Chapter 186: I’ll cover the Back

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The man who didn’t leave the room pulled the door aside and saw whom he assumed were the two students who had escaped standing plastered against the wall.

Angrily, he raised his hand, and without choosing a victim, he attempted to slap Ye Jian. “B*tch! You…”

Gao Yiyang, who stood next to her, immediately jumped in to intercept the slap without a second. He thought that the opponent was armed.

Bang… The unfamiliar sound of gunshot resounded. The man who raised his hand suddenly stopped in place and fell down… This all occurred in thirty seconds.  

The other man who stood at the doorway became cautious. He immediately retreated out of the room and started shooting blindly into the room.

Gao Yiyang was so shocked that his spirit seemed to have left his body. He heard the gunshot and saw the man fall. A pool of blood was starting to form under the body. The once vicious Caucasian man had become… a bloodied man.

The man’s fingers were still twitching, and his eyes were not shut. He was also spewing blood from his mouth that trailed down his neck and drenched his thick beard.

Multiple shots were fired into the room. Bang! Bang! Gao Yiyang’s eyes widened as he forcefully moved his line of sight from the bloodied man to the bullet holes on the floor.

He clenched his fists tightly to the point that his entire body was stiff, but he still couldn’t stop his shaking.

Ye Jian didn’t have time to care what expression he had; the gun only had fifteen bullets. Her gaze quickly landed on the dead man’s hand… There was another handgun in his hand.

She needed that handgun…

The moment the shots ceased temporarily, Ye Jian turned her head and looked at the terrified Gao Yiyang. “I am currently covering for you, but you need to pick up the gun for me!”

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Unaware of how many more times he was going to be shocked tonight, Gao Yiyang gradually shifted his line of sight towards Ye Jian, and he had a slightly unsteady expression in his eyes.

Just now… he witnessed Ye Jian shoot the kidnapper without flinching. She was so cold, calm, and practiced… as if she had experienced this multiple times.

Her actions showed that she was a veteran. Her eyes were cold… and her whole body was full of vigour. If she directed him to get the gun… he had no choice but to abide.

“Okay,” he lightly nodded as he stammered. He seemed to trust Ye Jian.

After firing back three times, Ye Jian was calculating how many bullets were left. She took a look back at the slightly opened door and told him thoughtfully, “You know taekwondo, don’t you? Use some of that agility. When I count to three, you will roll over to pick up the gun.”

“Okay.” Gao Yiyang swallowed his saliva. Cracks had appeared in his cold expression long ago. Under Ye Jian’s cold and severe eyes, he rallied again and gave a thumbs up. “Okay!”

Gunfights, killing… Ye Jian didn’t allow enough time for Gao Yiyang to recover from the shock. In that very moment, every second counted!

After lightly counting to three, she kicked the door open again. She dashed to the side of the opening and shot outside three times in a row.

The bullets passed through the door and hit the opponent’s left shoulder. A painful cry was heard. Gao Yiyang, who was so anxious that his palms were full of cold sweat, picked up the handgun, and after a few tumbles, he returned standing next to Ye Jian.

Ye Jian soon heard the sounds of gunshots and more frantic footsteps clearly in her ears through the recently made bullet holes on the door.

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thankyou for the chapter waiting for more


Thank god that she didn’t get kidnapped with somebody else