Chapter 188- Culling Of Corruption

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“By the gods! He’s returned!” (Mage)

This seemingly random line from one of the artillery mages caused a spark among the others as they stopped their assault to look at the knight or bend the knee. By the time he passed by the archers, the rear line was already kneeling. The only mages still standing were the ones casting protection magic. The barrier that normally failed was now suddenly solidified into an impenetrable fortress. The knight took a few more steps forward as the mages cleared a path.

The general of the Markwell Empire that was leading the invasion was a newer, less experienced general. It wasn’t the great Marcus Davis Glorihouse the III. The generals’ thoughts were simple, “Is that a royal procession in the middle of battle!?!?” (Empire General)

Depending on who a person was, the presence of an individual in a video game can have astronomical effects. A pirate king will create order in the chaos of the most notorious outlaw bands. A lich king will strengthen the undead to the point holy magic can be nullified. A king will make his soldiers loyalty unwavering. When a hero steps on the battlefield, there is no cheers or praise. The weaker fodder merely stepped out of the way with a smile on their face and let the big man do the talking. Even with the words, blades, and magic; the hundreds of screaming soldiers wasn’t for the whisper of a hero.

When the knight got to the front, the shields and swords that were being used to cover all the gaps in their lines loosened, so the Empire took the opportunity to fill the void and strike at the new entity. However, what they attacked was a dragon4dragonspecies. Their eyes glazed over with fear as they stared in shock. A soldier who was once an archer but demoted to a foot soldier, dropped his weapon in shock as he said, “The berserker of the blood fields….” (Scared Soldier)

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He then screamed like a little girl and tried to force his way through his comrades.

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He was the archer that witnessed KMega6KMegacharacter ascend to godhood during the tournament of the gods. When they heard his words, the entire front line of the Empire took a step back every time KMega took a step forward. He was outside the protection of the Eastguard army when he finally grabbed the greatsword off his back and proceeded to plant it in the ground.

“I know it’s not your fault…” (KMega)

The soldiers from both sides looked at him blankly. However, that didn’t last, as Astrid7Astridcharacter arrived shortly after when she heard what was going on. He didn’t argue with her though, as he knew he needed her help, but what came next was a much bigger shock,

“I know it’s not your fault….” (KMega)

“…The temptations of demons is great. Your leaders will not be spared, but to the unfortunate ones that have been cast down as nothing but fodder, I’ll give you a chance to surrender. I swear on the name of the church that I’ll spare you.”

The first people to arrive when they heard about KMega and Astrid was Berry and his companion angel, Lowlo. She came because of their influence in Eastguard and KMega’s connection to the church. In essence, it was a reminder of the patch notes and updates that KMega ignored when he logged in. KMega then looked behind him at an aerial fleet of large flying beasts flying towards them.

His gaze attracted the attention of the imperial soldiers as they stared on with shock before KMega continued, “On my word as a dragon, the Dragon King has cast war on corruption. You will either become cleansed in holy light or a dragons inferno.” (KMega)

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