Chapter 184- Feeling Betrayed

KMega6KMegacharacter interacted with his fans for well over 3 hours as the time dilation caught up to his death and he had to leave to cook dinner. When he passed by her in the room, KMega decided to leave Astrid7Astridcharacter alone while she worked on her private project. Elsa, Adams, and Brian were as cheerful as normal, but Winter was slightly depressed. She was containing herself when she heard about the events that occurred while 112% was with the Dark Sky brood. However, Emma, who is the strong silent type, couldn’t help but grab KMega’s arm and start crying as she said, “I am so sorry!” (Emma)

Her words caught the others by surprise. They knew that after the war, Emma’s toon went to Karma Sky Island. She’s a smart and clever girl, but very private and reclusive. The others have never seen her act like this.

“You didn’t break that girls heart, did you?” (Adams)

KMega ignored him as he spoke to Jenny, “Jenny, change the channel on the main screen to 1337.” (KMega)

The TV flickered before displaying a news anchor and demihumans being massacred.

“About four hours ago; the Crimson Phoneix guild arrived at Karma Sky Island in the game Sword Kingdom and began the largest virtual massacre in the last ten years. They arrived under the flag of peace and negotiation for the unjust seizure of player companions; a relatively new feature of Green Corporation games. It has come to light that this guild and many other large guilds kept it secret that you can begin a questline in the church to come in contact with your companions again. This goes along with an update…” (News Anchor)

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KMega then pushed the mute button as he threw his spatula across the room and it clattered against the wall. No one said anything as he walked outside.

Since Emma is the only source of first-hand information, she told them everything that happened in the game.

A whole day flew by as Astrid dived into her research. When her timer went off, she logged out of her private server and returned to the game. When she got in, she could only see KMega asleep on the bed, so she washed up and got dressed. Neirlar, Lazar, and everyone in his brood was gone. As for those outside, a massive funeral fire was still burning. All of the lizardmen were kneeling at the base of the lair when Astrid walked out. One of them stood up and prostrated in front of her before speaking, “Benevolent one, we of the blood tear tribe have failed you. We were only able to slay seventeen of the wicked ones while defending a mere few hundred.” (Lizardman)

Astrid didn’t even look at the lizardman as she responded, “If circumstances were better, a lot more could have been saved. You did well saving the ones you have. Return to the shade of your trees; you will not be punished.” (Astrid)

The other lizardmen shifted their bodies and prostrated in front of her as well.

“No, my lord! We shall not bask in the shade of trees while our Lord is unguarded. We shall remain in town and perform our duty.” (Lizardman)

She took a deep breath as she sighed to herself.

“Don’t be a fool of the swamp. Your body breaks and bleeds under the high sun. If you want to be a soldier of the sky, then you must learn to adapt to the sun. If you want to guard my lair, you must be a warrior like my mate is and be able to fight under the sun all day every day without rest or water. Until you can do that, you aren’t worthy of directly serving as our guards.” (Astrid)

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The lizardman swallowed loudly. They have simple AI, but it understood what she was saying.

If you aren’t able to do the job, then you can’t have it. The lizardman was a fool of the swamp living in the clouds. The birth of another power has just occurred, but that was inconsequential at this point in time.

Astrid then dismissed the lizardmen as a few other people brought them water and started treatment. The next person to arrive was Supreme Commander Luke. He was informed of what happened, so he felt very regretful. The Bishop of Eastguard and Senator Direrivia arrived a short time later.

“Why didn’t you come!? My mate called you for help!” (Astrid)

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