Chapter 174: The Stuff of Gossip

The two of them weren’t comrades from the same unit. Xu Yu was a part of the Yunnan Frontier Armed Police, while serving in the frontier, he worked together with Xia Jinyuan twice and only knew of the fact when they met up together for this operation.

Hearing that, Xia Jinyuan raised his eyebrows and comfortably lied down on a soft pillow and against the head of the bed before letting out a laugh, “She’s a very interesting little girl, if she were older, I would really have those kinds of thoughts.”

After he spoke, Xu Yu was frightened to the point he went to wipe his face with his hand, “Don’t mess around, don’t mess around. The military law will never allow that. Fourteen years old, you… You’ll become even less than an animal ah!”

When off duty, some conversations were not prohibited.

Xia Jinyuan’s cheerful laughter returned his worries, “Comrade Xu Yu, I did say if she were older that I would really have those kinds of thoughts.”

She’s still too young, I’ll let her grow for a few more years, at least until she’s eighteen.

Most importantly: the little lass hasn’t bloomed. Furthermore, he doesn’t want her to bloom too early, she still has to fully focus on her studies for middle school, high school, and then university; it’s far better for her not to bloom.

“You scared me to death there, but you better be prepared to be like a monk ah!” Seeing so, Xu Yu finally felt more assured. Soldiers like them were always working between the fine line of life and death. Often, they would tease each other for being monks as they must always follow the rules and regulations, and take measures to never break them!

It directly explains that no one knows when their last day would be since they belonged in a dangerous frontline army. To fall in love with someone would only build false hope in someone else’s daughter and cause them to waste away their prime.

Xia Jinyuan laughed and said leisurely, “You guys just don’t have the balls to fall in love, while I, on the other hand, am just waiting for the right moment.” If the time comes when she thinks that he will be a good candidate, giving it a try isn’t something impossible.

“It’s fine as long as you understand, live more innocently while you’re still younger than 35.” Xu Yu was older by seven years. Dedicated frontline troops like them would normally either transfer stations or retire, and they would not dare to be with someone before they settled down into a peaceful life.

This wasn’t a very lighthearted topic, but with the help of Xia Jinyuan’s neatly organized clues, the two of them quickly moved onto the discussion of the operation.

When it was time for dinner in the evening, Director Li returned from outside of the hotel multiple times. His eyebrows were locked tightly and a look of worry surfaced on his face.

Gao Yiyang, who promised to be back before 6 pm, was late. This made Director Li worried. Although he had wanted to contact Gao Yiyang’s father… he didn’t have his contact information.

Ye Jian and Yang Ye, who had just finished having dinner and were about to return to their rooms, were stopped by Director Li’s waving, “Ye Jian, come here for a bit. Yang Ye, you can return to your room first.” Behind them were the rest of the Chinese students, and the worried Director Li added, “Get back to your rooms, if there’s something you wish to say, use the landline to contact Teacher Yu; otherwise, just do whatever you want in your rooms.”

Only allowed on

For times like this, they had to keep a watchful eye on the students to make certain nothing else happens.

After all the students went upstairs, Director Li looked at Ye Jian and sighed, “Do you have the contact number of Gao Yiyang’s guardian? Of the two numbers he gave, one was unanswered and the other was switched off. It’s almost 7 pm and he’s still not back yet, what if there was an accident…”

Everytime when students were brought out for events, what the teachers feared the most was if an accident happens. If something did happen… the aftermath would be unimaginable.

Sadly, Ye Jian did not have his local contact number, however… if it was a number in Australia, she indeed knew one.

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“Try this number, I believe it belongs to his dad’s assistant.” Ye Jian dived into her memory to the moment Uncle Gao used his phone to cancel his restaurant reservation. After recalling it, she smiled, “You can try. It should be right.”

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