Chapter 173: Don’t guess Xia Jinyuan’s intentions

“The best period when this scenery becomes the prettiest is during the exam season which is between the late October and November every year. Rows after rows of violet-petalled flowers will blossom beautifully from the blue Jacaranda trees.” Yang Ye had never been to University of Sydney, but she was really well informed, evident that she really loved the school.

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From their conversation, Ye Jian realized that over half of the students here had already made preparations to study abroad once they graduate from high school.

Asked with that question, Ye Jian would always keep a smile on her face and remain silent because she was clear the school which she was going to will never be outside of China.

Even if she could, she would never choose any international schools.

Putting aside Yang Ye and the rest who were quite excited, Ye Jian caught sight of Red Scorpion leading three Vietnamese boys into a silver Sedan which had just entered the school compound. She excused herself with the reason that she was tired and followed another group of boys back to the hotel.

The students who were on their way back to the hotel were those with no intentions of studying abroad.

The group of four returned to the hotel together, and they gazed into one another’s eyes after entering the elevator, before laughing. They knew what the meaning was hidden behind each other’s eyes, and after deciding to meet up at 5.30pm, they returned to their own rooms.

Ye Jian glanced at the strand of hair that she stuck into the door latch, and only then did she gently closed the door behind her.

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There was no smell of a stranger transpassing into her room, which means that Red Scorpion did not enter her room.

She took out the communicator that she hid under the mattress; she remembered Xia Jinyuan’s reminder and wore the earmic even when she went to sleep. The five-hour high difficulty test today indeed made her quite mentally exhausted, and it was as Xia Jinyuan had said: under the limited time you have, get as much rest as possible.

The moment she wore her earmic, Xia Jinyuan’s deep voice transmitted through the other side lazily, “Just got back? Do you wanna come upstairs and have some Chinese style instant noodles?”

“It’s three in the afternoon, too late for lunch and too early for dinner.” Ye Jian lied down on the soft comfortable bed and replied lazily, “I don’t have a habit of adding meals impulsively. As of now I just want to rest up since too much brain cells were used this morning and I need to regain them back.”

Their rooms were just over each other, and that was why Xia Jinyuan could climb down into her room through the window last night.

Hearing that, the coldness in his eyes softened quite a bit and he asked, “Was it hard? Did you answer everything?”

Having participated in the Olympiad before, a geometric problem might require two to three papers just to solve it. And not forgetting the different kinds of difficulty and challenges that could only be experienced by those who had participated.

“It was okay. I finished everything an hour early and had the time to check it once, so there shouldn’t be any problems. I’m a bit tired, so I’m going to rest for a bit.” Ye Jian already had her eyes closed mid-sentence.

Listening to his voice, all of her complicated thoughts and anxiety just disappeared, leaving only serenity. Her breathing gradually became long and calm, and as her forehead relaxed she was drifted into sleep by his melodic voice.

Xia Jinyuan heard the light breathing coming from the earmic, and his lips curved into an alluring arc, the little lass must be really tired, to fall asleep so quickly.

“Sleep tight, you have no need to think about anything. I’ll be here.” He gently said, the gentle smile appearing on his handsome and noble face landed in his comrade’s eyes…, it was no different than the sun rising from the west.

Xia Jinyuan tilted his head to stare at Xu Yu who looked peculiar, and asked uncomprehendingly, “What’s wrong?”

“You…” An imposing aura was forced between his brows when he opened his mouth to ask but decided to stop. He restructured his sentence in his mind before continuing, “I know who you were talking to, but for those who did not know, they’ll think you’re talking with your girlfriend.”

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