Chapter 187: An Intense Fight

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At the same time, Xia Jinyuan’s voice was transmitted through the earpiece, “Ye Jian, keep yourself composed and don’t make rash decisions! Just proceed like you would when you were target shooting.”

“Okay, I still have one person ambushing me outside. Please let my classmate leave first.” Ye Jian then took the gun from Gao Yiyang and told him in a composed voice, “I can’t leave at the moment. I have to cover the rear.”

She opened to check the magazine. Not bad, there are still thirteen bullets left.  She then looked at the Gao Yiyang who was drenched in sweat, and she didn’t wait for Xia Jinyuan to reply before pursing her lips. “You should leave from the windowsill. I’ll cover you.”


“I can’t do that,” Gao Yiyang refused briskly, “I won’t be able to calm down leaving you like this.”

Ye Jian raised her eyebrows and slightly laughed as she replied, “Did I seem afraid when I killed someone? Also, when I was returning fire while you were picking up the gun, you heard a scream, correct? That was from the bullet that I shot at his left shoulder.”

“I’ve already calculated and am confident that I won’t miss. Gao Yiyang, you have to leave. I can’t take care of you at the same time.”

Xia Jinyuan and the others were still at the bar when she heard the chatter from the local channels. Interpol’s police officers seemed to have rushed in without considering the safety of the Chinese soldiers’ lives!

Though there weren’t signs of movement or sound from outside, they couldn’t stay put.

Under’s Ye Jian’s urging, the pale Gao Yiyang walked towards the windowsill one step at a time, and she once again urged him with a colder and louder voice, “Go quickly!”

Gao Yiyang quickly grasped both his hands on the windowsill, and as if it were an innate skill, he jumped over and left the room. His palms were cut by the glass that caused waves of stinging pain, but it still wasn’t enough to wake him up from his daze.

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From the moment he grasped the water pipe to slide down and was rescued by the police officers… he was acting as if he were an empty shell.

Upstairs, Ye Jian wielded both handguns and forcefully opened the door, and the gunfire resumed. She looked at the increased number of bullet marks on the floor. When she noticed the model of the bullets, Ye Jian slightly smiled.

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A Beretta USM 9 handgun—the bullets were 9*19mm bullets, and each magazine had fifteen bullets plus one. After the bullet holes had increased to the twelfth shot, there was a short pause… Now was the chance!

As the opponent was reloading, Ye Jian tumbled skillfully towards them and slid on the floor, simultaneously firing both of her guns at the lights and following the direction of the bullets coming towards her calmly. Ye Jian, whose eyes were calm, directly commenced a blind shootout.

Suddenly, there was a muffled voice followed by a thump. Someone had fallen to the ground.

She was on the fourth floor, while Xia Jinyuan was on the second. Ye Jian didn’t know how many targets were on the fourth floor as she proceeded to incapacitate two more armed bodyguards in a row. She informed Xia Jinyuan, “Fourth floor, two incapacitated, number of remaining targets unknown.”

Xia Jinyuan was still on the second floor when he heard the gunshots from his ear piece, and he became aware that she had already started to attack directly. To say that he wasn’t worried would be a lie.

“Main target sixth floor. Lass, you have to remember to hide until you reach the top. I will come for you.” Even though he became increasingly worried, Xia Jinyuan didn’t express his worry in his tone.  

He didn’t inform Ye Jian that only Xu Yu and himself had entered the KTV. He also didn’t tell Ye Jian that their main attacking methods were actually silent assassination and shooting to death.

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