Chapter 559: Love you to the end of life

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Inside the closed secret room, a dim milky white magic lamplight illuminated a pentagon shaped transfer magic array on the ground. That transfer magic array shone with radiance and disappeared in an instant. Then, along with a muffled groaning sound, a person who was completely shrouded in a black robe from head to toe crawled up from the ground. The other devastatingly beautiful woman sneered and she held the energy crystal which was required to activate the magic array.

“Jingjing girl, what are you doing? If you delay the matter of the Miss, you know what the consequences will be.” Halei was startled and said angrily. He never thought that Jingjing also knew how to cast dark magic.

“Humph, without this energy crystal that is needed to activate the transfer magic array, she will never be able to return to this place forever. Besides, if you quietly disappear from this world, I can blame anyone I want. I will have the final say and no one will be able to doubt my words.” Jingjing coldly snorted, then chuckled.

“Jingjing girl, I advise you to not be too clever. You will definitely regret it in the future.” Halei calmly said. Even though he appeared calm, he was thinking about all the countermeasures in his heart. He knew that once a woman went mad, she would become a terrifying existence.

“Regret? In my, Mu Jingjing’s dictionary, there will never be the word ‘regret’. My only regret in life is having such a vicious elder sister.” Jingjing roared and her beautiful face twisted in madness.

Without waiting for Halei’s reply, Jingjing took a step forward and she squatted down. She quickly took out the confidential letter which was given to Halei by Mu Hanyan from Halei’s space ring.

“I want to see what that s*ut wrote in this confidential letter. Is it about executing my entire family after I return?” Jingjing broke the seal and she opened the letter. She quickly read through it and her beautiful face gradually became pale. She didn’t dare to believe what she just read.

Crash, the letter slipped out from Jingjing’s hand and she collapsed to the ground as though she lost all her strength. Now, her expression was changing unpredictably and no one knew what she was thinking.

Only after a long time, Jingjing returned back to her senses. Standing up, she immediately undid the restrictions on Halei and she said anxiously, “Quickly come with me to Soaring Dragon City, we need to stop that madwoman. She is rushing to her death……”

Jingjing rushed out of the secret room as if a gust of the wind after she spoke. Behind her, Halei was stunned for a moment and he picked up the letter on the ground. After reading it, his complexion gravely changed and he rushed out of the secret room hastily.


At this moment, in Soaring Dragon City, the coronation ceremony had just ended and the atmosphere was very lively. The representatives of the various powers and various races were cheering without any restraint. These powers were basically either affiliated to the Ximen Clan or the neutral factions. All the forces that had stood on the side of the imperial Long Clan had already been wiped out thoroughly. Thus, the superiority of Ximen Clan also meant that their power would rise further.

The next program was the speech from the new emperor, Ximen Nu. As an innate politician, it was very easy for him to make an eloquent and inspiring speech. He explained his beautiful and grandiose plans which stimulated the blood of everyone and every single person present couldn’t wait to offer their everything in order to see that the plans of the new king come to fruition in their lifetime. At least, that was what was shown on the surface.

Naturally, there was also a small group of people who remained unmoved whether on the surface or in their heart. Long Yi who was officially promoted to Lord Crown Prince from a Young Master was one of them. He had already made up his mind that he would throw all the politics aside immediately after the war ended. As for the throne, he would make one of his sons inherit it. As for himself, he would just travel around the world with his beauties.

“Lord Crown Prince, are you listening to my plan?” Little Fox Bertha who had come as the leader of all the beastmen clans was unable to listen to the speech of the new emperor any longer. Everything was because of Long Yi’s hands. Just when she was about to discuss about the development of beastmen clans with him, she never thought that this fellow would just mumble and not reply her properly. In addition, on the surface, he appeared as if he was listening attentively, but his hands were moving about on her thighs. It was really easier to change mountains and rivers than to alter one’s character.

“Of course I am listening to you. Why wouldn’t I listen? However, little fox, it’s too noisy here. How about waiting for the ceremony to be over before looking for a quiet place without anyone to disturb us? We can discuss everything there. Well, be obedient now, don’t clamp your legs too tightly.” Long Yi whispered without any change in his expression. The face of this little fox turned bright red.

Around these two people, there were similarly beautiful beauties from the Fox Clan and they had already noticed the movement of these two. They had also heard the conversation between the two of them. They only smiled inwardly.

“Don’t, you are tickling me… Ah, other people will see!” The little fox had a face which was completely red and she felt hot all over. She had already wanted to give her body to him for a long time ago. However, she never had a chance in these past few years. Now, she wouldn’t allow him to go regardless of anything he said.

“No one will see us… Look at all these girls, they are so sensible. They are standing in a position which completely blocks us from the outside world. Aren’t they intentionally doing this for you? You little perverted fox.” Long Yi smiled but his devil’s claws teased the various sensitive places of this little fox. His movement was so fast that even his shadow wasn’t visible. In the aspect of eating tofu and taking cheap advantage, he had already reached the highest level.

The heart and body of this little fox became restless and she no longer cared about making a fool out of herself. Since this bad fellow was truly audacious to the extreme, she didn’t think about it any longer. She reached out her hand and caressed the part which was between Long Yi’s legs. Just as Long Yi’s soul was about to fly away and reach the highest heaven in extreme pleasure, his family jewels, both his bird and his eggs, were tightly grabbed. He felt pain shooting through his body.

“Stop fiddling around, otherwise……” The little fox gasped and her beautiful eyes were alluring. Even though her expression was extremely charming, the action of her hand made Long Yi so afraid that he started to perspire.

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When she saw that Long Yi was depressed, the little fox moved closer to Long Yi and whispered, “Lord Crown Prince, don’t be angry. Wait until this ceremony is over, then you can do whatever you want.”

“Can I truly do whatever I want to do? I want……” Long Yi smirked evilly and whispered in the ear of this little fox. In the blink of an eye, the beautiful face of this little fox became bright red. In addition to her face going red, she rolled her eyes in embarrassment. However, Bertha gritted her teeth and nodded her head in the end.

Seeing as he had achieved his goal, Long Yi no longer teased her. He comfortably leaned on the chair and watched his father shouting with excitement. At this moment, his eyebrows and beard were trembling and he was energetic like never before.

Suddenly, a violent gust of wind rose without warning and the flowers and plants on both sides of the hall were swept away. The clear sky instantly became cloudy and the sun was blocked by the thick layer of cloud.

Long Yi frowned and he stood up. He was extremely alert. Today, the Unparalleled Battalion was responsible for the safety of everyone in the hall. All the soldiers had sensed that there was something wrong and they had gathered in front of the hall. Magicians activated defensive nets in the sky which had been laid down in advance before the ceremony.

Everyone in the hall became alert and they began a spirited discussion. Some people said that the Unparalleled Battalion was too sensitive as this was just a weather change.

At this moment, this hall was filled with experts. There were peerless Unparalleled Battalion, Long Yi, members of the Dragon Race which were also known as the strongest race, two great Swords Gods, and there were even two Great Holy Priests. Who would be stupid enough to create a disturbance?

The wind continued to blow and the weather slowly became cold. The originally white clouds in the sky changed and they became black in color. Shortly afterward, along with a violent gust of wind, snowflakes began to flutter down.

“Snow, how can this be?” Everyone exclaimed loudly in disbelief. Winter had long passed and the weather had already become as warm as spring. New leaves were sprouting from the trees and fresh flowers had already begun to bloom. How could the season change so suddenly?

The weather had changed from spring to winter in an instant. Everyone felt a chill.

Suddenly, a slender figure flew over from the distance. The speed of this figure seemed slow but was very fast in reality. Everyone was dumbfounded as they were able to sense her only after she had already flown over to the imperial palace.

“Hanyan……” Long Yi was startled. He could see that Mu Hanyan wasn’t looking at him at all as she raised her had. With a three feet cyan sword in her hand, she rushed towards Ximen Nu who was standing in the hall.

“Protect the emperor.” At that moment, Nangong Nu, who was the leader of Unparalleled Battalion that was responsible for security, roared. A layer of strong barrier was activated in the sky and countless magic arrows shot towards Mu Hanyan in the sky.

Swish, swish, swish, arrows pierced through the body of Mu Hanyan. However, in the next instant, everyone discovered that there wasn’t even a scratch on Mu Hanyan’s body. She was still leisurely flying over as if those arrows of which were shot just a moment ago pierced through her afterimage.

At that time, Ximen Kuang, Murong Bo, Aunt Ou, Judith, and Karen who were having their own small gathering rushed over as they heard the commotion. They just happened to see Mu Hanyan easily passing through the barrier laid down by magicians and her sharp sword stabbing towards Ximen Nu who was standing still. These people were shocked, but they quickly took action. Two Sword Gods released their douqi domains and rushed towards Mu Hanyan. Judith and Karen used their Light Impact Magic to attack Mu Hanyan.

The glabella of Long Yi trembled and the Wind God spirit tablet within his sea of consciousness buzzed nonstop. He watched on as Mu Hanyan was besieged by the two great Sword Gods and the two Great Holy Priests. His heart was feeling extreme pain. With this level of attack, even if he was in the place of Mu Hanyan, it would be hard to escape with his life.

Merely, accidents might happen at any time. Under two douqi domains, Mu Hanyan only became slightly sluggish, but she continued forward without any change in her expression. She indifferently held her sword as she ignored the space rendering golden douqi of Murong Bo and Aunt Ou. She also ignored the Light Impact Magic of Judith and Karen.

The heart of Long Yi became cold and suddenly felt as though something was wrong. Although the attack power of Mu Hanyan was mediocre, Long Yi had just seen her speed. Merely, he had thought that she was relying on Bai Yu which resulted in her swift speed. But, her strange appearance at this moment made him realize that the strength of Mu Hanyan was absolutely not ordinary. It was nothing like what he had seen on the surface. She had once said that although she might be unable to defeat other people, no one in this world could take her life as long as she was unwilling to die.

At this moment, two Sword Gods collided with Mu Hanyan but they were bounced back with soft and smooth energy in an instant. At this moment, the sword of Mu Hanyan was less than one meter away from Ximen Nu.

Everyone was shocked and their breathing stopped for a moment. Could it be that Blue Waves Emperor who had just ascended the throne would die on the first day? No one could stand such a big blow.

“Don’t hurt my father……” Long Yi roared and he rushed forward like a bolt of lightning. With a layer of thin cyan light, he easily broke through the domains of the two Sword Gods. He absolutely couldn’t let Mu Hanyan stab his father who was standing still.

As a matter of fact, it was not like Ximen Nu didn’t want to stay still. Instead, he couldn’t move at all. His consciousness was very clear, but it appeared as if his body was no longer under his control. He could only watch as Mu Hanyan’s indifferent and ice-cold eyes got closer and closer.

“Mu Hanyan……” Long Yi roared and with lightning glimmering around his right hand, the Lightning God Hammer appeared and transformed into a purple sword which stabbed towards the back of Mu Hanyan.

Crackle, Long Yi could clearly feel the sword blade stabbing through a body as lightning wreaked havoc in Mu Hanyan’s body. However, the three feet cyan sword in Mu Hanyan’s hand had already stabbed through Ximen Nu’s heart.

Mu Hanyan slowly turned around and sadly smiled as blood flowed out from the corners of her mouth. Then, the sword in her hand fluctuated and disappeared. And at that moment, Ximen Nu, who had given up all hope, woke up. He discovered that he was able to move and he instantly raised his hand to touch his chest. He discovered that there wasn’t even a scratch… Even his clothing was not ripped open.

The handsome face of Long Yi was deathly pale and his eyes became empty. He released the Lightning God sword and staggered two steps back, looking at Mu Hanyan whose chest was stabbed. Now, her clothing was also dyed red with her blood.

“I… Didn’t I say… In this world, only you… Only you can kill me……” Looking at Long Yi, the beautiful eyes of Mu Hanyan was filled with deep affection. At this very moment, there was no hypocrisy and no schemes. All the shackles had already been cast aside. Only her true self was left.

“Why… Why, tell me why!” Long Yi rushed forward and supported Mu Hanyan who no longer had any strength. He roared madly. He instantly used his fingers to press her acupoints but he realized that it was already too late. In a last ditch attempt to save her, Long Yi injected his true qi in order to protect her heart veins. Even so, he discovered that she was still slowly losing her vitality and the injected true qi would dissipate instantly.

“Because…… Because the rule of this game stated that the loser had to die. Didn’t you already know this from the very beginning? Dying…… Dying in your hand, I feel very fortunate. I feel very happy as well…” Mu Hanyan smiled as she held onto Long Yi’s hand.

“I hate you……” Long Yi softly whispered with tears sliding down his cheeks.

“I hope…… I hope that you will hate me till the end of your life. I hope you will hate me because I love you… I will love you to the end of my life…” Mu Hanyan smiled with great difficulty and her beautiful eyes slowly became dimmer. Her beautiful face began to distort and when everything calmed down, Long Yi discovered that the current appearance of Mu Hanyan was similar to Mist Fairy.

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