Chapter 564: Dream Space

Long Yi felt that it was somewhat ridiculous. That peculiar feeling between him and Wushuang fulfilled the wish of another person. That person was unexpectedly the Water God, one of the seven main gods. If courts existed in the Divine World, should he sue her for stealing someone else’s love?

Just as his imaginations were running wild, the Water God saw several shadows who were flying towards them. She said, “Your friends are coming… I don’t want to see any outsiders. Make them wait in the Ice Palace.”

After she spoke, the Water God’s figure flashed. She hid herself into the layer of ice and disappeared without a trace.

Outsiders? Long Yi mulled over this word and smirked. Didn’t that meant that he wasn’t an outsider?

Barbarian Bull and the others quickly flew over. When they saw the mess which covered an area with one kilometer in diameter, all of them exclaimed with surprise.

“Boss, what happened here? Why are you the only one here?” Barbarian Bull rushed over as he carried Greenstone Rule. He left behind afterimages as he was moving too fast. It was obvious that he was much stronger than before.

“Nothing happened. There was a very deep hole behind the crack in the ice cave. Due to a small mishap, it collapsed.” Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and said casually.

When Yu Feng heard what Long Yi said, she pulled his arm and examined his body for injuries. Although she knew that her husband was already one of the peak experts of this world, she was subconsciously still worried. It wasn’t because she didn’t have confidence in him. Instead, it was because her love for him ran too deep.

Liuxu simply shot a glance at Long Yi. Just by sensing the dense water magic elements and lightning magic elements which were lingering in the air, she clearly knew that there was an intense collision which just took place. However, she didn’t say anything. If Long Yi wanted to tell them about it, he wouldn’t have said that it was a mishap…

No one was ordinary in this group and everyone managed to sense that something unusual was going on.

Long Yi simply caressed Yu Feng’s beautiful hair as he said, “Feng’er, lead them to the Ice Palace first. I’ll join you later.”

Yu Feng hesitated for a little while before finally nodding her head. Tightly grabbing onto Long Yi’s hand, she said, “My husband, please be careful. We will wait for you in the Ice Palace.”

“Go, be careful on the way.” Long Yi smiled as he looked at the group. He made Little Three and the other God Beasts follow behind them as they made their way to the Ice Palace.

When the figure of everyone disappeared, the Water God appeared again.

“I can see that all of them trust you very much.” The Water God faintly said with a hint of envy in her voice.

“Trust plays a vital role in a relationship between people.” Long Yi said with a faint smile.

When she heard his words, the Water God became silent for a moment. After some time, she said, “Come, I will take you to a place.”

“What place?” Long Yi asked.

“You will know after you arrive.” The Water God said as she flew towards the distant place.

After flying in the sky for a long time, the two of them finally landed on an ice edge. The Water God chanted an incantation and a space rift appeared in front of them. She pulled Long Yi into the space rift.

Long Yi felt everything before his eyes turn dark. Soon after that, everything became bright again. In addition, a burst of pure and fresh fragrance blew against his face. Long Yi looked around him in amazement and was speechless for a while.

This was simply a dream-like world! The sky was a light blue transparent water screen where different colored fishes were swimming. There were water plants which were light swaying in the skies. The ground was also similarly made from a water screen. It felt very comfortable to walk on it. Of course, one didn’t sink into the ground when walking on it. Everything was very amazing.

At this moment, there was a path made of water in front of Long Yi. It was just a simple bulge in the ground and both sides of the path had fences which were made up of water elements. On the other side of the fence, flowers, plants, and trees grew. Needless to say, all of them were also made up of water elements. Long Yi could also see that there were small fishes swimming inside those trees.

At the end of this dream-like path, there was a blue palace. Whenever a light breeze blew across the lane, the walls of the palace would ripple as though this was a world within a fairytale.

“Welcome to my Water God space, you are the first guest to ever arrive here.” The Water God gave a charming smile. Her smile had a hint of an innocent and naive feeling. In this place, she removed all of her disguises. She was elated as she brought Long Yi around.

Long Yi was startled. The feeling she gave him from her smile was definitely different from Wushuang’s. However, the way they smiled actually resemble each other. Long Yi was instantly confused.

Water God lightly danced on the surface of the water with her bare feet. Small fishes were attracted by the jade-like feet. They surrounded her feet and gently pecked at them, making her giggle.

“Why don’t you take off your shoes as well? Wearing shoes for a long time is so uncomfortable.” The Water God turned to Long Yi and said.

“My legs are smelly. I’m afraid that I’ll poison those fishes.” Long Yi smirked and said.

The Water God just chuckled and waving her jade hand, the shoes of Long Yi were instantly cut into pieces by two light blue water blades. Clean water with a light blue hue bound and washed his legs.

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“How about taking off our clothes too? Isn’t it much better to completely return to nature?” Long Yi said with a bad smile.

“Don’t think about anything bad. I have the final say in this Water God Space. Moreover, I don’t mind cleansing your dirty brain and heart.” The heart of the Water God jumped as she glared at Long Yi with a look of annoyance.

“Heh heh, your heart is beating faster. Now, I’m doubting your identity. Are you really the Water God?” Long Yi flashed over to the side of the Water God.

“The heartbeat is not under my control, it is the instinctive reaction of this body.” Water God said. She felt that this feeling wasn’t too bad and she even liked it. However, she was very confused. She wondered if she liked the feeling because Wushuang liked it.

Long Yi looked at the Water God with piercing eyes. He suddenly kissed her on the lips and he said, “Is that so? Then, how do you feel now?”

The beautiful face of the Water God became bright red. Touching her lips, she replied, “Tingling like an electric shock. However, why is it like that? Is this the feeling which appears when humans come into contact?”

“That’s right. Only men and women who adore each other will feel this way. As for the reason, it’s too complicated. Even the most intelligent people are unable to explain the reason.” Long Yi said with a smile.

Water God nodded her head thoughtfully. With Long Yi walking behind her, they entered the fairytale-like palace.

Long Yi understood a little. These seven main gods seemed to have their own independent space. For instance, the dark space which belonged to the Dark God. The Lightning God’s Lightning God Forbidden Area. Of course, there was also the Water God’s Water God Space. If the magician with the same attribute cultivates in those places, the effect would be many times better than cultivating outside. Long Yi knew this point from experience.


At the southwest side of the vast sea, there was a layer of black mist which shrouded the area all year round. The place was filled with dense dark magic elements. If one could pass through this dense black mist, one would be able to see many huge islands. There was a continuous mountain range on this island with ancient towering trees, clear waterfalls, and lakes which were big and small everywhere.

Above these huge islands, one could frequently see pitch-black dragons flying in the sky. In addition, there were huge black dragons basking in the sun in the lakes. The atmosphere seemed peaceful and quiet.

All of a sudden, the black mist which surrounded the islands parted. A figure flew into the sky above those islands before landing on the peak of the tallest mountain. This mountain was different from other mountains. It was entirely made up of sparkling and shining gems, gold, and other treasures. Under the illumination of sunlight, it would emit an enchanting luster. All the dragons from the Demonic Dragon Clan would look at the treasure mountain with an infatuated look in their eyes.

Above this treasured mountain, there was the cave of the Demonic Dragon Clan’s Dragon King. Only the family members of the Dragon King and some elders were able to live in the vicinity of the treasure mountain.

In the huge cave, a middle-aged man wearing black scale armor appeared in order to welcome the dragon who had just entered the island. The black scale armor on his body was much brighter than other people. Everyone could clearly see their reflection in it. He also looked very handsome and his aura was very mild. However, his pitch-black eyes were deep. They seemed like they were a bottomless abyss. Anyone who stood in front of him would feel fear from the bottom of their heart.

“Pierre pays respect to the Dragon King.” Pierre bowed and greeted respectfully. Like human empires, the hierarchy of the Dragon Race was strictly enforced.

“Elder doesn’t need to be too polite. Why are you the only one who came back? Could it be that you were unable to find the two foolish girls?” The Dragon King frowned and asked.

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“Answering to the Dragon King, I have already found Princess and Crystal. They are together with Fandi’s child. They will return soon.” Pierre said.

The expression on the Dragon King’s face changed when he heard the name, ‘Fandi’. He was surprised and somewhat excited. However, he quickly controlled his emotions and he said, “Now that my niece is safe and sound, she must hate us all, these so-called relatives.”

“She is much stronger than Princess. However, her parents are imprisoned in the forbidden zone of the Divine Dragon Clan. I can feel that her heart is full of hatred.” Pierre sighed deeply.

Dragon King walked out this huge cave and looked at this quiet and peaceful Demonic Dragon Island without speaking for a long time. At that time, he was still not in a high position, thus, he had no right to speak out for the clan. He felt endlessly guilty because of this matter.

“Dragon King, I have another piece of important information I wish to report to you. This relates to the fate of our Dragon Race. Pierre solemnly said.

When he saw the expression on Pierre’s face, the heart of the Dragon King involuntarily tightened. Since this matter concerned the fate of the Dragon Race, he immediately understood that it was a very serious matter. He hastily said, “Elder, please speak.”

“When I was in the Blue Waves Continent, I met a very unusual human. He is 20 or so in age and even though I didn’t truly fight against him, I’m afraid that his strength is above mine. In addition, he has the Light Saint Beast, the Fire Qilin, and the divinized Violent Lightning Beast. He has three god beasts.” Elder Pierre said.

The Dragon King was shocked and asked in disbelief, “How can this be? How can three god beasts recognize one person as their master?”

“Furthermore, Fandi didn’t only have one child. He has another younger daughter with the Devouring Dragon Physique.” Pierre said.

“What? Devouring Dragon Physique? Why didn’t you bring her back?” The Dragon King firmly grabbed the shoulder of Pierre. Now, he understood the matter which concerned the fate of the Dragon Clan.

“Fandi’s youngest daughter recognizes that young man as her father… Her feelings for him isn’t just considered deep. Even her feelings for her big sister can’t be compared to her feelings for that young man.” Pierre said with a bitter smile. That was the most terrible thing. For the future of the Dragon Clan, one could well imagine the importance of the Devouring Dragon Physique. However, the dragon who had that physique was in the hands of a peculiar human. If that human wanted, he would be able to control the fate of the noble Dragon Race.

The complexion of the Dragon King instantly changed. However, he calmed down after some time and he said, “A person that is able to have three god beasts by his side at the same time is definitely someone chosen by a Lord God. Since the Devouring Dragon Physique has appeared again, the world will no longer be able to remain calm. Our Dragon Race might be able to maintain our integrity.”

“Dragon King, what should we do now?” Pierre asked.

“First, we’ll just wait and see. By the way, are those two foolish girls also with him?” The Dragon King asked.

“Yes. Furthermore, the two children of the Divine Dragon King are with him as well.” Pierre replied.

“The Divine Dragon King’s children are there as well? It seems like the grudges between the Demonic Dragon Clan and the Divine Dragon Clan will resolve themselves with time.” An unfathomable smile appeared on the face of the Dragon King.


In Origin ice, Yu Feng and the others were following Snowstorm Divine Marten as they hurried on their journey. The fresh feeling they had when they entered Origin Ice had already disappeared. Everyone felt a little bored. Other than snow and ice, they didn’t even see a ghost. Of course, it was excluding the cave of ice bears they saw at the start of their journey.

“Eh, look, what is that?” Crystal who was following behind everyone suddenly exclaimed.

Everyone stopped in their tracks and they looked at where Crystal was pointing. They saw a bee-like creature flying in the air. If they listened carefully, they would be able to hear a buzzing sound. Everyone quickly walked over and saw this transparent ice bee which was roughly the size of a thumb. It actually had a blood-red bee sting on its tail. When they were sizing it up, that ice bee shot towards Lugexiya who was the nearest. It flew at an insane speed.

Although Lugexiya was shocked, he didn’t care too much about it. He subconsciously waved his hand at the bee. He assumed that the attack power of this little thing was very limited. He, as a dragon, had thick skin and coarse flesh. His scales were even stronger which should be enough to deal with a little bee.

“Ah……” In the instant Lugexiya’s wrist smashed into the bee, the blood-red sting sunk into his skin. Lugexiya felt a sharp pain and he quickly used his other hand to cover his wrist as beads of perspiration dripped from his forehead. Immediately after that, Lugexiya felt a stinging pain and he used his other hand to cover his wrist while sweating profusely in pain.

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