Chapter 188: An Intense Fight (2)

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Title:Blacksmith In High School | Tags: Time Skip
Synopsis: A fast-paced story about a youngster who loses everything and everyone he holds dear. Through the only family that still remains with him, his uncle, he gets to choose to dedicate his focus and attention to blacksmithing rather than to fall into depression and street life...

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Xu Yu was responsible for eliminating people by shooting them, while Xia Jinyuan was responsible for silent assassinations. Their coordination continued seamlessly as they proceeded to the fourth floor to rescue Ye Jian.

But because she had already escaped, the reinforcements outside could start proceeding to the sixth floor.

Soon, Ye Jian heard Xia Jinyuan whisper on the shared communication channel, “G3, proceed to phase three of the crushed stone operation, Twist the Snake!”

Twisting the snake—the snake referred to Red Scorpion, and twisting meant killing… The Chinese and the Vietnamese military didn’t care if Red Scorpion was dead or alive; as long as he was out of the picture, either was fine for them.

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“The Vietnamese has just reported. One student has successfully been rescued from the camp, and another is still in Red Scorpion’s hands.” G3’s voice was different from the deep voice Xia Jinyuan possessed. It possessed a subtle elegance and was slightly raspy, similar to a knife being rubbing against a sharpening stone. Anyone who listened to this voice was aware that this person wasn’t someone easy to pry into.

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Ye Jian, who had already concealed herself on the roof,  also stopped breathing for a second when she heard this stranger’s voice for the first time.

Her wielding guns in this manner… was actually illegal. She didn’t know if this would affect Xia Jinyuan.

Soon, another unfamiliar voice spoke, “Looks like we have to meddle in others’ business again, J5 has received orders. Operation Twist the Snake will start.”

G3, J5… Q King, all the other code names have a number at the end, but why is Xia Jinyuan’s code name the only one which ends with “King”? Does it mean elite king?

“Lass, are you still there? If you are, please say something to us.” J5’s tone was a little different. It was less cold, and it contained a lot of carefreeness along with some cheekiness. “If you are still on the fourth floor, make sure you hide well. You must remember Big Brother Xia’s words and stay hidden on the roof. Soon, Big Brother Xia will come and get you, so be a good girl, okay? Though it’s cool to carry a gun, if the bullets hit your soft body, it’ll be really painful.”

J5 started to speak like an instructor.

One day, he had insisted to switch spots with the company commander. Ever since then, he stopped acting as a dedicated soldier involved in political ideologies. He was more infatuated with the elegance and spirit of fighting on the battlefield than the company commander was.

In other words, they were men on the battlefield with the sole purpose of becoming significant. Why? To cool! Cool enough to make many female soldiers admire and respect them.

When Xia Jinyuan heard J5, who had always loved to joke around with female soldiers, starting to flirt with the little vixen whom he had taken a fancy to, his black pupils darkened. He then said to J5 with a laugh, “J5, I heard last week you got a first. When we return, we can fight a little. Please teach me your tactics.”

“Student Ye Jian, please proceed with caution. Believe in the police and Major Xia! They will save you! Also, if you don’t have enough ammo, feel free to search for me! Over.” J5’s tone immediately took a turn and was filled with the coldness alike a metal clang; the swiftness and fierceness of a soldier also became evident in his speech.

Being the recipient of these two strangers’ warnings, Ye Jian felt that she couldn’t hold her silence anymore. After she had concealed herself, she laughed, “Thank you for your concern. But I’ve already said that I’d rather save myself than beg others to save me.”

“You have guts, not bad.” G3 responded with a laugh. In the dark, his and J5’s hidden silhouettes were similar to that of hunters ambushing their prey. He whipped out a rock climbing rope, hooked it up to the building, and signaled to J5 with his hand. He then grabbed onto the rope, and with his strong body, he swiftly climbed up to the seventh floor.

After confirming that the surroundings were safe, G3 signaled to J5, who was below covering him, with a sound similar to stone dropping on plastic. J5 immediately positioned the submachine gun on his back and also proceeded to climb up to the seventh floor.

“Arrived, look forward to our good news, guys.” J5 seemed to have a slightly different character than the typical soldiers as he was able to stay relaxed at any scenario.  Even after finishing his sentence, he didn’t forget to tell Ye Jian, “Student Ye Jian, G3 rarely praises anyone. The first was Q King, you are the second. Not bad, keep up the good work!”

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