Chapter 145: Speed and Fervor

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character was somewhat distracted as he turned to look at Li Fei Fei.

Li Fei Fei was already next to the girl, examining her to see if she had any injuries.

Zhou Yu Hui slapped the back of the seat and shouted at Su Ke, “Hurry up and chase him! Don’t let him get away!”
Su Ke recovered his senses as he said, “Sit tight!”

As expected, the silver-grey car had already pulled ahead by about 50 meters.

He then told Zhou Yu Hui to hang on before shifting gears and stepping on the gas.

The force threw Zhou Yu Hui back into her seat as they flew forward.

The silver-gray car quickly flew past a cross-section, but Su Ke didn’t hesitate as he pressed even harder on the gas.

However, just before he crossed, the light turned red and a truck was driving towards them.
Su Ke had already anticipated this though, so he quickly turned the steering wheel and the Volkswagen suddenly changed direction. He then lightly pressed on the brakes until they were past the truck and continued in their original direction.
His entire body was like a roly-poly as they changed directions. Su Ke held tightly onto the steering wheel and continuously changed gears as he chased the other car. Even though the roads weren’t very crowded, in order to intercept the car, Su Ke had to make use of every second and every inch of time and space to get through the traffic.

The Volkswagen Golf is indeed worthy of the name “Small Steel Cannon”. It was very fast and easy to control. The engine was continuously roaring in his ears as he drove.

However, one had to admire the technique of the perpetrator. Even though he wasn’t driving very straight, he still managed to safely pass through the intersections.
“D*mn!” Su Ke scolded himself in his heart as he once again slammed on the gas, causing the scenery to speed up. At this time, the pointer of the speedometer rose from 70 to 90.

It wasn’t that Su Ke couldn’t go faster, rather, he was worried that if he went fast, there would be an accident.
He didn’t know when, but he could now smell burnt rubber inside the car. The smell calmed him down as he gripped the steering wheel with one hand and the gear stick with the other.

He didn’t know how many red lights he passed, but the distance between them had decreased from 30m to 10m.

At the same time, in the hall of the 110 municipal police command center, all the CCTV cameras were transmitted on screen. However, the screen was now concentrated on Su Ke.
“Attention to all the officers near Ming Hua Street! An accident has occurred in the eastern section of Ming Hua street! The vehicle has escaped northwards. Features: a silver-gray Mazda sedan, car plate number: HB337. I repeat, a silver-gray Mazda sedan with car plate number: HB337. Cut off his escape!”
After hearing the call over dispatch, the command center immediately responded and dispatched a few officers. The leftovers watched the screens with interest. One of the officers that were watching suddenly pointed and yelled, “That car is chasing the suspect’s car!”

A Volkswagen Golf suddenly appeared on the screen that was quickly catching up and following the other car very closely.
The camera then switched to the cross-section. After the silver-gray car passed, the Volkswagen Golf saw the red light and was about to hit the truck but it quickly sped up. If it had hit the truck, the consequences would be unimaginable. It was a brave situation at first, but would it cause another traffic accident?

A few female officers screamed in fright and covered their mouths, too scared to look.
The other officers slapped their thighs as they exclaimed, “Amazing!”

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The Volkswagen had executed an unusual drifting motion and safely passed by the car.

They sighed in relief once they realized the signal didn’t cut out.

“The suspect’s vehicle has escaped to Tian Wen street! All nearby officers, please pay attention! Wait, he’s gone to Jian Hua street! Too fast, his speed is way too fast! We must immediately control him. Attention! The Volkswagen behind him is too close, they have already reached the industrial road!”
The monitoring screen constantly changed from one street to another as they drove by.

More than twenty people were standing around the command center, sweating helplessly and watching the Volkswagen close in on the car.

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As they drove into the industrial zone, there were fewer cars on the road. After passing some shops, the factory area appeared in front of Su Ke. His lips tilted slightly as he thought that he could now finally let go and use all of his strength.
As soon as he stepped fully onto the gas pedal, the Volkswagen seemed like it had been injected with chicken blood as it squealed and rushed forward. The distance between them immediately shortened to just one car. He didn’t let up on the gas though as he adjusted the trajectory of the car and finally brushed past the other car.
Su Ke screamed “It’s time!” as he twisted the steering wheel towards the other car and lightly pressed on the brakes. The back of the Volkswagen slammed into the head of the car.
At this moment, he heard someone say, “D*mn, there’s still someone behind us!” Su Ke completely forgot that Zhou Yu Hui was in the car as well, so he was rather surprised when he heard her voice. With the way he was driving and using the car as a battering ram, it was very easy for her to get hurt.

He looked in the rearview mirror and saw Zhou Yu Hui holding tightly onto the chair, her face entirely white, but she was still safe and sound. Only then did he heave a sigh of relief.
After such a light collision, the car in the back went out of control and their speed had slowed. Su Ke then let out a deep breath before slowing down and parking the car sideways.
Without waiting for the Volkswagen to stop, the silver-gray car suddenly braked with a “Creak!” and reversed, quickly retreating. However, before Su Ke could react, there was a “Bang!” as the
silver-gray car struck a tree next to the road, severely deforming the trunk.

Su Ke came to a complete stop and pushed open the door. Only then could he hear police sirens. He looked up and a standard police car was approaching them rather quickly.

It quickly stopped and two people alighted; a man and a woman. The man immediately rushed towards the silver-gray car that hit the tree, but the woman headed for them instead.
Su Ke stood by the Volkswagen and stared at the other car.

He then noticed a fat middle-aged man crawl out of the car, his face very red but uninjured.
At this moment, the female officer shouted at Su Ke, “Stop moving and raise your hands!”
Her voice didn’t lower as she shouted, “Don’t talk!”

Taking advantage of Su Ke’s stunned state, she grabbed his shoulder with one hand and grabbed his wrist with the other, pinning him against the door.
“What are you doing!?”

Even though Su Ke knew she was a cop, he couldn’t let himself suffer like this for no reason. “He’s the culprit, I was just preventing his escape!”

He struggled as he spoke, trying to break free of her hold.


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