Chapter 89

Ning Meng Yao carried Yang Le Le and the rest down to see the lanterns while at the wine pavilion next to theirs, Qiao Tian Chang was looking at her with a fond gaze.

Lei An was looking at his own boss with a weird gaze. Was this guy who had on a fond gaze really his boss?

“Boss, what are you looking at?” Lei An peered below. There were many people walking to and fro and he was unable to see clearly who Qiao Tian Chang was looking at.

Turning his head to glare at the person beside him, Qiao Tian Chang asked: “You got a problem?”

Lei An’s neck stiffened and immediately shook his head: “No, not at all, but big brother…..”

“No need to speak too much.” Not waiting for Lei An to continue his words, Qiao Tian Chang cut him off: “My meaning is already clear to that person. Lei An, you and the rest do not need to search for me anymore. Living like this is also not bad.”

Lei An stared at his big brother in disbelief: “Big brother, do you really want to spend the rest of your life like this? Being an ordinary hunter?”

Qiao Tian Chang suddenly turned his head to catch the silhouette of that person below and his mouth raised slightly: “Being a hunter is also not bad.” At least he could spend his time in peace and not deal with those plotting and scheming.

Lei An pursed his lips as he stared at Qiao Tian Chang. He knew that he probably could not convince Qiao Tian Chang to go back.

Ning Meng Yao who was admiring the lanterns below felt a scalding hot gaze out of the blue and unconsciously turned her head over, though she did not see anything.

Blinking her eyes in suspicion and under the tugging of Yang Le Le, she ran to the front to watch the play.

While Qiao Tian Chang who was hiding behind the window, after they left, had mirth in his eyes. Her instinct was actually this good.

Lei An looked at Qiao Tian Chang weirdly. He dared to say that from Qiao Tian Chang’s previous actions, Qiao Tian Chang was hiding from someone.

“Big brother, what is it?”

“Nothing. You should go back. Don’t come to me to talk about this matter again. I’ve told him that if there is no war then I will not return.”

Lei An stumbled backward with his eyes wide open at Qiao Tian Chang.

If there is no war then he would not return? Then if there was no war at all, then he would not return for the rest of his life?

“Big brother, you…….”

“Lei An, no need to talk much on this.” Qiao Tian Chang turned to leave.

Lei An did not chase after him, only straightly staring at Qiao Tian Chang’s leaving figure. He had always thought that big brother was only taking a break to ease his heart and go back.

But now, he just knew that his thoughts were naive. It seemed that that family had truly hurt big brother’s heart, making big brother not willing to go back.

After Qiao Tian Chang descended the pavilion, he went to where Ning Meng Yao went, gazing from far away at Ning Meng Yao who was talking about something with Yang Le Le. His mouth raised to a fond smile.

Not knowing what happened, Yang Le Le and Qing Xue along with the rest ran forward, leaving Ning Meng Yao alone.

But at that moment, the people started to become crowded and almost pushed her down.

Amidst the sea of people, Ning Meng Yao was doing her best to stabilize her own emotion and nearly tripped over.

“Be careful.”

Hearing the voice beside her ear, Ning Meng Yao was stunned at first and raised her head to see the person beside her.

“There are so many people, you should be more careful.” Qiao Tian Chang sensed that people were coming their way and went to the side.

Ning Meng Yao’s face carried a light blush: “That….. Big Brother Qiao, thank you.”

Staring at Ning Meng Yao’s face for a while and turning his head, Qiao Tian Chang saw a small stall. “Come on. Let’s sit over there. There are many people here.”

“Alright.” Taking her hand back in embarrassment, Ning Meng Yao followed him over.

“Big Brother Qiao, how come you’re here too today?” Ning Meng Yao asked curiously. Usually, in flower lantern festival such as this, there were mostly females who attend and only a few males.

After blurting it out, Ning Meng Yao then felt that she….should not have asked that.

“There is a friend who came over today. I was meeting him.” Qiao Tian Chang looked at Ning Meng Yao who wore an awkward expression and explained softly.

Ning Meng Yao let out an ‘oh’ and did not speak anymore. Instead, she ordered some snacks.

Facing Qiao Tian Chang’s peculiar gaze, Ning Meng Yao felt awkward, although she should not have such feeling.

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