Chapter 692 – Spirit Treasure Family Rules

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Its speed was even faster; its godly technique of harassment had also reached an even higher realm.

Using the moment when the Pig Spirit Treasure was not paying any attention to it, it only needed a second to manage to whip Piggy’s body three times.

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The Pig Spirit Treasure wanted to chase after it when it discovered that its legs were unable to move, when it looked down, it discovered that its legs have unknowingly been bounded tightly by dense vines.

However, this did not cause it any problems; its pig face revealed a proud mocking smile and with a swipe of its fire claws, it easily broke free of the vines.

“Eh. Piggy, not bad! You have improved!” Huan Qing Yan was enjoying the exchange without feeling bothered by it.

To rank up these two spirit treasures she had suffered greatly, and she needed to take some rest.

Meanwhile, she used the time to observe the two spirit treasure’s battle techniques.

When the Leaf Spirit Treasure saw that the Pig Spirit Treasure had easily removed the bind it used, it was also slightly startled. However, it was not discouraged and with a ‘swoosh’, three vines were sent along the path of that chasing Pig Spirit Treasure.

When the Pig Spirit Treasure got near, it was automatically bounded; after it escaped and approached again, it was bounded another time.

Huan Qing Yan’s eyes lit up, “Leafy, you are not bad as well, a consecutive binding trap with no cooldown?”

The Leaf Spirit Treasure also started to feel proud.

Having obtained experience, the Pig Spirit Treasure started to avoid the green vine traps by approaching in an S-line. Who knew that when it viciously pounced onto the Leaf Spirit Treasure, it’s vision turned blur and the Leaf Spirit Treasure had already disappeared.

And itself had pounced on another vine trap, the vines this time was not the ordinary ones, but a trap made of thorny vines.

The Pig Spirit Treasure grunted loudly.

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Its thick layer of pig skin was pierced red.

It flew to Huan Qing Yan’s side and pointed at the Leaf Spirit Treasure complaining, it meant to say that it did not use its full power, so how could Leafy use thorns?

Huan Qing Yan coughed lightly, “Maybe Leafy wanted to show off how powerful its new technique is; it will not use thorns again the next time. Leafy, the two of you are just sparing to improve your battle techniques, however you cannot use a vicious move. Be a team and treat each other friendly and peacefully, work together to improve constantly; that is our Spirit Treasure Family Rules, do you both understand?”

Both spirit treasures looked at the sky at the same time!

Huan Qing Yan also stopped fooling around with them, after a break she gathered her spirit and slowly increased her cultivation level.

Ji Mo Ya’s blood and that stuff was still stored inside her body; she would use this opportunity to refine all of them, let’s see how much her cultivation would rise…

After that, she did not know before she started to refine; but once she tried, after one whole day of refining, she only refined one drop of blood.

And a person could only stay in the True Spirit Grass Garden for a maximum of three days per visit, before they would be automatically sent out.

Therefore, Huan Qing Yan could only wait till after she leaves the place.

She did not even visit her master to update about her success, she just hurriedly went to Ji Mo Ya’s accommodations and entered closed door training.


Hanging Cloud Empire.

Huan Estate.

Madam Huan finished dinner and was out for a stroll in the garden while being accompanied by the serving maids. She looked towards the entrance, it was also about the time when Huan Xing Han would return from school.

She did not sleep well over the past couple of days, each night, whille she was half-sleeping half-awake; there would always be someone asking her questions, asking her about Little Yan. All of which, she answered when in a dazed state.

When she woke up, she discovered that there was no one.

Maybe she misses Little Yan too much; after all, it has been a long time since she had met Little Yan that child.

As she was strolling to digest her meal, the housekeeper suddenly ran in anxiously to report, “Madam, Madam. The Lord Crown Prince is seeking an audience.”

Madam Huan was startled, Lord Crown Prince? Had he not gone to Surging Wave Academia?

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