Chapter 690 – True Spirit Grass

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Ji Mo Kai Yuan once again felt admiration for the patriarch; as expected, the Bai Li Clan had brought up the matter of confirming the marriage.

Therefore, as instructed, he brought out the Weed Sage.

Bai Li Ren did not object to that suggestion, “Ok, since the Weed Sage is observing this matter, then let’s wait until the Weed Sage is out and help them form the Heart Union Knot; this will allow them to walk further. However, the Ji Mo Clan must start releasing news that you will be marrying the daughter of the Bai Li Clan.”

Ji Mo Kai Yuan gritted his teeth and agreed, “Ok, no problem. Let me return and discuss with the patriarch before we release the news.”

The group of elders who was glaring at Ji Mo Kai Yuan also started to relax their gazes on Ji Mo Kai Yuan.

Ji Mo Kai Yuan also felt his body relaxed as he seemed to have survived the threat of being beating up today.

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Aiyo, this matchmaker business is truly not for humans! Fortunately, he is quick-witted!

If anyone was to come instead, they would surely receive a beating.

After another series of hospitality talk, Bai Li Ren asked Ji Mo Kai Yuan to stay for a few days to enjoy their hospitality. Ji Mo Kai Yuan broke out in cold sweat as he rejected the offer, since the matter has been completed, he left immediately instead.

On Bai Li Ren’s side, he dispersed the group of elders, leaving only one close aide behind.

This person was his nephew. Bai Li Ren had only one son, but he died eighteen years ago.

Fortunately, the Bai Li Clan’s population was prosperous and possessed quite a number of excellent descendants.

“Patriarch, why did you ask the Ji Mo Clan to announce that they are marrying a daughter of the Bai Li Clan and not point out Zi Xi’s name directly?”

Bai Li Yin, a person with middle-man looks, and also with an average image.

“It is just in case that the Ji Mo Clan suddenly changed their mind and say they are not marrying, it will at least not impact Zi Xi’s reputation by much. It is not a problem that our clan’s reputation is damaged, but we must never let the Chef Sage down.” Bai Li Ren replied.

The Chef Sage was one of the strongest Sages of Spirit Treasure Continent, he was also the founder of the Bai Li Clan, if there was no Chef Sage, there would be no Bai Li Clan.

“The patriarch is wise. Patriarch, do you have something for me to do?” Bai Li Yin asked.

“Yes, go investigate the background of that young lady called Huan Qing Yan, up till her ancestors of eight generations ago. If she really becomes a hindrance, then you can decide on what to do next.” Bai Li Ren’s kindly smiled suddenly turned cold, “Ji Mo Wu Chang did not remove her was likely because he worries that Ji Mo Ya’s mind and heart would be affected and develop into an inner demon. However, our Bai Li Clan has no such considerations, it is fine as long as our clan’s Zi Xi does not develop an inner demon…”

“Okay, I will handle this matter, rest assured.” Bai Li Yin did not hesitate.

Bai Li Yin possessed the cultivation of a Late Stage Mystic Spirit Master, so he can leave the clan to handle matters outside.

Only allowed on

The clan rules states that when a Bai Li Clan member becomes a King Spirit Master, they were not allowed to take a step out of the clan. Only when they become a Half-Sage could they go outside!

The Bai Li Clan’s location was situated on a spirit node of the Spirit Treasure Continent, one that did not lose out to the spirit nodes owned by the Four Great Academia and the Holy City. By focusing their efforts and cultivation in this place, it would only be a matter of time before they become Half-Sages.


After three days, Huan Qing Yan finally entered the True Spirit Grass Garden.

True Spirit Grass Garden, at ten thousand credits per entry, each entry has a maximum duration of three days, exceeding the time limit would cause the person to be forcefully teleported out of the place.

The garden was very big, standing within the garden felt no different from standing in the wilderness.

The only difference was that there was only one type of spirit plant in the garden.

Each plant possessed one piece of round fat leaf, frail looking, but plump and tender; the entire plant was laid on the ground.

This was the appearance of the True Spirit Grass.

There was nothing else worth looking at within the garden, so Huan Qing Yan quickly plucked a piece of leaf and placed it in her hand.

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