Chapter 189- Paying It All Back With Kindness

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The Markwell empire had long struggled against the restraints of the church. It used no priests in its army or use any religious resources. It did not seek holy guidance in any matter. It even sought to lessen the church’s authority among the people. Still, despite hundreds of years of effort, many of its citizens still followed the edicts and teachings of the church, which was why, even though they would be enemies, no imperial was allowed to slay an enemy priest. The retribution would be that great. Now, when someone made a promise on behalf of the church, one known to be blessed by the gods, the soldiers who heard KMega6KMegacharacter’s comment faltered.

Worry tainted their hearts as they saw the dozen masses in the sky hurtle towards them.

The soldiers now knew these were dragon4dragonspeciess.

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The one who first fell to his knees was the same one who had dropped his weapon earlier.

“Please spare me.” (Soldier)

The first began a chain reaction throughout the entire army of foot soldiers. Most were kids who had been conscripted and trained a few weeks for basic combat skills. They lacked the will to die for the empire.

The God of War gazed upon the mortal realm with a smirk. He had watched KMega enough to know when the youth would be reckless. Thus, he asked an angel to remind the hero about the current situation. Indeed, much of what had happened was because the system management AI, the God of War, looked out for him. However, everything KMega received, he had earned—not gifted. For his indomitable will in seeking his AI friend, Keiser, he had earned the questline for what he sought, even if it had not been one, to begin with. The omega-level difficulty hinted to the obstacles he would face in order to complete it. Nevertheless, the God of War knew it would not be as easy as the first battlefield. The first battlefield the youth had run into had had only unknowing pawns but for KMega to pay them back with kindness was beyond the god’s imagination.

The god mused, “That young man really treasures the souls of this world.” (God of War)

He too had seen the youth valuing NPCs when most players did not. Most players would view an approaching army with such a deficiency of levels as an item-drop farm, but KMega asked for their surrender, which they gave. What was more was that KMega only stripped them of their demonic items, their standard issue army armor, their weapons, and a few other miscellaneous dangers, leaving their personal belongings alone. He even asked the people of Eastguard to feed and clothe them. And they did! They put aside their differences and did as asked of them. Toward lifelong enemies who would have butchered them without remorse, the people of Eastguard offered a hand of friendship. This made the God of War laugh. Yet, this was only the first trial of the last act. How it ended meant more than how it began to those who would remember it.

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People would later call KMega in the game world of Sword Kingdom a sole word, genius. He was a master of melee combat. He was excellent at countering ranged attacks. He was straightforward, gaining the admiration of all around him. He was a character of dignity and respect. Most of all, he could intimidate. Were a normal person to fight him, they would not even consider running away; they’d immediately surrender and beg for clemency. If his intimidation were the stick, then his kind and merciful attitude was the carrot. To a man without larger goals in the game, KMega’s ambition and drive were relentless. His clever wit outmatched the game’s mechanics time and time again, but even that could not keep him safe forever.

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Title: World of Expertsd | Tags: Cultivation, Second Chance
Synopsis: The online game <> entered the whole world. It's a game about territorial construction and war to reconstruct alternate history. Although it's virtual, it'll change the world. Shi Hao, an ordinary freshman, decided to bravely enter <> in order to gain the approval of his beloved goddess's elder brother. He, however, accidentally got a super skill at the beginning because of a strange game-helmet.

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