Chapter 560: Goodbye, there will inevitably be the time to see you again

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Synopsis: A fast-paced story about a youngster who loses everything and everyone he holds dear. Through the only family that still remains with him, his uncle, he gets to choose to dedicate his focus and attention to blacksmithing rather than to fall into depression and street life...

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Caressing the beautiful face of Mu Hanyan and gently drawing her supple outline, Long Yi felt as if his heart was cut into pieces. He was truly stupid. He should have known that Mu Hanyan was the same person as Mist Fairy. There were too many coincidences between the two people. However, what was the point of knowing that now? He was powerless to prevent her from dying.

The cries of a crane could be heard and Bai Yi appeared out of thin air. It whined plaintively beside Mu Hanyan. All of a sudden, Long Yi discovered that he could clearly feel Bai Yu’s heartfelt sadness. There seemed to be some kind of connection between him and Bai Yu.

The little hand of Mu Hanyan that was tightly grabbing Long Yi slowly lost strength and the life in her eyes became even dimmer. It seemed as though it was a stick of incense which was about to burn out.

“Don’t, don’t leave me.” Long Yi mumbled while shaking his head. At this moment, he looked scared and there were tears flowing from his eyes. Moreover, the powerless feeling that appeared at the bottom of his heart nearly drove him crazy.

The consciousness of Mu Hanyan had already started to disappear. Her heart-wrenching sad face started to blur and she appeared as though she was returning to the country where there were blue skies, white clouds, and rippling water. That place had exotic flowers and rare herbs everywhere. It was a brilliant and magnificent civilization with diligent and brave people. There, she held the hand of her sweetheart as they happily knelt in front of her beautiful and dignified mother. They vowed to stick together through thick and thin and they promised to be loyal to each other.

“Big sister……” A mournful scream appeared from the skies and Jingjing flew over as fast as lightning. She was wearing a pure white robe as she forced back the soldiers who were blocking her path. She rushed towards Long Yi as she wailed.

“Save her, Jingjing, quickly save her.” Seeing this beautiful face that resembled Mu Hanyan, Long Yi grabbed the wrist of Jingjing as if he was grabbing a life-saving straw.

“Let go of me, you ungrateful bastard!” Jingjing shook off the hand of Long Yi and her hand flashed with black light which enveloped Mu Hanyan’s continuously bleeding wound.

After a few minutes, the blood eventually slowed down. However, the blood never stopped.

Jingjing was sweating profusely when she stopped casting her magic. She was clearly exhausted. Looking at Bai Yu who was at the side, she later turned to Long Yi and she said, “Didn’t big sister gave you the Wind God Imprint? How else can you injure her? How can Bai Yu, her life god beast, be completely fine?”

“Wind God Imprint?” Long Yi was dumbfounded. Then, he suddenly thought of something and he pulled open his lapel. He looked at that beautiful golden cloud mark on his chest.

“It really happened… Big sister is so stupid.” Jingjing softly said. This was also the magic of love. Her cold and merciless big sister actually did such a stupid thing.

At that time, Halei also arrived at the scene and was shocked to see that Mu Hanyan was on the verge of death. He glared at Long Yi with a ferocious expression.

“I want to heal big sister, Ximen Yu, pull out the sword.” Jingjing took a deep breath and she looked at her big sister whom she hated in the past. She used to hate Mu Hanyan to the marrow of her bones in the past. However, right now, they only thing she felt was sadness.

Long Yi gritted his teeth and pulled out a purple sword which caused blood to gush out. Immediately after that, Jingjing used her right hand covered with a black light to cover Mu Hanyan’s wound. She used her left hand to crush a barrier pearl which isolated Jingjing and Mu Hanyan from the outside world.

Long Yi blankly stared at the purple sword in his hand with chaotic thoughts in his heart.

Not far away, Ximen Nu, Dongfang Wan and others looked at where Mu Hanyan was with a worried gaze. Ximen Wuhen and the other women wanted to rush over and comfort him, but Murong Bo and the other seniors stopped them.

“Don’t bother him. Nu’er, arrange another place and take all the people away. Leave this place for them. I hope that girl is fine.” Ximen Kuang sighed softly and turned around with a heavy heart. He had never thought that the originally joyous occasion would turn into this.

Soon, there was only Long Yi, Halei, Bai Yu, as well as the sisters who were inside the barrier. They were the only ones left in the throne room.

Long Yi sat on the flight of steps and powerlessly leaned on the stone pillar, lost in thought. It had been so many years since he had arrived in this world. This was the first time he was both mentally and physically exhausted like this. He actually felt as though he was unable to bear the pressure and he was about to collapse. Personally stabbing the women he loved with a sword. Who would be able to endure this?

“From the day she met you, Miss never intended to return alive.” Halei sat next to Long Yi. After his anger quelled, he could feel Long Yi’s pain.

“I don’t understand, why this?” Long Yi muttered with a blank face.

“Since her childhood, her fate was already laid out in front of her. She had to bear the heavy pressure and she had responsibilities others cannot imagine. This time, she not only failed in her task in the Blue Waves Continent. She also fell in love with someone she should not love. That was the root cause of everything.” Halei said.

“Didn’t the few of you come from Blue Moon Continent which is located at the other side of the Hengduan Mountains? What is your purpose here?” Long Yi asked.

“It seems as though you know a lot about us. However, we can’t tell you what our purpose here is. Perhaps you will understand something if you look at this.” Halei handed over that letter which was given to him by Mu Hanyan and he explained.

Long Yi quickly opened the letter and saw that it was written in Blue Moon Script. Long Yi scanned through the letter and he became lost in his thoughts.

From the content of this letter, Long Yi managed to deduce something. Originally, the Blue Moon Continent was richly endowed. It was a beautiful land and the human civilization located there was at a much higher level than that of the Blue Waves Continent. The problem which existed was that the Blue Moon Continent was just too small. Moreover, due to the tectonic shift caused by the divine magic war, the space of the Blue Moon Continent seemed to be enveloped by a layer of invisible mysterious energy. The energy caused the Blue Moon Continent to experience a spring-like season all year round. The environment was really elegant and all sorts of treasure, flowers, and animals could be found everywhere. Although they had such a nice place to stay, the Blue Moon Continent was isolated from the outside world.

Later, after several tens of thousands of years, the amazing environment caused the population in the Blue Moon Continent to bloom. The existing races started to fight for natural resources and large-scale wars erupted. Even though there were large wars, the population still continued to increase. In an extremely short period of time, the once beautiful Blue Moon Continent was destroyed beyond recognition. If this continued, all the races in the Blue Moon Continent might go extinct.

But, more than a decade ago, an imperial magician of the Cyan Wind Empire, the largest human nation of the Blue Moon Continent, accidentally discovered a kind of energy stone extracted from a meteorite. The energy stone could cut open the strange invisible energy which surrounded the Blue Moon Continent. After many experiments, they discovered that this kind of energy stone could only allow three people to leave the Blue Moon Continent. In addition, they only had three energy stones. They only had three chances to transfer a person out of Blue Moon Continent.

After careful consideration, the imperial magicians positioned the transmission point at the other side of Hengduan Mountains in order to examine whether there was a world even vaster out there.

When they determined that there was an extremely vast world on the other side of the Hengduan Mountains, the emperor of the Cyan Wind Empire came up with a plan. He secretly transferred three people to the other side in order to develop their power. This emperor was very ambitious. First, he wanted to control one of the empires located in the Blue Waves Continent. After that, he would find a way to cut open this space energy layer before entering the Blue Waves Continent. The moment he appeared, he would become an emperor of an empire of the Blue Waves Continent. At that time, relying on his capabilities as well as the superior magic civilization of the Blue Moon Continent, he would become the overlord of the entire world.

Mu Hanyan, Halei, and that wind magician were the three people who came to this side. At that time, Mu Hanyan was only ten years old and the thought was already deeply rooted in her mind. As for Jingjing, she had just arrived a few years ago.

In this letter, there was not much about Jingjing’s life. However, Mu Hanyan had requested for her father emperor to release the younger brother and mother of Jingjing. She also asked for him to forgive Jingjing for failing this mission. It was no wonder that the attitude of Jingjing towards Mu Hanyan had such a drastic change.

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The letter also mentioned that the Wind God Imprint within her body had already been transferred to her most beloved person and she apologized humbly to her father emperor. She would atone for the crimes through her death. The Wind God Imprint represented the person favored by the Wind God. In the entire Blue Moon Continent, that person had an aloof position. It could be said that the person with the Wind God Imprint received the recognition and respect of most humans and the other races of the Blue Moon Continent. This honor which belonged to the Cyan Wind Emperor was given to the enemy by Mu Hanyan. If this news were to spread, the standing of the Cyan Wind Empire would suffer a drastic decline.

“Do you understand something now?” Halei asked.

Long Yi nodded his head and a bitter smile appeared on his face. As it turned out, everything was different from what he expected.

“Halei, I still have a question. When I was in Blue Moon City, why was Mist Fairy, i.e. Mu Hanyan, hurt?” Long Yi thought of this problem and asked.

“Because of the Light God… You should be able to guess the reason.” Halei faintly said.

Light God? Long Yi mumbled he suddenly thought of something. He said, “Could it be that the Light God that appeared in the Light Church of Blue Moon City was Mu Hanyan? Her spirit was injured heavily because Charles counterattacked when she was controlling him?”

Halei nodded his head.

“Also, the dark soul contract between you and me disappeared. Could it be Mu Hanyan’s work?” Long Yi added.

“That’s right.” Halei answered and a hint of admiration flashed in his eyes. One could say that he had known Long Yi for a long time. At that time, in that mission of Lost City, he was still somewhat young and inexperienced. Now, he had already turned into an unfathomable personage.

Long Yi sighed and he looked at the barrier which was emitting a dim black light. Now he almost completely figured out the matters which had been troubling him. Now, he only hoped for Mu Hanyan to be safe and sound.

Time passed second after second. It seemed as though the darkness had only set when the sky started to brighten again. Even though so much time had passed, there were no movements inside the barrier. The heart of Long Yi was in a mess as if he was a stick of meat over charcoal. He was feeling uneasy no matter what he did. He begged God to not be so cruel to him. Since he had been given the chance to live once, why didn’t God give a woman he deeply loved another chance to live again?

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Suddenly, that black barrier fluctuated and twisted. It vanished into thin air. Long Yi and Ha Lei instantly turned around but they simultaneously fell into a daze.

They saw that Mu Hanyan was still lying on the ground, but her wound had already formed a scab and the faint fluctuation of life proved that she was still alive. Naturally, Long Yi and Halei were only pleasantly surprised for a while. Jingjing’s appearance shocked them. Her black hair had unexpectedly turned white in a single night. She became a white haired beauty just like Xiao Yi.

“I could just alleviate her wound for the time being. We must return as soon as possible.” Jingjing said in a hoarse voice as if she didn’t sense her own changes.

The heart of Long Yi shook and he immediately walked over and picked Mu Hanyan up from the ground. She was still unconscious. If she was able to wake up and talk to him, how wonderful would that be? Even a simple word of farewell would be wonderful.

“I will see you all off.” Long Yi said.

“Just go to the Beauty Shop in this city. The secret room of every branch has a transfer magic array engraved in it.” Halei said.

In the secret room of Beauty Shop, Long Yi reluctantly caressed the beautiful hair of Mu Hanyan and he gently kissed her forehead. He passed her over to Halei and Jingjing who were already waiting inside the transfer array.

“When will you return?” Long Yi asked.

Jingjing and Halei looked at each other and they said, “This is the last of the three energy stones and it has already been used twice. It can only cut open the energy layer one last time.”

The complexion of Long Yi changed. This meant that they might never return. He sorted out his emotions and calmly said, “Thank you, Jingjing. I also want to thank you, Halei. I know that this will not be our last meeting. Remember to tell Mu Hanyan that I will definitely be looking for her.”

Jingjing nodded her head and after shooting Long Yi a deep look. She took out the purple transfer energy stone and she placed it in the groove of the magic array. Along with a flash of purple light, the three people in the magic array instantly disappeared.

“I will definitely come looking for you all, definitely.” Long Yi tightly clenched his hands into fists as he vowed inwardly. Looking around this empty room, he walked out with large strides.


Blue Waves Calendar, first day of the sixth month in the year 8790 Blue Waves Emperor Ximen Nu enacted a <Beastmen Acts>. He declared that humankind and the beastmen would coexist peacefully from that day on. He abolished the former discriminating laws against beastmen. In addition, with the representatives of all big races present, he signed a treaty which would be known as the <Racial Equality Treaty> in later generations.The relationship between humankind and the various races grew closer like never before.

Blue Waves Calendar, on the twelfth of the seventh month in the year 8790, Blue Wave Emperor Ximen Nu enacted a <Church Act>. He declared the freedom of belief. He deprived many privileges the Light Church used to possess. He also acknowledged the existence of the Dark Church and acknowledged that dark magic was on par with other elemental magic. This caused a widespread panic at that time but in the future, Ximen Nu’s farsightedness was proven. People gradually understood that magic elements were not evil. The only evil was the one in the hearts of the user of the magic element. With the declaration of these decrees and a treaty, the Blue Waves Emperor became the emperor who surpassed the ancients and dazzled the contemporaries. He carved his name into the annals of history.

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