Chapter 149: Trouble Caused by Eating Barbecue

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Mai Miao, this lass, was very persistent. In the end, Su Ke2Su KeMain Character was forced to take her phone number, promising her that he would take her for a ride when she had the time.

Officer Zhang then sent Su Ke and his friends to the door before exclaiming, “Thank you very much!”

He then took out three business cards from his pocket and gave each of them one, “This is my contact information. If you need anything, you can go directly to me!”
Su Ke grabbed his business card with both hands and saw the words ‘Zhang Liang’ written on it. Following that was, “Wei Hai Military Division guard line, Lieutenant rank”, but he couldn’t figure out his other military ranks.

“Zhang Ge, you are too polite!”
Zhang Liang had a very easygoing nature as he said, “By orders of the Senior Officer, you guys don’t have to be so polite! Well, I’ll let you go so I can head back in. Be careful on the road!” Zhang Liang then returned to the hospital with a smile on his face.

As soon as they got, they started the car and thought about their next course of action. After chasing the offender with Su Ke, Zhou Yu Hui was shaking and swaying about, her stomach roiling with hunger.

“Let’s all go to Xiao Chi street!”

“En, okay!” Li Fei Fei then added although she had already eaten dinner, she was already out of school for the day and she didn’t need to study.

It was hard to come out for once, and she was certainly not willing to go back so early.
“Hey, I think it’s time to repair the car first!” Su Ke said full of embarrassment.

He had checked it when they were at the entrance to the hospital. The back of the car was quite caved and the black, metallic paint was flaking and falling off.

However, there’s nothing to be done about it. He damaged the car, so he had to pay for repairs.

It still caused him heartache though as he thought about how much it would cost..

Zhou Yu Hui was calm as she directly vetoed Su Ke’s opinion, “Who allowed you to repair!? I let you drive so you can chase him! Besides, I don’t spend money on repairing cars!”
“This… is not right! I’m the one who crashed it!”

Su Ke had no idea what the origin of this girl was, but she doesn’t even spend money on car repair? However, for a man’s pride, he still had to somewhat fight against his spending privilege.

He did still hope that Zhou Yu Hui would oppose him though.

Sure enough, Zhou Yu Hui quietly sighed before saying, “Repair, what repair? You’re taking us to Xiao Chi street and treating us! That will be payment enough.”
Seeing that Su Ke had once again opened his mouth, she did not give him a chance to speak, “Hey! If you say anything else, I’ll get upset!”
“Yeah, Su Ke, I would drop it! Yu Hui is the type of person that always keeps her word!”

As her best friend, Li Fei Fei knows about her family and what she’s saying.
“Then I will respect your wishes! Let’s go!”

As they walked through the snack street, they felt that the hot weather from earlier had waned, leaving them with a cool and comfortable feeling. Both sides of the street were littered with open-air stalls filled with barbecue, hot and spicy soup, Liang Pi, and many other varieties.
In fact, everyone had the same mentality; the livelier the booth, the easier it is to attract guests. Zhou Yu Hui strolled around for a little bit before finally selecting a barbecue stall.

It had 20 tables and was full of noisy laughter.
With the principle of giving priority to women, and in order to make up for the mistake of smashing their car, Su Ke gave the menu to Zhou Yu Hui first.

“A plate of cooked peanuts, a plate of green soybeans, mutton skewers, meat tendons, crisp bones, and chicken wings. Six orders of that!”

Zhou Yu Hui will not be polite when ordering at such places; she is very proficient.

The waiter then asked them what to drink, so Zhou Yu Hui quickly responded, “Right! Two bottles of iced Cola, um, let’s go with a bottle of beer! Hey, Su Ke, is a bottle enough?”

He didn’t expect Zhou Yu Hui to be so considerate, but Su Ke could only let her good intentions fall through as he scratched his head weakly said, “I don’t drink alcohol. I’ll take a bottle of Coke as well!”
“Why don’t you drink? How about one bottle?”

Su Ke continued to shake his head, so Zhou Yu Hui pointed at Su Ke while displaying the qualities of a fighter, “You’re such a big man, yet you don’t even drink beer!? How can you call yourself a man!? Have you not heard that men who do not drink are white in the world!?”
“Hey! I!”

Before he could finish his thought though, Su Ke was interrupted by a burst of ear-piercing laughter behind him.

“Haha, the little girl is right! Those who don’t drink cannot be counted as men. Come to big brother’s side, there is a lot of strong and powerful men over here!”

Su Ke couldn’t help but frown at his obscene words.

He then turned around and analyzed the men behind him.

There was three of them; they looked to be in their twenties, had flushed faces, shirtless, bare-chested, and twenty-thirty beer bottles were littered around their feet. They also had disgusting smiles on their faces as they stared Zhou Yu Hui, causing her to react full of hostility,  
“Who are you calling a little girl!? Be more honest! If you provoke me, one phone call is enough to send you to the police station!”
As soon as she finished speaking, the three alcoholics roared with the laughter, considering it the world’s best joke.
“Ha ha ha, this little girl has a fiery temper! Brother, I like you like this! How about it? I’ll let you see and feel the taste of a real man!”

He then leaned forward while laughing, even squeezing out a few tears.

“Yeah, Big Brother, this spicy chick is for you! The rest of the chicks belong to me, but let’s give the one with the small white face to Third Brother! I heard that the back door is also pretty good! Is it, ah! Third Brother?”

“Leave! You guys are dreaming. You touch while I look? Too little f*cking logic, only when everybody is having fun can it truly be fun. How can you not know that?”

The person referred to as ‘Third Brother’ is a man with long hair, a tall and thin stature, and cheeks without any meat. They are all sharp-nosed monkeys, and the wine smell is overwhelming. His face was red like a monkey’s buttocks as he faced Su Ke’s table.

The incidents that took place next only took a split second.

As soon as they finished speaking, Su Ke had an ugly expression on his face as he raised his hand and rubbed his nose.

He then exhaled a deep sigh, but before he could say anything, Zhou Yu Hui roared, “If you want to have fun, go home and have fun with your mom!”

She seemed to have no fears as she swiftly grabbed an empty beer bottle.

Su Ke only heard something whip through the air and follow the noise. He then saw a beer bottle land directly on the table, the barbecue shifting and falling to the ground from the weight.

The three of them stood up in shock, wobbling their way over as they wiped vegetable soup from their clothes, “F*ck! Cocky sl*t!”

Su Ke suddenly stood up from his chair, and without any warning, stepped forward.

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He then immediately heard a bang.

The man walking in front of him had flown forward with an amazing speed.


1.  Xiao Chi means snack, so technically this means snack.__________________________________________________________________________
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