Chapter 175: Ye Jian taking risks

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Although the phone was an antique, the number keys had not change. Following how Uncle Gao’s finger moved across the keys as he dialed the number, it should be the number that she just said.

Once he heard there was a way to contact Uncle Gao’s assistant, the anxious Director Li didn’t think too much about it, “Let’s go to the front desk. Come, come come, follow me to the front desk and contact them. Thank goodness you knew, else I’ll still be fretting over this.”

At the front desk, Bell was still on duty. When he saw Ye Jian1Ye JianProtagonist and the Child of a Late Heroine winking her eyes subtly, he smiled while dialing the number for Director Li.

The person who accepted the phone call was really Uncle Gao’s assistant, and it was just a matter of minutes before they managed to contact Uncle Gao.

“It’s a call from your classmate, do you want to talk with her?” The car stopped by the roadside. Uncle Gao’s gaze landed coldly on his only son, but seeing that his son would not even spare a glance at him, the anger building on his face unwillingly softened up, “They’re worried about you, go talk with her.”

Gao Yiyang, who had his jaw clenched tightly turned his head, snatched the phone out of his hand, “Hey,” and heard Ye Jian’s clear voice coming from the phone, “Where are you now? Did you know that it has been more than half an hour past the time you promised to be back?”

In front of her, Director Li hurriedly wrote a row of words onto a piece of paper which Ye Jian followed.

“I’m sorry, we’re on the way back now.” Ye Jian was not the person he was expecting, and his cold tone immediately became more gentle, “I’ll be back at the hotel in ten minutes, bye.”

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He hung up the phone just like that, but Ye Jian was quicker and she had already rested the phone back onto the landline, “He said he’ll be back in ten minutes. You needn’t worry and get some dinner for yourself.” The phone that was just set down rang again, this time the front desk received it.

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“Excuse me…” Bell, who picked up the phone, smiled at Ye Jian and politely said as she was about to leave, “Your friend, I think she has something urgent to discuss with you.”

It was a phone call from Yang Ye…, it was an extremely urgent phone call, a call that urged Ye Jian to immediately go to the nearest supermarket.

Director Li did not know where the supermarket was, so after Bell brought Ye Jian to the supermarket. Ye Jian, who needed to buy female hygienic supplies, politely declined Bell’s company by signaling that she knew the way back before entering the supermarket alone to shop for underwears and sanitary napkins for Yang Ye.

The streets of Sydney at 7 pm was similar to back in her country, with lit lanterns that adorn the whole city with light, and the busy streets which brought color to the city like a symphony.

Green trees stood tall on both sides while the bright street lights hazily lit the sidewalk, dimly outlining the figures of the sparse pedestrians.

Ye Jian held a weightless bag in her hand. From around a kilometer away from the hotel, she saw Gao Yiyang’s figure in front of her, walking with drudgy steps as if he had a lot on mind.

Ye Jian, who paused in her tracks for a moment, pursed her lips and decided to catch up to him.

“Sorry, sorry!” When they were only a few meters apart, the preoccupied Gao Yiyang ran into a boy who was hurrying while carrying something. “Hua,” the bag which the boy was carrying landed a few feet beside them.

Both of them were taken by surprise and responded immediately to pick up the dropped item.

Ye Jian instinctively sidestepped into the shadows. The person who Gao Yiyang bumped into was none other than the Vietnamese boy!

“Ye Jian, get your fellow student away.” From the staticless earmic came Xia Jinyuan2Xia JinyuanProtagonist; Codename Q King; Member of an Elite Platoon’s chilly voice. Ye Jian, who had wanted to reveal herself after the Vietnamese boy left, took huge strides out from the darkness with a stern expression on her face.

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