Chapter 176: Ye Jian, Watch Out!

The Vietnamese boy had an ill expression on his face and his entire body was exuding a presence that spelled out deathly hopelessness

Ye Jian closed the distance between them. Her heart seemed to have sank so suddenly, added with the cool night breeze which blew past her, the hairs on her back stood straight up.

Danger, danger, danger!!

There was a resounding voice coming from the depths of her heart, calling out to Ye Jian to stop. There’s danger, life threatening danger!

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“Why are you still here, the teachers are all waiting for you to get back.” If there really were danger, then turning around right now was not her style of doing things. Closing the gap, she could see the change in the Vietnamese boy’s hopeless eyes as a glimmer of light akin to that of fireworks after seeing them.

On one side of the black bag was held by the Vietnamese boy, and the other by Gao Yiyang. Distracted by Ye Jian’s voice, Gao Yiyang, who had not noticed the strangeness, turned his head, “Ye Jian, why are you here…”

Because of the shock he received from Ye Jian’s sudden appearance, he did not notice the Vietnamese boy’s peculiarity. However, Ye Jian could clearly see the hand of the Vietnamese boy, which was pulling on the bag, jerked suddenly. The swelled up bag made a Hua sound following Gao Yiyang’s movement and a few bags of objects fell out of the opened zipper.

It was the Vietnamese boy who tried to pull the black bag away!

Ye Jian’s pupils constrict, like the tip of a needle, as she viewed at the Vietnamese boy from a distance. He was emitting an immense amount of despair around him, and Ye Jian, who was a few meters away could feel it herself…

Not long after, Gao Yiyang regained his composure and realized he had pulled open the other person’s bag, “In a moment,” Gao Yiyang hurriedly said to Ye Jian while lowering his back to pick up the dropped objects.

But before his fingertips could touch them, two silhouettes rushed out from the dimly lit sidewalk and covered up Gao Yiyang’s mouth in one swift motion.

The series of event happened in a blink of an eye. Without a second thought, Ye Jian chased up to them when she saw Gao Yiyang being dragged to a car that just screeched to a halt near them.

From the earmic came Xia Jinyuan’s heavy growl that was filled with hostility, “Withdraw! Ye Jian!”

“It’s too late, Captain Xia.” Ye Jian, who had rushed out, saw someone charging towards her at the same time and said in a rushed voice, “The Vietnamese boy pulled open his own bag and Gao Yiyang was captured, I have to follow them!”

From the shadows, Xia Jinyuan’s chiseled face looked chilly, “I’ll find you, Ye Jian!” his deep voice was tinted with the chillness of a sword, and also a promise as heavy as mountains. He knew Ye Jian’s decision was right because there needs to be someone who knew Gao Yiyang’s whereabouts!

And Ye Jian was the Chinese faction’s only option.

“I, have never doubted you…” Ye Jian said gently as she faked a horrified retreat while tearing off the earmic hidden in her hair and stuffing it into the bag filled with sanitary napkins and underwear.

I have never doubted your loyalty and the promises you make because you are a military man who stands tall; the spear of the country and the shield of the people!

“What are you doing, help… wuwwwwuuuw…:” She acted horrified as she watched the person charge towards her and cover when her mouth. Her throat made muffled sounds as she was kidnapped in this dimly lit street without any pedestrians.

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From the earmic came Ye Jian’s faint voice, then a sound of movement, before it became silent.

Xia Jinyuan calmly told Xu Yu, “The plan remains unchanged, we’ll leave the safety of the kidnapped student to Ye Jian.”

“…” Xu Yu’s palms turned clammy, “I believe you, hence, I believe in Ye Jian too.”

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