Chapter 172: Not the Usual Rich


Director Li was stunned as he heard the boy address that man distantly. Before he could reply, a sleek and seemingly reserved black car slowly drove into the driveway. Under the sunlight, it gave off a domineering feeling to the point that a person without any knowledge about cars would know that that car was… extremely expensive!

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The previously smiling Gao Yiyang noticed as well, and the coldness in his eyes deepened. When the car stopped, he told Director Li, “It seems he’s here, it’s rare that he’s punctual.” This time he didn’t even bother to hide the coldness in his tone.

From the moment he could remember, this was the first time his father arrived 10 minutes before the agreed time.

The appearance of Gao Yiyang’s father stunned the Chinese students. Tall, handsome, and with an aura of a dictator. His actions and attitude made it very apparent that he was successful businessman. He seemed so powerful that it would be difficult for anyone to refuse him.

Even with a smile while having a small talk with Director Li, no one dared to approach him.

Ye Jian looked at him, and back at Gao Yiyang…., the father and son were quite identical to each other; they had similar features and similar auras. It was rare that a father and son would be so similar.

“It must’ve been a little inconvenient to go out and eat, but please, go ahead. It should be fine as long as Gao Yiyang returns by 6PM.” Director Li smiled as he refused the invitation from the famous businessman who often appeared on the news to discuss about economy. He patted lightly on Gao Yiyang’s back and looked at him whose attitude turned cold since his arrival. Director Li warmly reminded the boy, “Remember to return by 6PM, there is still an exam tomorrow.”

From the cold expression Gao Yiyang had on his face, it was apparent that he wasn’t fond of his birth father. But since this was a private family matter, Director Li couldn’t intervene and settled at just warmly reminding the boy.

Mr. Gao did not insist upon seeing this and pulled out a cell phone, that Ye Jian perceived as an antique, before informing his assistant to cancel tonight’s dinner plans.

Ye Jian’s line of sight passed Mr. Gao’s shoulder and landed on the person behind him.

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She spotted the Red Scorpion conversing with a tourist. The Vietnamese male student standing next to him seemed to be tensed. Even while standing under the sun, his shoulders were trembling.

“Tonight at 8PM, he will be handling the final proceedings for the first transaction.” The Red Scorpion noticed his student’s strange reaction and put his hand on the boy’s shoulder. Lowering his head, he warned the boy in a low voice, “Remember, I only want US dollars.”

The tourist wore a baseball cap low. He held up his hand with an “OK” sign and the conversation ended in a minute.

That tourist was a stranger. Ye Jian reviewed her memory and was confident that in the past two days, she had never met this man. She then saw him walk past the fountain and disappear into the school campus.

The black car drove in front of her, breaking her line of sight, and gradually brought Gao Yiyang away from the campus.

“That’s a limited edition Maybach, I wonder how rich Gao Yiyang’s family is.” Once the father and son had left, one the boys stated surprisingly in a small voice. “There are only ten models of that car in the whole world! Even if you have the money, it doesn’t mean you can get it.”

Due to the appearance of Gao Yiyang’s father, the students who were present at the cafeteria of the University of Sydney had yet another topic to gossip about.  

After finishing their meals at the University of Sydney, the teachers led the students on a tour around one of the most beautiful universities in the world. The unique scenery of wide and big fields with the backdrop of tall architecture accompanied by spires immediately entranced many visitors who stopped to absorb the view into their mind.

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