Chapter 688 – Is Just Too Cute

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Elder Snow laughed even more, “Rest assured, if my disciple is unable to pay, they will also come find trouble with your master, master is not that thoughtless! Quickly make some Waterdrop Fish dishes for master; I have not eaten it for a long time, the meat of the Waterdrop Fish is extremely tender and juicy.”

Huan Qing Yan was speechless; fine, it looked like her master have thought things out even further as compared to her.

The older the wiser indeed!

Huan Qing Yan took out a set of kitchen tools and asked Elder Snow to create a dry zone near him before starting to cook.

While the master and disciple were enjoying each other’s company with laughter and joy, the two spirit treasures also came out to have fun.

Leafy had contributed greatly inside the Illusion Sea Dragon Palace, it displayed a superior look while demanding Piggy to submit under it…

In the end, Piggy immediately pounced at it, attempting to bite it!

The two started another round of cat and mouse.

“Master, where is your spirit treasure? Huan Qing Yan asked curiously.

Elder Snow’s smile froze, “It was too heavily injured and could not come out. However, this old man’s intuition is telling me that it will be able to come out very soon.”

Huan Qing Yan smiled, “I really look forward to it, I saw the spirit treasures of Plant Sage and Wine Sage, they can speak and the ‘King’ word on their foreheads were also on the verge of turning into ‘Sage’, they looked very powerful.”

“This old man’s spirit treasure is even more awesome then theirs, once this old man’s spirit treasure is released, no one would bother to look at that old dragon turtle and d*mn monkey…” Elder Snow boasted.

Huan Qing Yan covered her mouth as she giggled, ‘This old guy is rather narcissistic.’

As they talked, the fragrant smell of cooked fish spread out, causing the stomachs of Huan Qing Yan and Elder Snow to growl; the two spirit treasures which had acted as though they were enemies of multiple lifetimes also flew to them as they surrounded the pot of fish, looking at it caused them to drip saliva despite their illusion state.

Is was just too cute.


At the peak of Purple Clouds, there was a celestial mountain.

Bai Li Ren was seating in lotus position amongst the clouds, spreading out his divine sense…

He called out to the child waiting outside the door, “A guest is coming, open the Southern Sky Gate and invite the guest to the Sky Gate Great Hall, this old man will come shortly.”

The child acknowledged the order and went off to follow it.

Ji Mo Kai Yuan had just reached the peak of Purple Cloud and was about to reach the mountain gate when the child was already standing there, awaiting his arrival.

Ji Mo Kai Yuan was here to apologize, so the King Spirit Master was seen smiling and being polite to the young child in front of him.

They entered the Sky Gate Great Hall.

And saw the patriarch of Bai Li Clan, Bai Li Ren, kindly and amiably waiting for him inside.

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“Kai Yuan, it has been a long time since we last met, may I know why is your purpose of visiting our Bai Li Clan? We are old friends, as I happened to be free when I heard of your arrival, I came to welcome…”

Ji Mo Kai Yuan looked around, f*ck, over a dozen King Spirit Masters started to walk in, all of them were looking at him with slight grins.

The Bai Li Clan have many members and many talented people, it was not an exaggeration to say that the number of King Spirit Masters they possessed was the most amongst the Eight Great Clans.

Ji Mo Kai Yuan instantly felt a great pressure; if over a dozen gang up on him, he would not be able to escape no matter what he did.

Brat Ya, Uncle Kai Yuan was bitterly suffering here!

He would first mark this debt and find an opportunity to have a heart to heart talk with him, see if he could get some compensation for this psychological damage, *coughs*!

“Yes, today I am here on behalf of our Ji Mo Clan’s kid to apologize to everyone. Our patriarch, as all of you should know, has a weak body, yet he is working hard for humanity every day and it had eventually led to him falling sick. He was originally in seclusion to recuperate and heal his body, but immediately came out when he heard of what happened during the Saintess Ceremony to give the kid a good trashing…” Ji Mo Kai Yuan sighed as he spoke.

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