Fei” in it, very coincidental!” Su Ke murmured in his heart.

Suddenly, his mind came up with the words “Shuang Fei”.

He couldn’t stop staring and imagining both his arms being full.


1. Shuang Fei meaning “2 Fei” and is a slang for threesome.______________________________________________________________________________________________

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