Chapter 148: I Want To Sleep With You!

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The young soldier then led the three of them to the infirmary.

After walking a little bit, they arrived at one of the room.

As they stood on the other side, Su Ke2Su KeMain Character heard a man’s voice, “We must use stricter tactics for such people! We have to punish drunk drivers and escapists with the same severity or it won’t be effective!”
After a brief pause, the voice continued in a louder tone, scaring Su Ke, “I don’t care what kind of boss he is! If you can’t handle it, then you will bring the soldiers to my military sub-district and I’ll take care of them!”
Only when he entered the room did Su Ke notice that he was speaking on the phone.

When he noticed Su Ke and his group, he waved his hand at them, indicating that he needed a moment. “Old Qi, I won’t repeat myself! The young man that followed them is a brave and righteous person! Running that red light and speeding needs to be overlooked!”

The man in front of him looked to be over forty years old; he had a tall and sturdy nature, thick eyebrows, and big eyes. His uniform was impeccable and his whole body exuded the temperament of a soldier.
At this moment, a little girl lying in bed sat up and greeted Li Fei Fei with a raise of her hand, “Sister, you’ve returned!”

There was an IV attached to her left arm and her left knee was wrapped up in gauze, her calf swollen three times its normal size.
Li Fei Fei then walked over to the bed, Su Ke following close behind. She looked to be only thirteen or fourteen years old. She had a mushroom head, a little baby fat, and a high nose bridge. She looked extremely cute, involuntarily making people fall in love with her.

Su Ke looked at her injury and immediately frowned before mentally cursing the driver in his heart.
He then quickly changed his expression into a smile as he asked, “Little sister, are you alright?”

“I’m fine! Oh? Aren’t you the brother that was chasing the bad guy? I overheard father say how amazing you are since you could outrun the police uncles!”

He scratched his head and laughed mischievously before responding, “Hey! It was only average!”

Did everyone know that he ran some red lights and was speeding?

“Then brother, maybe you could take me for a spin!”  

The small lass seemed to have forgotten the pain in her leg as her mouth curved into a smile. However, Su Ke quickly noticed that the little girl kept on clenching her right fist as if to endure something.

From Li Fei Fei’s mouth, Su Ke already knew that the little girl’s leg was only fractured.

The injury isn’t serious, but she’s still only a ten-year-old child. Any kind of injury for someone so young causing them to shed tears.

However, this could be due to her coming from a military family; she had innate strength.

At this moment, the middle-aged put down his phone and walked over while speaking with a overly gentle tone, “Miao Miao, stop talking!”
To Su Ke’s suprise though, the little girl didn’t even respect her own father as her bright smile changed into a thin line; she then snorted and twisted her head to one side as she exclaimed,  “Don’t worry!”
“Ah, you little brat! Don’t let your older brother and sisters laugh!”

The middle-aged man then shook his head to one side and bellowed with laughter.  
He then shook Li Fei Fei’s hand and said, “Young lady, I heard from the doctor that you’re the one that brought Miao Miao to the hospital. I truly thank you!”

The man then turned to look at Su Ke and stared at him with interest before saying, “And then there’s you, young lad. You drive like a skilled solider!”

He then patted his arm before continuing, “Men should be hot-blooded! If you see something illegal, you should step forward. Don’t worry about driving illegally, I’ll help you take responsibility!”

“En! Thanks!” Su Ke didn’t know what else to say, so he just stood there and felt the old man give off some pressure. Even though he was smiling, Su Ke guessed that if he got angry, he would be like a violent lion and break everything in front of him into fragments.
This middle-aged man also expressed his thanks towards Zhou Yu Hui.

Only then did he suddenly remember something and say, “Hehe, I forgot to introduce myself! I’m Mai Cheng Gang, and this is my daughter, Miao Miao!”
The three of them then introduced themselves before the sullen Miao Miao opened her mouth to speak, “Who is your daughter!? Don’t expect your feelings to be reciprocated!”

Mai Cheng Gang carried an angry expression on his face as he exclaimed, “Miao Miao, you!” However, in the blink of an eye, his expression changed to a bitter smile as he sighed and exclaimed, “This kid!”
Their relationship is rather strange, but Su Ke couldn’t bring himself to ask what happened.

The three of them could only laugh to themselves before Li Fei Fei nudged him in the arm, indiciting that it was time to leave.
However, right at that moment, Su Ke could hear a series of knocks on the door. He quickly turned his head, only to be met with a swarm of white cockroaches. A slightly fat middle-aged man walked in and rushed over to Mai Cheng Gang, “Commanding Officer Mai, I’m embarrassed. If the guards at the door hadn’t seen your car, I wouldn’t have known your family’s daughter was injured!”

When Su Ke heard his words, he involuntarily glanced at Mai Cheng Gang and mumbled, “Commander?”

He already knew he had some influence, but to think he’s the Commander of the entire army.

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Mai Cheng Gang’s attitude was far from entuhisatic, but his tone wasn’t cold as he exclaimed, “Dean Zhang, why does it still alarm you!?”

“Commander Mai, don’t be such a stranger!”

Zhang Dean, the little fat man in front of them, then took two steps forward and cornered him. He then stretched out his arms and leaned forward, grasping Mai Cheng Gang’s hand.

“Director Liu, you should hurry up and give me a little niece!”

Dean Zhang then turned his head to introduce the doctor to Mai Cheng Gang, “This is Director Liu Hai, he is the best orthopaedic doctor there is. Let him do a check-up on the child once more!”
Su Ke took this chance to follow Li Fei Fei as she headed for the door, “Uncle Mai, we’re heading out since you’re busy.”

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Mai Cheng was surronded by people and filled to the brim with work.

The presidents’ surname clearly showed that there must be a proper boot-licking.

He then yelled at a young officer standing by the door, “Hey, Pony!”

The young solider immediately walked over and saluted, “Sir!”
“Pony, you will deliver these children in my place!”

When several people went to say goodbye to Mai Miao, they heard the little girl yelling, “Brother Su Ke! You have to take me for a ride, I don’t want to wait here! I want to sleep with you!”

Su Ke didn’t think anything of her words as she spoke, but after she finished, he almost spit out a mouthful of blood as both his eyes faded to black.


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