Chapter 691 – Flying Pig!

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The next moment, the thick leaf started to undergo a change; it shriveled up.

Huan Qing Yan was alarmed, it looked like the rumors were true; the True Spirit Grass did not last long after being harvested.

With a flick of her hand, she tossed it into her mouth.

The leaf turned into a refreshing wave as it melted and went down her throat.

Huan Qing Yan revealed a happy expression and immediately sat in lotus position and closed her eyes.

Half a minute later…

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There was no reaction!

The phenomenon that everyone mentioned, she did not feel any of it at all.

Huan Qing Yan indignantly harvested several pieces in one go and immediately tossed them inside her mouth.

Regarding this situation, it was actually within her expectations since she had known long ago that her rank ups was much more demanding than other people.

After eating another eight pieces, Huan Qing Yan finally felt a reaction; it was a gentle warm flow started to gather within her Dantian before instantly spreading to every corner of her body.

Slowly, Huan Qing Yan’s entire body turned red while a stream of hot air started to emit out of the top of her head.

After a while, the two spirit treasures appeared.

Piggy’s entire body was also red, like a living barbeque roast pig, what was more, a live and jumping roast pig.

While its body also started to go through a huge transformation, the illusion state started to slowly show signs of condensing.


Huan Qing Yan opened her eyes; when she saw Piggy’s state, she jumped in shock.

The Pig Spirit Treasure, that fella had actually grew a pair of wings thus turning into a flying pig!

Holy sh*t!

The Flying Pig’s body was a solid body now, but the wings were still in an illusion state. However, the wings in illusion form still allowed it to fly.

Although from the looks of it… flying seems to be an arduous task for it.

In all, it still possessed the ability to fly.

The Pig Spirit Treasure was also working very hard!

It flapped its little wings and tried to dance in the air like someone’s Luan Bird but in the end, due to being overweight, it lost its balance halfway and fell from midair.

In a moment of anger, it viciously bit the ground, causing it to fill its mouth with mud…

Huan Qing Yan fretted, “You have ranked up and become a True Spirit Master, but it seems like your intelligence did not seem to rank up and instead, seemed to have fallen?”

Leafy was rolling on the ground while laughing; the Pig Spirit Treasure in a moment of anger, roared at Leafy while pouncing at it, its mouth and its plump trotters both seemed to ignite with a small flame!


Huan Qing Yan exclaimed in surprise, “Is this a new technique? Give us a performance…”

Receiving Huan Qing Yan’s encouragement, Piggy gave up on chasing Leafy as it turned its body and slashed its trotter at a piece of stone nearby, the stone instantly shattered into pieces, on top of that, it was burnt to black as well.

“Your attacks now possessed the fire attribute?” Huan Qing Yan said happily, it looked like its power had increased by quite a lot.

The Pig Spirit Treasure nodded its head.

When Leafy saw the performance, its heart was itching similarly as it urged Huan Qing Yan to help it rank up as well…

Huan Qing Yan once again plucked some True Spirit Grass and placed them in their mouth.

Fortunately, there was no limit to the amount of leaves one can eat once when they enter the True Spirit Grass Garden.

If they charge ten thousand credits for each piece of grass, she might need to spend over a hundred thousand credits by the end of everything.

Simply eating True Spirit Grasses would make her go bankrupt.

Yet she has no one else to blame for both her spirit treasures being gluttons!

Leafy also started to rank up…

Leafy also underwent a change, turning into a deeper color of emerald jade.

Its surroundings started to emit a green mist which gave off the feeling of the morning forest…

After some time, the Leaf Spirit Treasure also successfully ranked up.

Its illusion form turned into a solid leaf.

At the end of the leaf extended the illusion of a tree branch, on that branch was another bunch of leaves in illusion state.

From an overall view, it was no longer a single lonely leaf, but the fledging state of a section of a small tree’s branch.

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