Chapter 146: Policewoman Yang Pei Er

No matter how they framed it, Su Ke2Su KeMain Character going after the fleeing driver was originally brave and courageous. However, he was the one arrested in the end.
Even Su Ke, such a naive child, started fuming and was about to flip out.

The policewoman didn’t even ask as she pushed him against the door.

His body unconsciously reacted as he shook his waist; his right arm felt like electricity ran through it. His shoulder and elbow joints shifted, breaking away from her hold as he turned around.
Just as Su Ke turned around, the policewoman was in a defensive posture as she aggressively questioned him, “What do you want to do? Attack the police?”

She was wearing a sky-blue half-sleeved shirt that wrapped up her big chest. On the left side of her chest, she had an alarm, while the right side held a badge.

Between her two peaks was a dark blue tie and she was wearing a belt at the hem of her shirt.

Her outfit looked very cool and smart.
The policewoman was also quite tall. She looked to be around 1.6-1.8 meters tall and was quite young, around her early twenties.

She had bangs, a ponytail, and thick eyebrows. She was staring at Su Ke with frosty eyes.
Su Ke frowned and had an ugly expression on his face as he yelled, “Are you kidding me!? I helped you guys catch the perpetrator!”
The policewoman wasn’t afraid as she cocked her waist and spoke with her chest almost touching Su Ke, “Then you were already speeding! You probably don’t know, but you’ve disturbed the traffic order, so you’re also a criminal!”

Su Ke unconsciously stepped back and pressed his back against the door with an “Eh!”

He couldn’t be strong in front of her. After hearing such words, he understood her logic and his tone became milder.
“You still can’t just arrest me without evidence! If you want to arrest someone, arrest that guy, okay!?”

However, the policewoman wouldn’t compromise as she spoke with an obstinate look on her face, “You still need to return to the bureau with me!”
At this moment, the police officer who got out when she did walked over, dragging the suspect with him.

He shouted as he walked towards them, “Yang Pei Er, let’s go! This guy’s drunk, so let’s take him back to do an alcohol test!”

Su Ke turned towards his voice and looked at the driver. He was probably around 40, and his face was entirely red, making him look drunk. As he was pulled by the officer, he looked like he was about to fall over. Additionally, he kept mumbling incoherently.
The female officer pointed at Su Ke before saying, “I have to bring him along!”
“He helped us, let him go!”

Su Ke heaved a sigh of relief and started to calm down after he heard his words.

However, before he could react, he heard an opposing voice, “We can’t do that! He disrupted public order, we can’t just let him go!”
Right after she finished, the Volkswagen car door opened and a pale Zhou Yu Hui stumbled out. With one hand on the door, she spoke very clearly to the female officer, gradually getting angrier as she continued, “Wei! Didn’t you get it wrong!? Is it wrong for us to take action in the face of injustice? You guys should have appeared earlier! If we couldn’t catch up, the girl in the accident would have just been hit for nothing! If something like this happens again, who would want to help you? Are you new here!?”

Like she hit the nail on the head, the policewomen flushed red and raised her hackles.

Zhou Yu Hui then waved her phone around as she said, “I just gave your chief a call! Just wait!”
As if to confirm Zhou Yu Hui’s words, just as her voice dropped, the policeman’s phone rang.

He released the driver and quickly answered his phone, “Wei. Chief Li, I’m Xiao Zhang. Yes, yes, we’re at the scene right now. Yes, yes, okay! I understand!”

Yang Pei Er stood to the side and huffed. She knew that the chance to bring Su Ke back was over. Her eyes were like knives as she stared at Su Ke like she couldn’t wait to chop off a bit of meat.
At this moment, the drunk driver suddenly turned and ran. Even though Su Ke wasn’t staring at him, his body reacted instead as he pointed his legs towards him and rushed forward.

Su Ke had a burst of speed as he grabbed the man by his collar, wanting to send him flying.

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He then suddenly felt something quickly approaching from behind.

He quickly turned around and saw officer Yang Pei Er, like a hungry tiger pouncing on her prey, rushing towards him.
Yang Pei Er was slightly slower than Su Ke when she noticed the driver, but she was smart. Since her initiative was slower, it was better to just directly pounce. She pushed off both her legs and threw her body into the air. Only then did she realize that Su Ke had put the driver down.
However, before she could react, her body had already collided with Su Ke’s, toppling them both over. Su Ke was dazed. He originally wanted to fling the driver away, but he was too slow to avoid her.
Su Ke shook his hand and looked at Yang Pei Er on top of him, “Wei! Don’t you think you should get up already!?” He didn’t know what mental disease this girl had, but pouncing on someone like a hungry tiger is definitely crazy! This situation was definitely embarrassing!

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Yang Pei Er’s entire face was flushed red when she heard what Su Ke said. She tried to get up, but she suddenly felt a numbness in his chest that seemed to drain her of all her strength.

She finally managed to push herself up a bit before she fell back onto Su Ke.
“Eh!” Only then did Su Ke realize that his hands were outstretched and gripped onto her rabbits.

Since he wanted to push Yang Pei Er off, he reached for her body, but he missed in the confusion.
“En!” In order to verify his thoughts, Su Ke squeezed a few times. Yes, they were rabbits.

The two rabbits were shrinking and expanding in his hands; they were very elastic, soft, and tight. After he verified the truth, Su Ke was momentarily shocked before looking at Yang Pei Er. Her eyes were red and her breathing was very erratic as she gritted her teeth. Her breath was very warm on his face. Fortunately, she finally pushed herself off of him.
Just as Su Ke was shocked this girl hadn’t flipped out, there was a sudden pain between his legs. Cold air suddenly rushed into his brain.

It turns out; when Yang Pei Er got up, she used her knee to push down and squash his bird.

Is she trying to kill me!?

Su Ke clenched his fists tightly and took a deep breath.

Only then did he squash his need to scream, but he still felt angry in his heart.

Zhou Yu Hi ran over and noticed Su Ke’s pale face, so she asked, “Su Ke, are you alright?”
“Eh! I’m okay!”

Su Ke then exerted a lot of strength to stand up and saw Yang Pei Er take two steps forward, rushing towards the driver who had fallen over.______________________________________________________________________________________________
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