Chapter 185- Sorrow Of A Nation

The three of them had no words; no excuses, no alibis, no reasons. KMega6KMegacharacter’s dragon4dragonspecies cry could have been heard for dozens of miles, well within the reach of Jork Fortress.

Even considering the time to gather men to ride, they wasted half their time being uncertain. They were only near halfway to arriving at the magic formation when they befell the events of the great dragon’s death dive. All three of them felt like something was wrong, but the Bishop felt it the most. However, they failed to act even though they were in the city. Luke was in command and mobilized the army, so he at least had the excuse that he couldn’t move hastily and leave the city unsupervised. However, the other two didn’t have any excuses.

It was worse for the Bishop though because he’s the direct cause of the strife with the players.

Astrid7Astridcharacter lowered her head in disappointment. She can understand why her love doesn’t want to play anymore. What use is money without happiness?

“All my mate wanted was an easier life. He wanted to settle down and rest for a while. Direrivia, my mate saved you and countless others during the war. He then risked everything to stay standing. Right after that, he built an army from scratch without sparing any expenses. Only during his training with my uncle and our wedding did he have some rest, but the dragon trials aren’t kind. Then the demon war happened. When it ended, we thought our days of peace might have finally come…” (Astrid)

Suddenly, a tear fell from her eye before turning her back to the three of them and commanded, “Take the survivors and leave my island! Until the day my mate returns, no one from the surface is permitted here. You have two days.” (Astrid)

The town became eerily silent in a matter of days. The only people left on the island were Astrid and the lizardmen. Lazar took his father’s title to seek a worthy successor for the Dark Sky brood, taking his siblings with him. As for his children, he left them with his wives. The survivors of the group that Astrid allowed to stay if they so wished moved to the smaller town below. As for all others; the entirety of Eastguard heard what happened and the coming attack from the empire was met with enraged soldiers. It wasn’t hard for them to piece together a surprise attack in the turmoil. The fact they’re taking advantage of a nation in sorrow is proof of their involvement.

A week passed IRL with KMega never logging into Sword Kingdom. He devoted his time to his job as a beta tester. Astrid was mopy the whole time and ignored the others with an agitated expression. The others stayed clear until the front door opened during dinner. They were told that a new member of the GSP would be joining them, but they had no idea who.

Emma brightened up immediately after seeing who it was. It was the Martian they partnered up within the public tournament; the priest is known as Yowlo in-game, Lewis.

Lewis was surprised when Emma blushed before walking over to him and showing him to the others, surprising the others since it was so out of character, “Hey guys, some of you might remember Lewis. We’ve been talking in-game and he wanted to join the GSP pro team.” (Emma)

Lewis bowed. “I’m honored, seniors. I am Lewis, YOWLO is saint candidate for the church.” (Lewis)

Lewis looked squarely in KMega’s eyes before asking, “You haven’t returned? Eastguard is in turmoil! The Markwell Empire is attacking!” (Lewis)

KMega paused before closing his eyes.

“What purpose do I have to continue playing the game?” (KMega)

Lewis opened his fanny pack/utility belt thing and pulled out a photo.

It was the photo of a dark knight wearing a drake fang around his neck. KMega quickly pulled it from his grasp before dropping it and rushing up to his room.

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Adams picked it up from the floor and had a confused look on his face as he asked, “What’s so special about this dude? He looks like a bog standard dark knight to me.” (Adams)

Lewis shook his head as he responded, “Incorrect! He’s an NPC that god KMega… Kevin cares for the most, even more than Astrid.” (Lewis)

Astrid was annoyed by his words, but she didn’t deny them. The photo of Kieser was as clear as day as KMega instantly recognized his face and the drake fang necklace.

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Lewis knew KMega even better than Astrid, which she didn’t like.

However, she also respected him for it.

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