Chapter 183- Neirlar’s Last Will and Testament

Neirlar examined the blood on his claws as he thought about all the insects he just killed to protect his people. His strength is boundless compared to those weaklings, but they dealt him harder mental blows then physical. When he saw the dead bodies of his family, his sanity broke and he went on a rampage. He only stopped when he saw the sad state that his son was in while protecting the young.

Neirlar is an old dragon4dragonspecies nearing the end of his life; even a rank-up won’t change that.

Before he met KMega6KMegacharacter and Astrid7Astridcharacter, and long before his sister died; he has been looking for a successor. Electra was the most promising and Lazar had hidden potential, but he could now choose neither. He had two choices; either let a blood feud happen or just name a successor. However, he now only had one option; leave the mantle of responsibility to the only blood kin he had left.

“My wives, my children, my lord, Duke KMega, my friends, and my family! He killed them all! My wives, my children…” (Lazar)

Lazar kept repeating himself as his father turned around to leave. Since Lazar is now a full-fledged dragon, Neirlar thought that it was the right decision to have his revenge. With the last fragments of his sanity, Lazar flew away from the floating island to exact his revenge.

By the authority of the Dragon King, Neirlar was granted elder status to handle the case of infant dragons being killed by human hands. The Dragon King even authorized him to burn a country to the ground for revenge, but he wasn’t going to do that to Eastguard. First of all, they aren’t responsible, they’re both victims in this case. Secondly, he knows that they’re rather trustworthy. This is why he used the last bit of his rationality to kamikaze into the carriage holding the enemy leader. As his death song played, the words that his son spoke rang throughout his mind.

That was the last thing Neirlar was aware of as his death song, the last words of his son, rang fresh in his mind….

When the fighting was over, Yowlo rushed over to the other two hard points of the town; the mercenary guild and the academy. Since she’s familiar with a priests power, Silent sent her best tank to the church. With Yowlo continuously healing him, the mercenary lived up to his reputation of being able to block hundreds of attack. Since the academy is rather far away from their position and a lot of the teachers are ex-soldiers, Silent sent a smaller force there. However, after regrouping with Yowlo and seeing all the dead bodies littered across the streets, she quickly realized that she underestimated the enemy. That’s when she noticed Lazar in a terribly wounded state being treated by several women. The other women around them were caring for the crying dragonians. However, once they noticed the two academy buildings ablaze, they realized that their current location wasn’t very safe.

Lazar had noticed their arrival and lifted his head a little bit to speak, “Silent, assign a guard to the lair. None shall enter!” (Lazar)

Silent jumped at his cold and lifeless tone that was completely different to the gentle and carefree one that she heard so much about. As for Yowlo, Lazar doesn’t have the authority to order around someone from the church, but the look he gave his children told Yowlo everything.

In the near future, this incident will be recorded in Sword Kingdom as one of the games darkest moments. Just as in the early life of games, a game wide funeral of an MMORPG, a wedding happening in an FPS, or a race wipe in a certain TTMMORPG, the most memorable moments that were planned to be solemn or heartwarming became tragedies due to the ill intent of players.

There are a few unspoken golden rules in games that all players must abide by. With over 200 years of history, these rules are now commonplace. If anyone ever breaks them, then you will be public enemy number one in every game you ever play.

Your IGN will be used as the name for many villains in the future and you will be ostracized.

Only allowed on

The golden rule that Kyl broke is to never abuse the trust of the player base.

Dear Readers. Scrapers have recently been devasting our views. At this rate, the site (creativenovels .com) might...let's just hope it doesn't come to that. If you are reading on a scraper site. Please don't.

In the eyes of all players, he did more damage than a hacker or con-artist.

He didn’t do anything illegal, but he broke their trust since they pinned their names on him while he conducted such a travesty.

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