Chapter 144: Capturing the Culprit

When Luo Fei Yan heard Su Ke2Su KeMain Character take charge, she was rather surprised as she asked, “Do you have a solution already?”

“Eh!” Black lines appeared on Su Ke’s head as he continued, “I haven’t thought of anything! However, Sister Yan, you don’t need to worry so much! I feel like this Wu Yi Ren won’t be able to escape! Maybe in 2 days, he would already be captured for interrogation!”

Even though he said that, Su Ke still felt anxious. There was always the “wish” reward task that he needed to finish. If he could complete it, would this problem be solved?
When will he be able to get Li Fei Fei’s first kiss!?

The world is full of coincidences. Just as Su Ke thought about Li Fei Fei, his phone started ringing. When he pulled it out, it was actually Li Fei Fei calling.
Her voice floated through the speaker, “Wei! Su Ke!”
“En!” Su Ke unconsciously glanced at Luo Fei Yan next to him and realized that she was looking at him with enthusiasm as she raised her ears. She looked at him with astute eyes and raised an eyebrow as she leaned forward and quietly asked, “Who is that? Your girlfriend?”
“She’s just my schoolmate!”

He grinned helplessly as he thought about how his boss likes to gossip.

“Wei! Su Ke, I’m talking to you! Are you listening?” Li Fei Fei’s voice went up by a few degrees as she finished speaking. He could almost sense her impending explosion through the phone.

“What is it?” Su Ke squeezed out a smile at Luo Fei Yan before listening to Li Fei Fei continue, “Come to school right now, I’m waiting at the gates for you!”
“Ah? Now? I’m not free now!”

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After all, he needed to return to Fang Fei Yi Ren1Fang Fei Yi RenThe beauty parlour Su Ke works at and the one Luo Fei Yan owns; it wasn’t even time for him to clock out.
“Little brother Su, you can go! Elder Sister will give you a day off!”

Luo Fei Yan gave him an understanding look and winked.
Fortunately, Du Wan was too tightly scrutinized by her mother and the devil training has already ended for the day.

Since he had permission, Su Ke returned to Fang Fei Yi Ren and grabbed his bike before heading to school.

Su Ke stopped at the school gates and asked Li Fei Fei, “What’s so urgent!?” Only after he finished speaking did he notice that there was an unfamiliar next to her.

Li Fei Fei was wearing exercise clothes that made her look very refreshing. The other girl looked conspicuously hot wearing a light blue halter top and denim hotpants. She had two pearly white thighs and looked to be Li Fei Fei’s peer. Also, their chests were about the same size.
When the girl saw Su Ke, it was quite different from what she imagined, so she sounded rather suspicious as she asked, “Fei Fei, this is the helper you found?”
Li Fei Fei quickly introduced her, “That’s right! Su Ke, this is my good friend, Zhou Yu Hui!” She then pointed at a black Volkswagen Golf as she continued, “Didn’t you say you didn’t have a car? I’ll lend you that one for today!”
“Ah?” Su Ke was stunned.

His mouth twitched as he asked, “You managed to get one so fast?”

“Hey! What’s with your expression!? Are you looking down on my car? Have you never heard of the Volkswagen Steel Cannon!?”

You can’t be distracted by her fluttering long hair, this girl talks in rapid-fire sentences and is a bit aggressive.
Li Fei Fei could sense that she was a bit hostile towards Su Ke, so she quickly mediated and handled the situation, “Alright, alright! Don’t fight, let’s quickly get in first!”

His steps were heavy as he walked towards the car. She felt really nervous, but there was also a hint of excitement. For a person who has expert level driving skills, this would be a piece of cake, but for someone who has never touched a vehicle before, it was rather daunting.
While sitting in the driver’s seat, Su Ke felt his legs go soft.

However, when he grabbed the wheel, his blood seemed to burn.

Su Ke, who had the driving skill (expert), had found himself in a wondrous state.
He was already familiar with starting the car, so he turned the key with his right hand. However, it didn’t move, causing him to frown and try again, but it still didn’t work.

Zhou Yu Hui, who was sitting in the back seat with Li Fei Fei, suddenly shouted, scaring Su Ke, “Wei, do you actually know how to start a car? The steering wheel is locked, so what are you starting!?”
Su Ke’s face flushed red with embarrassment as he responded, “Eh! Sorry, I’ve never driven this car before!”

Don’t even mention driving this kind of car; he’s never touched a car before in his entire life.

He took a deep breath as he calmed down.

Zhou Yu Hui didn’t care about Su Ke as she straightforwardly said, “Fei Fei, who did you find? Using this standard of person to race with Zuo Ming Ming? Aren’t you waiting to be embarrassed!?”

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“Yu Hui, don’t say that! Let Su Ke familiarize himself with it first!”

When Li Fei Fei heard what her best friend said, her face didn’t look so good.

She pouted and wanted to explain how the car works to Su Ke, but she then saw his fingers suddenly twitch. He quickly twisted the wheel with his hand and turned the key with the other.

The car rumbled as the clutch loosened and it shifted into gear. Su Ke’s movements were as smooth as water. Before Li Fei Fei could speak, the Volkswagen Golf slowly moved forward and onto the road. Su Ke’s anxiety slowly shifted into excitement. His entire body slowly relaxed as he started to enjoy himself. The sun was setting, so the streetlights lit up.

The streets weren’t as crowded after peak hours, but manual cars will still test the skill level of the driver. When Su Ke changed gears, it was very smooth and his movements were naturally relaxed as his eyes focused ahead.
Li Fei Fei sat at the back and could only see Su Ke’s delicate and pretty side.

When she saw his serious attitude and body that carried boundless confidence, she heaved a sigh of relief. However, she unconsciously blushed.

There was then a voice that said that having such a boyfriend wasn’t so bad!

Zhou Yu Hui once again exhibited her clever and eloquent quality as she urged on Su Ke,
“Wei, can you drive any faster!? Are you a snail?”

When he heard her words, he unconsciously pressed harder on the gas pedal, causing the car to quickly speed up. At the moment of acceleration, Su Ke suddenly saw a silver-grey car slam into a bicycle. The girl riding on it was flung into the air.
Su Ke quickly stopped the car as he yelled, “A car accident!”

He then felt one of the car doors open as Li Fei Fei jumped out and ran towards the girl.

Su Ke originally wanted to jump out and help, but Zhou Yu Hui shouted at him before he could, “The car is leaving, chase after them!”

After she finished speaking, he heard a notification bell from the system.

“Task: Capture the perpetrators. Reward: Jeet Kune Do (Intermediate).”


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