Chapter 694 – Nightmares?

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Bai Cheng Feng smiled; suddenly he noticed the dark eye circles underneath Madam Huan’s eyes, “Madam, are you having difficulty sleeping over the past few days? Are you feeling unwell? Why not I arrange an Imperial Doctor to come and look at you?”

Such gentle consideration made Madam Huan relax her mood, “Over the past few days, every night after I’m asleep I would have nightmares, how could I sleep well.”


Madam Huan said, “Yes, as though someone was asking me questions, inquiring about Little Yan’s matters. The various details when Little Yan was young, maybe it is because I missed Little Yan too much…”

Bai Cheng Feng’s gaze darkened for a moment; as he continued to casually chat with Madam Huan, his senses had spread out and enveloped the entire Huan Estate.

Very quickly, he discovered the existence of a powerful divine sense which was hidden in the shadows, but he did not act, to not alert it.

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Before he left, Bai Cheng Feng and Madam Huan exchanged a couple more words.

When night fell, members of the State Teachers Academy surrounded the Huan Estate.

And discovered a figure in black hiding within Madam Huan’s accommodations!

“May I know who is this sir? Why are you acting so suspiciously within the capital of our Hanging Cloud Empire?”

That man in black was currently asking Madam Huan questions about Huan Qing Yan when he was caught red-handed. With a wave of his sleeves, it used the darkness of the night and took several turns before disappearing; he had escaped.

Bai Cheng Feng was not in a hurry; he had already arranged the Mystic Spirit Masters of the State Teachers Academy to standby outside the city, they were waiting for their target to appear.

Who is that person? Once that person was caught, he would naturally find out…


Through the Phoenix Feather Bell, Ji Mo Ya can observe Huan Qing Yan’s situation anytime he wanted. He saw that she had successfully ranked up and become a True Spirit Master; next, she started closed door training.

From his estimates, Huan Qing Yan would likely not come out anytime soon, so he felt there was no need to hurry to rush down to Surging Wave Academia.

There were still many things waiting for him to do.

He originally wanted to offer the return of the Feather Guards to the clan, yet the patriarch had beat him to it; on the surface it might seemed that they were magnanimous, however it was in fact reducing his ability to maneuver.

He only has two years, and there were many things that needed to be done.

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Little Yan going into closed door training has coincidentally given him time to settle some matters; it was also about time for him to use the hidden organization that he has built up over the years.

This day, Mo Si came in.

“Young Master, the new Flowing Cloud Carriage has been completed.”

Within Mo Si’s hand, was a beautiful and brand-new miniature carriage.

Ji Mo Ya took it and went to the center of the courtyard, he then dripped a drop of his blood on it. The small carriage instantly expanded and turn into a luxurious looking carriage that was pulled by birds with wide long wings. This was very similar to the first carriage that he had damaged.

Just that the quality was better than the one before.

Ji Mo Ya was very pleased, “Little Qi’s efficiency is not bad.”

Mo Si also shadily asked for a praise, “How about this subordinate?”

“You have worked hard recently as well.”

Like a cat that successfully snuck a bite, Mo Si felt really satisfied, “Young Master, there are news from Mo San. He says that many things have happened within the Demon Lands recently; the Roc Emperor of the demons have suddenly reappeared and is rapidly expanding their territory, many demons have already submitted themselves to the Roc Emperor. In addition, Mo San had observed the star signs at night and noticed that a Blood Moon is vaguely appearing in the sky of the Demon Lands…”

Ji Mo Ya’s eyes brightened while his lips slightly curled up, “The Blood Moon? The Blood Moon had appeared in human territory before, how come it has appeared in the Demon Lands?”

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