Chapter 183: The Bold Little Fox

That bold little fox, she really wasn’t afraid.

Hiding in the shadows, Xia Jinyuan chuckled deeply while waiting for the signal. A relaxed look emerged between his elegant eyebrows. “Good. You should be careful, too.”

Since she wanted to fight her own way out, he would give her the chance to do so, and he would clear up the obstacles outside before she came out, ensuring her safety.

Gao Yiyang, who was standing near Ye Jian’s left side, slowly sat down. His gaze landed on her ears, staring at them intensely. “…You can contact someone outside.” He was extremely certain of it.

“Indeed, I can.” Ye Jian pulled up her untied raven black hair, revealing the small black earmic. “It’s the men from our military; they’re outside right now. After they handle everything outside before twelve, they’ll come to get us.”

Hearing that, Gao Yiyang trembled slightly before shutting his eyes. When he opened them again, he was trying his best to conceal the self-mockery in his handsome eyes. “So, now we just wait, right?” Then, why did you just say, “If I could, I would want to leave on my own”?

He wanted to ask, but he couldn’t voice his question out.

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She could have contacted people outside, but during their excruciating wait in that one hour, she decided to stay silent and not tell him.

What did that mean? Did it mean that she didn’t trust him? Or did it mean that he… wasn’t even worth wasting her breath upon to utter an extra sentence?

This type of hopelessness made Gao Yiyang feel immense frustration.

There wasn’t just hopelessness in his tone; it even contained a hint of anger in it. Ye Jian squinted her eyes slightly. Then she looked at him lightly and laughed faintly, “I didn’t tell you because if they didn’t contact us, you would only feel more anxious. Now, I’m not hiding it from you because I’m telling you that someone is coming to save us. All we need to do is wait patiently and calmly.”

She paused, and she saw that he was trying his best to to conceal his extreme emotions with indifference and coldness. The faint smile at the corner of her lips became more prominent. “If no one had contacted me, then this communication device would be useless!”

Her meaning was that instead of causing him to have hope from the start, wouldn’t it be better if he didn’t have any hope from the start?

Because when your hopes are shattered, you will be the only one hurt in the end.

Gao Yiyang, who had a stiff expression, started slumping and lowering his gaze. His shoulders, which were usually upright and straight, sunk gently.

He already had no words. Everything that she had considered was far from what he would have thought about.

At times that would have made others shattered and depressed, she still thought about caring for his feelings… Gao Yiyang had his head buried, and he started laughing bitterly.

It was like what his dad had said. His so-called ‘intelligence’ and inviolable ‘self-respect’ were actually nothing but a joke.

He did not continue asking about anything else. Ye Jian also stopped speaking. Whether or not he could understand her was up to him, and she believed that she had already made herself clear enough.

Time gradually went by. At 10:30pm, Red Scorpion appeared near the KTV, and a trembling student was walking alongside him. “Pass through here. Remember, deliver the goods in one hand, money in other! If you don’t get the money, you don’t have to come back.”

The boy’s lips started trembling. Although he wanted to say something else, when he saw the ferocity on Red Scorpion’s face, he hugged the black bag in his arms tightly and walked towards the other end, which was filled with sin, step by step.

He did not turn his head. Red Scorpion, who never traded in person, would never allow him to turn back!

“They’re here, Nick.” Someone closed the open window and notified Nick, who was waiting for the package inside the KTV. He was the main target whom the Interpol needed to capture. “He even made his own students send the package.”

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Nick, who was smoking a cigar, took in a deep breath, and a fierce viciousness appeared on his rough face. His scarred, muscular arms were crossed on his chest, revealing the green beast head tattooed on his forearm. “Tell him that my patience is limited.”

That means that he wanted Red Scorpion to deliver the package himself.

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