Chapter 184: In Danger

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They were both venomous snakes, cautiously coming out of their caves before showing their fangs. The whole process happened very subtly without them leaving a trace, so they would not not be caught by anyone.

But from Nick’s standpoint, after the Vietnamese student’s accident not long ago, he no longer wanted a third party being a part of their trade.

Red Scorpion didn’t want to leave any evidence behind, and he also didn’t want to lose the goods.

The heavy metal music continued playing indoors. People came and left. Xia Jinyuan2Xia JinyuanProtagonist; Codename Q King; Member of an Elite Platoon and Xu Yu used their fluent Japanese to infiltrate the club which was filled with bright lights and permeated with the scent of perfume and sweat mixed together.

Red Scorpion’s silhouette was right in front of them, and his student stood in front of him. Even though a minor just entered this world of adults, his entry didn’t seem like it drew much attention.

Outside, the men from Interpol were busy setting up. It hadn’t even been two minutes since the Red Scorpion had entered the bar when Xia Jinyuan appeared in the back kitchen of the bar like a cheetah walking out of the grasslands. He silently took down a baker with a huge physique who wore a long white toque.

When he reappeared, he wore the white chef uniform. Tied around his waist was a white cloth, and he wore a white toque while entering the kitchen. He gently tapped the shoulder of a chef who was decorating a plate of dessert, “Hey, is this done?”

“Okay…” The confectioner who was just about to turn his head was met with a heavy blow to the back of his neck. Yet another confectioner had been taken care of with a hit.

Suddenly, the fire alarm blared. Thick smoke emerged from the back kitchen. The confectioners working in the bar slumped to the floor, waiting for the Interpol to drag them away.

“Cleanup complete.” In the kitchen, Xia Jinyuan took off his disguise of the clean white chef outfit, crumpling it into a mess before throwing it into a pot of boiling water along with the hat… disinfecting while destroying evidence. It was a good method.

Two smoke grenades were thrown inside, and the whole kitchen’s smoke alarm immediately blared, then… the KTV’s fire alarm started ringing.

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The ear-piercing siren wasn’t muffled in the least by the heavy metal music. Because  a towel dipped with alcohol was ignited and thrown on the hallway towards the kitchen door, the people dancing heard the siren and smelled something burning. While screams started screeching, there was chaos among the crowd.

The Interpol members, who were mixed into the crowd, were controlling the scene, acting as if they were customers experienced at escaping. They were guiding the screaming crowd away from the danger.

The bouncers working in the bar charged towards the kitchen when the alarms rang. Xia Jinyuan and Xu Yu had been waiting for them long ago and swiftly made the first move, taking care of them before they had even pulled out their pistols.

Upstairs, Nick took a call from his bodyguard midtrade. “There’s a fire? You’re sure?”

He only uttered that sentence when Red Scorpion, who was prepared to pass him the goods, acted swiftly and gathered the bag back into his arms. Then seemingly without hesitation, he rushed towards the exit.

This was an extremely alert venomous snake, and any unforeseen circumstances would make him retreat back into his cave immediately.   

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Outside, the sound of police sirens were like an unfamiliar intruder in this place, shattering the extravagance of King’s Cross district. The police were announcing their arrival and warning the criminals that they were already surrounded.

The Chinese military outside heard the police sirens ring without forewarning. Their faces changed dramatically, and they contacted Xia Jinyuan immediately. “Q King, the Interpol acted presumptuously! They sounded the alarms! You have to be careful!”

The Chinese faction had only sent out five military personnel for the mission, Two of them were watching Red Scorpion from the outside; Xia Jinyuan and Xu Yu were inside the hotel, and Ye Jian1Ye JianProtagonist and the Child of a Late Heroine was mixed in among the students. It could be said that they cooperated together really well, but… they met a group of self-righteous people from the Interpol!

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