Chapter 185: She Opened Fire

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After he had heard the message from his comrades outside, Xia Jinyuan2Xia JinyuanProtagonist; Codename Q King; Member of an Elite Platoon’s handsome face instantly displayed a shocked expression. “Switch to the shared channel!” According to the plan, the Interpol could only reveal themselves after they had found Ye Jian1Ye JianProtagonist and the Child of a Late Heroine and Gao Yiyang!

Now, after their plans had been messed up by those dumb*sses, even Xia Jinyuan, who had good self-restraint, wanted to beat them up.

After switching to the shared communication channel, Xia Jinyuan contacted Ye Jian immediately.

The pandemonium resounded through the earmic. Ye Jian, who had also heard the sirens from outside, no longer sat on the floor. Instead, she stood up on her feet. “Roger! Don’t worry about me, I found a handgun. I am capable of self-defense!”

She found a handgun? Xia Jinyuan crouched on the second floor stair entrance and stayed alert; Xu Yu stood atop on a high stool that he found from god knew where, and both of his hands were fumbling at the emergency exit sign. Before two minutes had passed, he made an ‘ok’ sign to Xia Jinyuan.

Xia Jinyuan nodded his head slightly and made an advancing signal. He could hear from her voice that she was smiling. “Good job, little lass! We’re now on the second floor. The lower floors are completely surrounded by the Interpol. You two can escape from the window.”

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Hearing his cold voice, Ye Jian turned off the lights in the lighted room, then crossed over to Gao Yiyang’s side who was startled awake, and walked towards the window.

Bang!  Ye Jian fired at the window with a cold gaze, and the tempered glass made a tsisk sound after being penetrated by the bullet. Following that, cobweb-like cracks appeared all over the glass.

Lifting her leg, Ye Jian gently kicked the glass. When a footprint appeared on the cracked glass, Ye Jian turned around and said towards Gao Yiyang, “Take off your shirt and give it to me, fast!” She couldn’t guarantee that no one was underneath the window, so they could only use their bare hands to dig the glass into the room.

Since the moment Ye Jian pulled out her gun and fired away, the expression that appeared on Gao Yiyang’s was not only shocked, it was also still shell-shocked.

Ye Jian screamed at him, and so he could only obey her commands. He took off his short-sleeved uniform and watched her wrap his shirt around her hands. One of her fingers went through the bullet hole, then she pulled it towards the room.

The whole piece of glass shattered in the room just by Ye Jian’s gentle pull, and the sound of glass shards could be heard across the room. What was left of the window was the frame that would allow only one person to pass through at any given moment.

Outside, they did not install any security nets like back in China. The flashing police lights lit up the inside of the room with flashes of brightness. Ye Jian growled at Gao Yiyang who had stopped moving, “Hurry, jump out of the window and leave!”

Gao Yiyang, who was still stunned by the gunshot, heard her growl, and he instantly came back to his senses and rushed towards the window. “Okay, follow closer!”

“Put on your shirt.” Ye Jian did not speak much, and she threw the shirt in her hands back towards its owner. “Move faster, don’t panic. Everyone outside is working for the Interpol.”

Footsteps starting resounding outside, then two shots were fired until the door lock fell off. Ye Jian noticed that something was off and swiftly loaded her handgun with bullets. Then she pulled Gao Yiyang and hid behind the door.

After the door had been kicked open, multiple silhouettes which emitted bloodlust rushed into the room without any light.

He charged towards what was left of the window, looked back towards his comrades, and shouted, “F*ck you.” He turned around and yelled at his companions at the door, “God d*mnit! They escaped!”

Sounds of swearing kept coming out, while the man who stood by the door raised his hand up. He pointed behind the door and counted from one to three using his fingers. He then sharply flicked on the light switch, making light reappear in the room originally shrouded in darkness.

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