Chapter 693 – Madam Please Keep It

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Then, what about Little Yan?

“Quickly invite him in, quickly invite in… Did the Young Mistress return as well?”

“Madam, I did not see the Young Mistress.”

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Madam Huan was slightly disappointed; when she reached the door, she noticed that Bai Cheng Feng had already entered.

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Bai Cheng Feng was emitting a devilish charm that was similar to the past him, but it also felt different from the aura that he used to have.

“This commoner greets Lord Crown Prince.”

Behind Bai Cheng Feng was his team of guards, these guards were all carrying all sorts of boxes that looked heavy and filled.

Under Bai Cheng Feng’s signal, they were placed in the center of the courtyard.

“Madam Huan is too polite. This lord is here to check on your latest situation, is Madam’s body doing well?” Bai Cheng Feng’s tone was exceptionally warm and affectionate.

Madam Huan was rather flustered on how to react, this image was very different from the image of the Crown Prince she knew of. Bai Cheng Feng and her Huan Estate had a conflict in the past; they were not as familiar with each other, right?

She quickly replied, “Good, good. I thank your Highness for your concern.”

Her heart felt uneasy.

Bai Cheng Feng’s charming face displayed a gentle expression, “Madam Huan need not overthink, I am here on behalf of Little Yan to visit you two. Little Yan will be busy within Surging Wave Academia during this period and has no time to return. Coincidentally, this lord has time to visit Hanging Cloud, so she requested me to make a visit. If any matters arise in Hanging Cloud, you can come to the Crown Prince Estate to inform me, Little Yan’s family is also I, Bai Cheng Feng’s, family.”

Madam Huan got even more flustered.

What was this all about? She was in a daze…

“Is our Little Yan doing well inside the Academia?” as an ordinary woman, her information was not up to date; after Huan Qing Yan left, she did not send any letters to the Huan Estate to update them as well.

If Little Yan encountered anything outside, she would have no idea about it at all.

“Doing quite well, Madam do not need to worry.” Bai Cheng Feng smiled and replied before he pointed at the boxes, “Those were some food, drinks and other necessities. Consider it a gift from this Lord, Madam please keep it.”

“No no no, you are too polite Lord Crown Prince, this commoner earned no merits to receive such good grace…”

Bai Cheng Feng said, “It is a must. When Imperial Chef Huan was still around, he had once discussed marriage between me and Little Yan with my Lord Father. This position of Crown Prince Wife has been set aside by this lord for Little Yan. Since Little Yan is not free to return, this lord gives the necessary filial duties on her behalf to Madam.”

Madam Huan was once again stunned.

“How is Xing Han’s progress recently?”

Only then did Madam Huan react, “The teacher in school mentioned that Xing Han’s talent is pretty good and is improving daily. Xing Han is already a Two-Star Spirit Master.”

Bai Cheng Feng took out a black color box, “Madam, this box is filled with buns containing high spirit energy. Let Xing Han have some in each meal, after he finished eating this box, he should be able to increase by another rank.”

Madam Huan was deeply shocked this time, spirit energy buns that can increase a person’s rank after finishing it!

For any cultivator, raising each rank was an extremely difficult matter.

After receiving the spirit energy buns, she was still unable to believe if everything was real, it was as though money was falling from the sky.

After a moment of dazing, her impression towards Bai Cheng Feng had also changed greatly, “My lord, this this this, isn’t this too precious?”

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