Chapter 689 – Marriage

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The half smiling expression of the elders immediately turned solemn and respectful when Ji Mo Kai Yuan brought up his patriarch.

Bai Li Ren sighed, “Wu Chang is working too hard for humanity, there has been no major incidents happening as well, he should have properly rested his body. It is not a good thing to always expend his lifespan to make deductions, he has less than a hundred years of lifespan, right?”

“From his words, at most ten years.” Ji Mo Kai Yuan also started to be gloomy.

“None of your juniors within the Ji Mo Clan was willing to learn your clan’s Secret Inference Technique because it sacrifices too much mental power. Wu Chang’s body is important, I have some Spirit Medicine here, please bring it back with you and see if Wu Chang could use it or not.”

“I thank the Bai Li Clan Patriarch for your kindness.” Ji Mo Kai Yuan sighed in relief, the name of their patriarch has successfully reduced the enmity by a great amount.

With the atmosphere turning warm, Ji Mo Kai Yuan took out the gifts that the Patriarch got him to prepare.

And proceeded to explain the purpose of his visit.

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The elders of the Bai Li Clan once again revealed the expression of wanting to beat someone up.

Ji Mo Kai Yuan focused his attention and said, “Our patriarch has said that we will surely get the Phoenix Feather Bell back…”

Bai Li Ren’s gaze fell on the boxes of gifts.

“This old man understands the message that your Ji Mo Clan is conveying, the True Dragon Spirit Treasure is the most powerful spirit treasure of our continent. However, Zi Xi is also not an ordinary person, you must have heard before that Zi Xi was carried back from outside when she was an infant…”

Ji Mo Kai Yuan replied, “Yes, that’s true, I have heard of it before. Zi Xi is very good, a great match with our Brat Ya.”

Bai Li Ren smiled, “Our Zi Xi’s birthright is no lesser than your family’s Little Ya, you can even say that she is even better. There are some secrets involved that I am not in the position to reveal, but you should have heard of the matter regarding the Bai Li Clan’s Ascended Sage appearing eighteen years ago…”

Ji Mo Kai Yuan was stunned for a moment, “Yes, I did hear of that incident before. I even came to take a look, it is the Chef Sage. The Chef Sage is the idol of I, Ji Mo Kai Yuan. What has it got to do with Zi Xi Lass?”

Bai Li Ren did not answer directly, but added on, “Zi Xi is brought back during that period. In summary, our Zi Xi can never be treated unfairly. If the Ji Mo Clan is willing to form a marriage union, we are very happy, if not willing, we will not force it as well. Let fate decide for the younger generation.”

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The other elders also had the same intention, if Ji Mo Kai Yuan did not speak anything decent, they would just beat him up.

Ji Mo Kai Yuan quickly smiled.

While alarm and shock welled up within his heart, what is the relationship of the Chef Sage and Zi Xi Lass? Did the Chef Sage select Zi Xi Lass as his God Chosen from the moment she was born?

That cannot be, Zi Xi Lass is a God Chosen, even a God Chosen of several different Sages, she was currently the only God Chosen that has inherited multiple different techniques, yet none of them were related to the Chef Sage.

Zi Xi Lass is completely unable to make any spirit dishes!

Feeling that he was out of brain power, Ji Mo Kai Yuan decided to throw this question to the patriarch who was famous for his wisdom.

“Of course there will be a marriage, if not, why would our patriarch send me here?”

Bai Li Ren said, “If you are willing, then let’s settle it first and start sending invitation to guests. Just a verbal agreement will more or less affect the reputation of our Zi Xi.”

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