Chapter 251: She Was Bullied!

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Title:Blacksmith In High School | Tags: Time Skip
Synopsis: A fast-paced story about a youngster who loses everything and everyone he holds dear. Through the only family that still remains with him, his uncle, he gets to choose to dedicate his focus and attention to blacksmithing rather than to fall into depression and street life...

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The top floor,

Ji Chen pulls out some of the most important documents out of the mountains that Mr. Si will need to sign and hands them over to him.  After that, he does not bother Si Zheng Ting anymore.

He waits outside along with the rest of the staffs.

A couple of times, he peek through the cracks in the curtain and finds Mr. Si sitting on his seat, in a daze.

When the time to get off work comes, no one dares to move because Mr. Si has not moved from his seat.

At the moment, Si Zheng Ting is staring at his phone.

He is waiting for a message, or a call from Zhuang Nai Nai.  In the past, she would always ask him if they can go home together after work.

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Only that will tell him that they are back to how they were in the past.

After waiting for half an hour, not a single message comes from her.

She left without him?

His face darkens.  He has been furious the entire day and his fury isn’t showing any signs of slowing down as of yet.

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He gets up, picks up his coat and walks out.

Ji Chen and the rest of his bodyguards who are waiting there hastily follow him from behind.

Ji Chen reads his expression before carefully saying, “Sir, the Site Design Department has to work overtime.  Madam is probably…..”

Si Zheng Ting’s steps slow down a little.  A look that Ji Chen cannot discern flashes through his handsome face and Si Zheng Ting continues walking dazedly.  By the time he regains his head, he realizes that he is standing inside the elevator and everyone inside are staring at him.

He feels a burst of anger and quickly presses a button.

Surrounded by a bunch of people, he walks towards the entrance of the company, where the green silhouette of a woman carrying a bunch of mealboxes can be seen.  At first, she walks steadily, but after a moment, she somehow trips on something and falls down.

People watch on as her thin body hits the ground.

From the way she falls, there ought to be some really bad scratches on her knees and elbows.

She is carrying 7 to 8 large plastic bags containing mealboxes, in which two of them fall to the ground.

Soups are spilled on her dress and there is a piece of spinach stuck in her hair. Grains of rice are plastered on her face.  All of those added with the pitiful and embarrassed look on her face causes people to hold in their laughter at her.

Her first reaction is to check if the mealboxes on the remaining plastic bags are fine.  When she realizes that they are alright, she sighs in relief.

When Si Zheng Ting sees her, he feels as though someone has pinched his heart.

Even though he has been hating on her the entire day, he wants to ruin the ground for having the guts to trip her down.

 Without thinking, he speeds up towards her.  Though his face is expressionless, one can see his worry and concern for her from the speed of his pace.

Zhuang Nai Nai’s knees and elbows hurt.  In fact, her entire body hurts!  Her face feels burning from the steaming rice.

She tries to get up and support herself using her wrists, but fails and falls back down.

At that moment, a burst of negative feelings fill her heart.

She feels helpless, disappointed, humiliated.

5 years ago, it was his mother who bullied her.

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